Siraj Sikder Works: On the Constitution Given by the Six Mountains’ Lackey the Awami League Fascists

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal produced and published the original Bengali document in October 1972

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via on  3 September 2014. Party slightly edited the translation on 6 February 2017



The producers of the present Constitution of East Bengal are the country-seller, traitor and Mir Jafar [Mir Jafar was a traitor who in collusion with British Bandits caused the farcical defeat of Bengal monarchial force in 1757, as consequence of that, Bengal-Bihar-Odhisha and later whole India went under British occupation—Translator]. They do not have any right to produce Constitution for the people of East Bengal.

● Members of the so-called people’s council were elected abided by the framework of Election (LFO) of the fascist Yahya military bandit. One of the rules of the election commission is to abide by the unity of Pakistan.

Therefore, they have been elected abided by the unity of Pakistan.

So, how can those make constitution of separate East Bengal who were elected abided by the unity of Pakistan? They are not elected to produce constitution of East Bengal.

● These so-called people’s council members were hatching conspiracy to sell independence of East Bengal. With that aim, they repeatedly made compromise; the heroic people of East Bengal repulsed their-that conspiracy.

● These so-called people’s councilors in face of severe repression by the Pak military fascists had fled to India, leaving East Bengal people in helpless condition.

In greed for power and position, they sold the interest of people of East Bengal to the Indian expansionists, gave written bond to India that East Bengal would come under their occupation and invited and brought them in.

Thus, they made East Bengal a colony of India. As consequence of that, the Indian expansionists established control and plunder in all the spheres of East Bengal including economy, politics, education, art, industry, culture, business-trade, administration, defense, home and foreign affairs.

Awami League, pro-Moscow Moni Singh-Mozaffar and others who are responsible behind the establishment of colony in East Bengal by the Indian expansionists, do not have any right to make constitution for the people of East Bengal. They are criminal renegade to country; they are traitor and Mir Jafar.

● They gave the opportunity to the Soviet Social Imperialism and US Imperialism to carry exploitation and plunder and establish military base in East Bengal.

● The sanctuary of exploitation and plunder they have established made people of East Bengal deprived of food and clothes and living in severe repression and plunder.

● The Heroic people of East Bengal have rebelled against the new colonial exploitation and plunder and have taken step to put the country seller-traitor and Mir Jafar in trial and give them capital punishment.

Therefore, the so-called People’s Council members who are known to people as member of looting council, and are country-seller and Mir Jafar, have no right to make constitution.

This constitution is a black document of keeping colony by the Indian expansionists in East Bengal, keeping Soviet social imperialist-US led imperialist exploitation, keeping exploitation and plunder by their lackeys and feudalists in East Bengal, and at the same time, carrying fascist dictatorship over people.

In this constitution, there is no article of ending colonial exploitation and plunder by the Indian expansionists.

There is no article saying to end Indian exploitation and plunder over political, economic, military-civil, education, art, culture, home and foreign affair, i.e. all the spheres of East Bengal.

That means the constitution has recognized and justified that colonial exploitation and plunder.

There is no article saying to end exploitation, plunder and military bases of the Soviet social imperialism and US imperialism. That is, they have justified all those.

There is no article in this constitution saying to overthrow capitalists, business circle and black marketer bureaucrats who protect the interest of Indian expansionism, Soviet social imperialism and US led imperialists. There is no program of ‘Land to the Tiller’ via total overthrow of domestic feudalists. That is, there is no program to eliminate feudalism.

In this constitution, there is no article saying of ending the ongoing national oppression over national minority people and nor there is anything to provide regional autonomy to them.

There is no article in it saying of ending the ongoing oppression over the Urdu speaking people.

In this constitution, there is no rapid development program for backward areas of East Bengal particularly North Bengal.

Under the cover of demagogy of establishing socialism, people’s liberation, a society free from exploitation, this constitution is an administrative rule made by Indian expansionism, Soviet social imperialism, US led imperialism and their lackeys and feudalists in East Bengal.

It is a black document to protect their interest, i.e. to carry exploitation, plunder and dictatorship over people. In this rule, Mujiv-ism, that is, national treachery and fascism has been taken as state principle.

The democracy the constitution says is fascist dictatorship, the socialism it says is exploitation and plunder by the six mountains, the nationalism it says is national treachery and national oppression over Urdu speaking and national minorities, and the secularism it says is carrying religious oppression over Muslim people of East Bengal.

In this black document, it provided military, paramilitary, volunteer forces that are weapon of carrying fascist dictatorship over people so that people do not rebel and may be suppressed by fascist method.

The parliament and court are the particular places of justifying that fascist dictatorship.

Therefore, this constitution is an administrative rule of national traitor fascist dictatorship of the six mountains’ lackey ruling class of colonial-semi feudal East Bengal.

As soon as the fascist Ayub was fell, his infamous administrative system also fell.

As soon as the Indian expansionism and its lackey Awami League fascists will be overthrown, this national traitor and fascist administrative system will also collapse and people by their own will make genuine administrative system based on national independence and democratic right.