Siraj Sikder Works: Development of the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offense of 1974 (September 1974)

Siraj Sikder Works

Development of the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offense of 1974

(September 1974)

[Published in Sphulinga (Spark) Issue No 1]


The Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offense successfully started by attacking and capturing Shimulia Police Outpost of Savar.

This time Rainy Seasonal Offense started one month ahead than last year.

Significant number of arms and ammunitions has been achieved in Shimulia seizure.

In June 1974, Paroa Police Outpost has been captured in Chittagong Hill Tract. Our Hilly Guerrillas carried that attack. Daring guerrillas, by attacking in open daylight, seized that camp. 16 Rifle, 4 SLR and 1 LMG along with huge ammunitions were captured there.

The next day when Police-BDR came to that area, they fell in guerrilla ambush, from which they hardly escaped to save their lives.

Many days Police, BDR, Raxi or Army did not go to that area.

That attack resulted huge enthusiasm among the people of Chittagong Hill Tract and Chittagong while it terrorized the government and their mercenary forces.

In the month of July, Babuganj Police Station of Barisal surrendered to our daring guerrilla attack. Guerrillas safely dispersed with all the arms and ammunitions of the Police Station.

Our guerrillas successfully attacked upon Dharmapasha Police Station of Sylhet and Ati Police Outpost of Dhaka. Those Police Station and Outpost fell. Guerrillas captured all the arms.

During the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offense of 1973, we had to confront only Police.

This time, the Awami traitors, to hinder our Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offense, have deployed Army, BDR and Raxi along with Police via combined operation.

Though we have had some causalities in face of several times multiplied increase of enemy pressure, the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offense is incessantly going on.

Our cadres and guerrillas, by firmly overcoming causalities and setbacks, are continuously carrying national enemy annihilation and seizure of Police Stations and Outposts.

Thus, we are irresistibly marching forward to form regular force and liberated regions.

It is our teeth breaking reply to the so called combined operation of Bangladesh Puppet Government.

Even by deploying all forms of their forces, the Bangladesh puppet government failed to resist our activities and development. They have no other force that they can deploy against us.

Therefore, for their own and their masters’ protection, at last the Awami traitors have to invite Indian force.

The activities of the colonialist Indian force will bring all the people of East Bengal to national liberation war.

It will accelerate the doom of the Awami traitors and their masters.