Siraj Sikder Works: Communique of the Meeting of the Chairman of the First Central Committee with Regional-in-charge and important comrades (September 1974)

Siraj Sikder Works

Communique of the Meeting of the Chairman of the First Central Committee with Regional-in-charge and important comrades

(September 1974)


All the regional-in-charge and important comrades were present at the meeting.

Meeting discussed organizational, ideological, theoretical, political, military and various questions. In the meeting, comrades discussed the report given by the Chairman and accepted that.

Meeting discussed the organizational situation of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal.

Both practice oriented tested and new promising many cadres have joined and are joining various levels of party. Meeting fixed the method of how to improve them and develop them as theoretician.

Meeting reorganized the First Central Committee of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal and gave important decisions on central body and how to function it.

Meeting granted the following resolutions regarding ideological and theoretical, and military and political questions.

Theoretical and Ideological

Huge new cadres are regularly joining various levels of the Proletarian party of East Bengal along with old cadres who are connected to practice and are tested.

It is indispensable for organization to improve the cadres who are connected to practice and tested and promising and new cadres and especially improve them theoretically and make theoretician.

Anti-dogmatism struggle has been carried in organization to eliminate prominence of such theory-knowing dogmatists who are not connected to practice. As a result, dogmatism has been hated.

If we do not study theory, make theoretical improvement and develop theoreticians connected to practice, the narrow empiricism will get prominence in organization and the organization will fail to make revolution. Therefore, we have to carry the movement ‘Properly study Marxism and Master it’ to make theoretical improvement and create theoreticians; especially we have to emphatically make the practice-oriented, tested, promising and the new promising ones study and master theory according to each one’s level.

The aim of that study of theory will be to struggle and reject revisionist and petit bourgeoisie ideology and combine Marxism with the concrete condition of East Bengal.

Within six months, we have to complete cadres read the fixed text syllabus in course of carrying the movement.

Create study and writer with that aim. They will take responsibility of study, discuss and writing on Marxism.


In military case, we have to further strengthen the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive.

As a result of increase of enemy pressure and huge transfer of our cadres, the development of the rainy seasonal strategic offensive is going on in slow pace.

Transfer is complete now. Enemy pressure has reduced. So, we have to firmly march ahead to strengthen the strategic offensive and materialize the target of the 30 April Statement.

We have to maintain the line of not letting important cadres in operation and protecting promising guerrilla commanders and in-charge comrades.

By making regional based military operation target list with analysis, we have to gradually proceed to more complex operations. So, we shall have fewer setbacks.

We have to continue to carry economic operation in military case.

We have to accept surrender of national enemies and activate rural based subscription collection.

Thus, each and every Sub-region and region shall have to be financially self-sufficient.

We have to liberate rural based areas by annihilating national enemies and make local public opinion before operation etc.

We have to free arrested comrades as soon as possible via legal and other methods.

Meeting expresses condolence for the martyr comrades in the current Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive.

We must firmly continue to carry revolutionary work to materialize the dream of martyr and arrested ones.


The political situation of East Bengal is wonderful. East Bengal is fallen in the most serious economic crisis by the unprecedented most ruthless exploitation by Awami League and its master the Indian Expansionism. The recent flood further intensified the crisis. The people of East Bengal are fallen in unprecedented worst situation in history by the gradually increasing price hike of daily goods and crisis of foods, clothes, shelters and jobs.

People want revolution, country wants freedom and nation wants liberation.

People are seriously raged over the Awami traitor puppet government and its masters. They are inclined to rebel. They want immediate overthrow of the Awami traitors and its masters and seek independence, peace, democracy and to live and have a livelihood.

The Moni-Mojaffar revisionists, the tail of Awami traitors have been identified to the people as complete lackey. Their split and collapse is going on.

The open parties have been proven totally failed in carrying forward people.

The Huq-Toha-Motin etc too have been proven totally unable to carry forward people and they lost people’s confidence. Their collapse and split also go on.

On the other side, the Proletarian Party of East Bengal achieved huge people’s support and people’s confidence over party is getting stronger. This idea is getting stronger among the masses that only the Proletarian Party of East Bengal is able to bring liberation of East Bengal.

In many places, people themselves are coming to co-operate us. Knowing our identity, they are helping us to safely disperse. They are accepting us as their liberator. Rapidly they are….(Unclear script—Sarbaharapath).

The master of Awami traitor the Indian Expansionism has fallen in serious domestic and international crisis.

In conspiracy of establishing her as a big power, she exploded nuclear bomb. With the help of that, she is trying to make nuclear blackmail in South Asia, control and intervene on neighboring countries and create own area of influence in South Asia and Indian Ocean.

Already she established colony in East Bengal and established colonial exploitation in Sikkim by swallowing it.

In its filthy activities, the Soviet Social Imperialism is providing help and assistance.

People of India, East Bengal and Sikkim and South Asia have strengthened fight to overthrow Indian Expansionism. Moreover, the US-led imperialists and capitalist West Europe and Japan are seriously competing with Indo-Soviet on controlling South Asia. Muslim world and third world are opposing the control over South Asia by the Indian Expansionists. Thus the Indian expansionists are in face of wider resistance and opposition which are accelerating its doom.

The development of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal as single opposition in political field of East Bengal is inspiring the anti-Indo-Soviet camp inside and outside East Bengal to cooperate us.

Various anti-Soviet camps inside East Bengal are making contact with us.

Efforts are being made to establish contact to foreign and various camps.

The flexible national liberation front line of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal have made possible the contact and assistance of the anti-Indo-Soviet forces.

In this situation, we have to increase our strength, keep independence and initiative in our hand and unify people countrywide under our leadership, and we must strengthen mass struggle along with armed struggle.

Our own unity, strength will invite domestic and international assistance and make it possible.

This is why it is indispensable to gradually increase our unity and strength.

In the same path (Script unclear—Sarbaharapath), we must always be prepared against the capturing of power by the US led imperialists via quo-deta’t conspiracy.

In this context, in case of probable Indian intervention and situation like 25 March (of 1971—Sarbaharapath), we have to be always prepared to take full opportunity of that situation.