Siraj Sikder Works: Reactionary Activities of the Narrow Nationalists of Chittagong Hill Tract (September 1974) [Published in Sphulinga (Spark), Issue no. 1]

Siraj Sikder Works

Reactionary Activities of the Narrow Nationalists of Chittagong Hill Tract

(September 1974)

[Published in Sphulinga (Spark), Issue no. 1]


[As predicted by Comrade Siraj Sikder, the narrow nationalist movement of Chittagong Hill Tract surrendered in late 90s of the last century by the order of the Indian Expansionism. In exchange, the Awami Government, helped arresting leaders and cadres of Nationalist groups of North East of India stationed in Bangladesh, thus weakening that movement seriously. On the other side, during the time of Siraj Sikder, the Proletarian Party of East Bengal developed liberated areas in Chittagong Hill Tract, which eventually collapsed after his death due to wrong lines of the later periods — Sarbaharapath]

A narrow nationalist movement led by the feudal petit bourgeoisie among the Chakma nationality has been going on. They do not draw line of distinction between the exploiters and exploited of the Bengalis, but think all the Bengalis as enemy.

They oppose the necessity of unifying with Bengalis for their liberation.

They do not draw line of distinction between exploiters and exploited of the hilly nationalities.

They do not promise of providing autonomy to various nationalities of Chittagong Hill Tract but demand autonomy or sometimes separation of the Chittagong Hill tract.

The meaning of that demand is the seizure of power by the a little bourgeoisie enlightened majority Chakma nationality and their domination and suppression over other nationalities.

These narrow nationalists of Chakma nationality sometimes speak about Marxism and there are some who claim them as Marxist.

But they do not recognize that what is one of the fundamental tenet of Marxism—internationalism ‘Workers of the whole world, unite!’, within a single territorial boundary, working class can have a single political party, Communists cannot divide based on nationalities, national problem is basically a class problem etc. These narrow nationalists do not have any political program, military or organizational line or line of actual work.

They formed an armed force by the weapons of Pak military that they left, comprising ex-Razakars [Razakar was a genocidal Islamist Militia created by Pak military regime in 1971 to counter Bengali national movement — Sarbaharapath], feudal intellectuals, EPCAF [East Pakistan Civil Armed Force — Sarbaharapath].

With that, they forcefully collect money form villages, suppress bandits in some places, do decoity in some places and protect feudal reactionaries.

In the recently held election in Chittagong Hill Tract, they forced people on gunpoint to vote their representatives.

Their organization is “Jana Sanghati”, PLA or (Santi Bahini); in some places, they are known as “Jungly” [Jana Sanghati (People’s Solidarity) and its armed wing Santi Bahini (Peace Force) were narrow Chakma Nationalist, basically supported by Indian Expansionism, later surrendered by Peace Agreement with Government in 1990s via Indian Expansionists. Thus, they lost their influence though a faction named United People’s Democratic Front still speaks of the old program. Both the faction have been weakened significantly — Sarbaharapath].

They do not have any anti-government activity. People are rapidly losing confidence on them.

On the other side, work of the Proletarian party of East Bengal is rapidly developing in Chittagong Hill Tract.

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal is on the side of unity of oppressed Bengali-Hilly people, their equal right and autonomy for each and every hilly nationality.

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal is organizing hilly people, and by depending on them, is fighting against Bangladesh puppet government and their hilly lackeys.

Especially the Proletarian Party is unifying and organizing Hilly Jumia Peasants and Working People.

The work of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal has rapidly spread. The Proletarian Party-led hilly people’s struggle is advancing forward through seizure of the Chandraghona Police Station in 1973, seizure of Parowa Police Post this year and Jum harvesting movement of Jumia peasants in reserve forest.

The struggle led by the Proletarian Party of East Bengal has achieved sympathy and confidence form huge hilly people and hilly intellectuals.

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal made repeated proposals and efforts to jointly work with Janasanghati, PLA etc.

Party talked with Manobendra Larma [Chakma Nationalist Leader — Sarbaharapath] too.

But they remained stick to narrow nationalist outlook and did no response to the unity of oppressed hilly-Bengalis.

Recently, being afraid of our rapid development in Chittagong Hill Tract, they arrested some of our cadres, carried torture on them and on gunpoint they forced some cadres’ relatives to sign bond that they must not work for the Proletarian Party. They are threatening our cadres of other areas by saying that they will attack and kill them. They propagated that wherever they find, they will annihilate the cadres of the Proletarian Party and Bengalis.

Those events have exposed the fascist reactionary character of the narrow nationalists.

Had they been at least democratic bourgeoisie, they would recognize freedom of political work, speech, mobilizing and union and would not intervene on our work.

But they are trying to establish single party dictatorship, bossism and fascism. Is there any difference between the character of these narrow nationalists and that of narrow nationalists of our country and other countries?

The Awami League is guided by narrow nationalist reactionaries. They drew no difference between exploiters and exploited among Bengali-Bihari and treated all the Bihari as enemy. They, by violating others’ democratic right, established fascist dictatorship.

At last, they wrote bondage of slavery to India. The liberation of Hilly nationalities…..[Here Script is unclear — Sarbaharapath]

Similarly, the narrow nationalist sections among Naga-Mijo etc nationalities of India surrendered and working as puppet of India.

Therefore, the narrow nationalists, today or tomorrow surrender to national oppressor, and they cannot bring people’s liberation.

The direction of activities of the narrow nationalists of Chittagong Hill Tract proves that they cannot bring liberation of the nationalities of Chittagong Hill Tract. Moreover, they attack us to serve the interests of the Awami League traitors and Indian Expansionists. Either already they have shaken hands with Indian Expansionism and Awami League or in future they will do so.

Their attack on us will not prevent their fall.

They will not be able to suppress hilly people with the help of arms, nor will they be able to dismantle unity of Bengali-Hilly. Rather, soon, they will be overthrown and thrown to dustbin of history.