Siraj Sikder Works: On Certain Comrade

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal produced and published the original Bengali document in December 1973 to refute the line dissent of a party member Jhinuk

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via on 24 December 2014. Party slightly edited the translation on 29 April 2017


► When line is correct, weaker forces get stronger, if there is no armed force, it develops, if there is no political power, then it is achieved. When line is erroneous, the pre-achieved gains are lost.

► The meaning of not having correct political outlook is equal to not having soul.

► A Correct political line manifests in correct military and organizational line.

► Each and every activity of a revolutionary party is to carry principle

► Strategy and tactics is the life of party


Certain comrade says, our victories come from strong and appropriate tactical line but we cannot say our political line is correct. His that argument is completely anti-Marxist and proof of not understanding ABC of Marxism.

Tactical and strategic lines are mutually connected and dependent. Tactical line is the process/stage of materializing strategic line. The correctness of tactical line depends on the correctness of strategic line. On the other side, the victory of strategic line depends on correctness and successful materialization of tactical line.

If basic line is wrong, its process of materialization or stage activities i.e. tactical line must be wrong and never can be strong and correct, nor can it bring victory.

What is politics?

Politics is the struggle of one class against another. That is class struggle. This is why all the struggles between different classes are political struggles.

Therefore, military, organizational, economic, cultural, even ideological struggle lie in class struggle and in terms of that, fall in political struggle.

Therefore, politics and class struggle is the lifeline of all activities.

That is why correctness and error of military, organizational, ideological and other lines (strategic and tactical) depends on that of political line.

Moreover, arousing, mobilizing and utilizing cadres and their basis of sacrifice depend on basic line of class struggle, that is, political line, which is the life of a political party.

If there is error in political line, a party can never achieve development and victory. Then the development of party is obstructed and victory is lost.

The East Bengal Workers Movement was borne with correct political line, developed by struggling against various forms of revisionism and reactionaries and finally successfully accomplished its historic mission by establishing the political party of the proletariat of East Bengal — the Proletarian Party of East Bengal.

That comrade had joined East Bengal Workers Movement because of the correctness of our past political line, of course, not because of any tactical line.

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal, only because of its correct political line, heroically carried resistance struggle against the Pak military fascists and Indian Expansionists. Only the Proletarian Party of East Bengal sustained amidst serious adverse condition of that time.

It is because of its correct political line, later on, the Proletarian Party of East Bengal developed, achieved victory by struggling successfully against clique and factionalism, regularly got stronger by struggling against various forms of revisionists and opportunists, achieved organizational consolidation and completed preparation of the great Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive.

Only because of the correct political line, the Proletarian Party of East Bengal is the strongest and unified Political Party of Proletariat of the present time, has achieved recognition from people, even from enemy. Party is developing in all the districts of East Bengal and developing as a national mass based party.

In military field, party achieved historic success.

For the first time in the history of East Bengal, people’s confidence and trust have developed on a leftwing organization.

For the first time in the history of East Bengal, united struggle of Bengali and hilly nationalities has developed.

Those historic successes of party have been achieved by the correct political line of party and other lines decided by that.

This correctness has been proven in the fire of real practice.

On the other hand, real practice proves that political and other lines of the variants of revisionists are wrong, and they are regularly being divided and decayed and collapsed.

Mass cadres, guerrillas, sympathizers, even people are confident on the correctness of the political and other lines as well as victory of party.

That comrade writes greetings for the success of the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive, but says political line wrong.

Military line is determined by political line, and the former serves the later.

Had our political line not been correct, our military line could not be correct.

So, it is only the correct political line that deserves the congratulation from that comrade.


That comrade gave example of Cuba to prove his saying ‘Wrong political line can win’.

But that example refutes his own statement.

The political line of Cuba—the line of national democratic revolution was not wrong. Their method of carrying war has been like left trend bourgeoisie.

They have error in post revolution domestic and international class struggle. That error obstructed their victory and strengthened possibility of seizure of power by the bourgeoisie reactionaries.

Apart from those, they have error in theories they give to take as line of international communist movement like export of revolution, denying the necessity of leadership of a revolutionary political party to lead revolution, making revolution without depending on people, denying anti-revisionism struggle etc. cases. The Cuban anti-imperialist anti-feudal national democratic revolution is a great achievement of world revolution. But Cuba made mistake in socialist revolution and world communist movement.

That comrade failed to analyze real situation, by deducting great victory of the national democratic stage of Cuba, attacked that victory [1] as cause of making confusion and raised imperialist-like logic that he would be happy if that victory had not occurred.

With the same logic, he said that if we have victory, it would make confusion in international proletarian movement, so, we should not have victory.

No member, sympathizer or even supporter masses of party seek that. Only enemy class counter-revolutionaries seek it. The theoretical confusion instigated that comrade in similar aspiration like the enemy class individuals.

By mentioning the difference between China and Vietnam regarding Bangladesh, he said that if the so-called erroneous line of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal be victorious, such difference will be created in international communist movement.

In present communist movement, some of the fraternal parties do not feel the struggle against Soviet Social Imperialist-led modern revisionism as necessary. It is their right deviation.

On the contrary, the great Chinese Communist Party, by being resolute in proletarian spirit, is carrying the great struggle against the Soviet Social Imperialism-led modern revisionism.

Our party and the proletarian revolutionaries of the world support that struggle and are grateful to Chinese Party for saving the purity of the world communist movement by them.

The difference between the Vietnamese and the Chinese party on Bangladesh question is the end result of the difference between the two parties on modern revisionism.

That difference has not been created as result of creation of Bangladesh, but emerged from the question of whether or not to oppose Soviet Social Imperialism led modern revisionism in international communist movement.

Moreover, the basic line and tactics of the revolution of East Bengal will be made on the basis of the concrete application of Marxism in the concrete condition of East Bengal, it will not be decided by any outside party or country. Therefore, the line corresponding to the concrete condition of East Bengal that will bring liberation for the people of East Bengal will be supported by fraternal parties. It will not make any confusion among them.

The meaning of saying that the victory of our line and revolution will create confusion is denying the proletarian internationalism and recognizing the wrong theory of intervention by the fraternal parties in revolution of East Bengal.

That comrade neither knows the creative application of Marxism, nor the general law of international communist movement.

Moreover, the proof of the fact that a country is not independent just by being recognized by some countries is Mongolia, Czechoslovakia and other East European countries. China has diplomatic relation with those countries. But Mongolia and Czechoslovakia are Soviet colonies while others are dependent on Soviet.

The same is applicable in case of Bangladesh too.


That comrade says that Bangladesh is a neo-colony of India.

Neo-colony emerged after the Second World War. Such colonialists keep control via lackey government, capital etc.

It is a form of relation between imperialism and colonialism.

The meaning of saying East Bengal a colony of India is giving India the status of Imperialism. It does not correspond to the reality at all. India is a semi-colonial semi-feudal country that has expansionist character.

The wrong line that East Bengal is a neo-colony of India gives rise to other erroneous lines and tactics that leads to setbacks and destruction.

On the other hand, the political line of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal that East Bengal is a colony of India corresponds to the real condition of East Bengal and India.

The Indian Expansionists are trying hard to hide colonial exploitation and control over East Bengal.

That comrade has been confused by the trick of the Indian Expansionists and theoretical confusion has been added to that. As consequence, he said East Bengal a neo-colony of India.

The correct line of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal and other lines emerged from that, already have been accepted by all the party cadres, sympathizers, supporters, even mass people. The correct line of party brought historically significant victory.

Only that comrade is an exception.

That comrade said that at present era, the theory of colony is ridiculous.

At present era, the theory of colony is ridiculous means at present era, there can be no colony. That means, there is no such Imperialist, Social Imperialist, Expansionist or reactionary group in world that can dominate any nation or country.

That theory is the theory of the Utopian, totally disoriented with the present condition of the world and ridiculous.

Still Imperialism, Social Imperialism, Expansionism, old Colonialism and reactionary ruling regimes exist in the world and also exist colony and dependent countries.

The theory of that comrade is rotten like the theory of various forms of revisionists “A Semi-Colony Cannot have a Colony”

If the theory of Colony is ridiculous at present world, then, all the lines of the Proletarian Party, its victory, and the cadres, sympathizers, supporters and masses are also ridiculous who have confidence on it. That means, all are ridiculous but only that comrade is smart.

As proof of his smartness, he presented the following logic:

The standard comrade Siraj Sikder had during the time of the Workers Movement, has been achieved by many, that is, he also achieved that.


What is root of thinking oneself as learned, correct and qualified and all other comrades as ridiculous?

That mentality lies in petit bourgeoisie dogmatism.

The dogmatists do not follow materialist work method of coming from people and bringing it to people. They memorize some theory, book and Marxist phrase, think themselves as big scholar, fly in the sky and think comrades and people negligible, ignorant and ridiculous. Thus, they isolate themselves from people.

That comrade grasped own serious erroneous line isolated from people, isolated himself from comrades and people, asked to give military work to others as he differs in various lines, even political line, thus isolating himself from party too.

Apart from that, the dogmatic deviation of that comrade manifested in unnecessarily writing large documents, asking party to read and submit those in all level (so that everyone gets astonished by his genus), not trying to understand general question but make it complex, thinking himself correct and qualified while others as ridiculous and disqualified.

Like the Fazlu clique, that comrade does not like the popularity of the leadership of comrade Siraj Sikder. He wants to hide correct leadership from people and proletarian revolutionaries by making the excuse that it damages unity.

The feudal class origin, dogmatic deviation, other errors, own wrong line and theoretical confusion of that comrade is very dangerous.

The whole party must be aware of that. We hope that the comrade will judge errors and deviations on the basis of the above-mentioned analysis, will promise to correct himself, correct and continue to work for the liberation of the people till the end.


1) The Italian Communist Party chief Togliatti (dead) made confusion in international communist movement by not capturing state power. Modern revisionists are basically guided by the theories of Togliatti □