CPMLM-BD: Not Vote but People’s War! Bourgeoisie Politics means misery for People!


Not Vote but People’s War!

Bourgeoisie Politics means misery for People!

Biting each other for power by the bourgeoisie have advanced so far that their BNP-Jamat alliance section that is outside power is derailing train from track with passenger, setting ablaze busses with passengers and throwing bomb on passerby workers and middle class people and thus massacring people each day with their demand for the so called care taker government. On the other side, in the name of the so called interim government, the government alliance of Awami League, Jatyo Party, Workers Party, Jasad are massacring people each day through their government force. That Awami League-BNP-Jatyo Party-Jamat-Hefajat Islam are people’s enemy is being exhibited by them trough their committing crime each and every day. In those crimes, their collaborators are the so called left named Workers Party, Jasad, Samyabadi Dal (Dilip Borua), Basad and CPB. One side wants to sustain in power to continue exploitation and corruption while the other side wants to assume power to carry exploitation and corruption.

And what is to be done by the people? They must fight for own power. So, they must start resisting all the crimes of people’s enemies with domestic weapons.

The Awami League government, although not metalized Tista agreement, have permitted Indian expansionism to establish coal based power station in Rampal and started its working in order to destroy Sundarbans. They deceived Garment Workers and colluded with factory owners to suppress the minimum wage demand. They signed TICFA treaty with US imperialism. By deceiving soldiers of BDR (Bangladesh Rifles), they led the army to torture a lot of soldiers to death in custody, and gave death sentence verdict to a lot of soldier in conspiratorial jurisdiction. In this case, the demand of BNP-Jamat was to carry more torture and more suppression. The previous governments had suppressed such type of many revolts through carrying massacre. It is the duty of all the progressive forces to build resistance movement domestically and internationally against all those. The Awami League government hiked onion price three times higher to fill the pocket of their lackeys. They have not taken any virus protection measure to peasants’ paddy, which resulted huge loss of rice production in Amon rice season. In the last IRRI season, peasants suffered huge losses due to low price of rice. They, by denying the national different identity of indigenous people of Chittagong Hill tract, are trying to lead settler Bengali people to stand against them. We have to stand against that conspiracy. Indian expansionism has not stopped border killing. To prove the murderer of Felani as not guilty, they gave verdict sided with the killer in their unjust jurisdiction.

The bourgeoisie and feudal and their master imperialism-expansionism are enemy of people. So, is it justified to vote them to strengthen the rule of all those enemies?

People must boycott vote, whatever government it may hold, or whichever bourgeoisie take part in it. All of them are the cause of misery of people. They are the owner of all the lands, industries, mines and possessions. They employ people, exploit them and increase own assets. They have different groups. Some are lackeys of this imperialism and expansionism while some are lackeys to that imperialism and expansionism. Sometimes, this group and sometimes that group assume power. They don’t have any ideology. They are fascist. They exploit people with the hoax of Golden Bengal, digging Canals, New Bengal, Digital Bangladesh, Islam etc. To protect power or to capture power, they bring limitless repression over people. They don’t hesitate a single bit to carry genocide. At present, that is the thing happening. People will not be free till they exist.

Therefore, we have to concentrate on uprooting the state, government, social system and the hoaxes of the bourgeoisie-feudal, and that path was showed by martyr comrade Siraj Sikder. That path is: Not vote, but People’s war.

By taking rural as base and relying on landless and poor peasants, pave the way of protracted people’s war and finally seize cities. This is the path of proletarian led proletarian revolution. In this path imperialism, bureaucratic bourgeoisie and feudal land lords will be overthrown and power of workers, peasants, middle class and progressive higher middle class will be established, which is called new democratic revolution. This revolution will continuously advance to socialist revolution and through cultural revolutions to communism. Until communism, people’s war is the path of struggle.

Let us work with that aim.

4 December 2013

Communist party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh