Siraj Sikder Works in English PDF


Siraj Sikder Works_Theses of East Bengal Workers Movement

Siraj Sikder Works_The difference of the Marxist-Leninist-Mao Tse-tung Thought follower proletarian revolutionaries of East Bengal with the Huq-Toha neo-revisionists, the Deben-Motin Trotskyite-Guevarists and the conspirator traitor Kazi-Zahid clique on determining the principal contradiction at the present stage of social development of East Bengal

Siraj Sikder Works_Exposure of the draft strategy and program of the so-called Communist Party of East Bengal (The party that is ‘left’ in form but right in essence)

Siraj Sikder Works_Class Analysis of East Bengal Society



Siraj Sikder Works_Establish Independent East Bengal

Siraj Sikder Works_On Some Slogans

Siraj Sikder Works_Open Letter of East Bengal Workers Movement to Sheikh Mujiv and Awami League

Siraj Sikder Works_East Bengal Workers Movement on the ‘Government of People’s Republic’ of East Bengal formed in India led by Sheikh Mujiv and Tajuddin

Siraj Sikder Works_Cadres of East Bengal Workers Movement, Be brave! Firmly seize political power! Annihilate national enemies! Build National Liberation Army! Carry out program!

Siraj Sikder Works_Draft Constitution of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal

Siraj Sikder Works_Six Mountains’ Lackeys Disguised as Patriot

Siraj Sikder Works_Rely upon peasants in National Liberation War! Smash the winter campaign of the Pak military bandits and the anti-people activities of the six mountains’ lackey the Awami League Liberation Force fascist reactionaries! Spread Guerrilla war to broader regions!


Siraj Sikder Works_Open letter of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal to the Government of Bangladesh

Siraj Sikder Works_Report delivered to the First National Congress of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal

Siraj Sikder Works_Would you reply Indira Gandhi

Siraj Sikder Works_Heroic people of East Bengal, our struggle has not yet finished. Carry on the great struggle to finish the unfinished national democratic revolution of East Bengal


Siraj Sikder Works_To the proletarian revolutionaries affiliated with various forms of revisionist bourgeoisie factions

Siraj Sikder Works_Celebrate the Armed Force Day, International Labor Day and Party Day. Strengthen Party Work!

Siraj Sikder Works_Resolution of the Central Committee Regarding Leadership of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal

Siraj Sikder Works_Discover the law of clique and oppose clique

Siraj Sikder Works_Rebellion of revolutionaries against reactionary leadership, or that of reactionaries against revolutionary leadership?

Siraj Sikder Works_Oppose the reactionary theory of the conspirators

Siraj Sikder Works_Add anti-dogmatist struggle with anti-clique struggle and rectification movement

Siraj Sikder Works: The role of leaders and cadres in revolution

Siraj Sikder Works_One divides into two is applicable to party too

Siraj Sikder Works_Grasp Class Analysis and Class Struggle in Ideology and Its Manifestations

….. …….

Siraj Sikder Works_Reply to the Letters of Comrade Kabir

Siraj Sikder Works_Editorial of Lal Jhanda 3

Siraj Sikder Works_Communique of the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the 1st Central Committee

Siraj Sikder Wroks_On Socialism, Class Struggle and Social Revolution

Siraj Sikder Works_On Bhashani’s United Bengal

Siraj Sikder Works_On the Constitution Given by the Six Mountains Lackey the Awami League Fascists

Siraj Sikder Works_On Election

Siraj Sikder Works_Communique of the Sixth Plenum of the 1st Central Committee

Siraj Sikder Works_Statement no 1 on the question of Establishing Unity among the Sincere Proletarian Revolutionaries of East Bengal


Siraj Sikder Works_Our some questions to the Huq-Amzad and Toha and Co. on whether East Bengal is a Colony of Soviet or that of both India and Soviet or that of India

Siraj Sikder Works_Communique of the Seventh Plenum of the 1st Central Committee


Siraj Sikder Works_Cadre shortage and how to solve it

To Be Continued..