Siraj Sikder Works: Would you reply, Indira Gandhi?

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal produced and published the original Bengali document on March 1972

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via on 17 October 2013. The party edited the translation with a few corrections on 16 December 2016


[This pamphlet was produced and circulated in March 1972 when Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visited Bangladesh – Sarbahara Path]

1) Your army is an allied force. But how could an allied force take arms and war materials worth several thousand million Taka of the Pak military fascists to India, and smuggle many industries, their parts, vehicles, produced commodities, Jute, Tea, Leather, Gold and Silvers of East Bengal to India?

By saying withdrawal of your invader troops, you are just deceiving people. Your real aim is to guard your colony by Bengalis and suppress Bengalis. Apart from that, in East Bengal, you have kept innumerable Indian invader troops in civil dress and uniform of Bangladesh force and Bangladesh Rifles. Your saying of withdrawal of troops is totally false.

2) You pose yourself as the friend of Liberation Struggle. But why are you suppressing the Liberation Struggles of Naga, Mizo, Kashmiri and Shikhs in fascist way?

Doesn’t it prove that you have disguised yourself as the helper of Liberation Struggle of East Bengal with particular objective? That is to establish your colony in East Bengal, restore your lost backyard, lessen your financial and political crisis by exploiting and plundering East Bengal and establish anti-China anti-Communist Base.

3) Disguised as ally, you have exploited and plundered by establishing control over fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, rice and other foods; jute, tea, leather and other raw materials, trade and business, land, natural resources, administration, defense, education, culture etc. all sphere, and established your colony in East Bengal.

To establish that colony, you have used patriots of East Bengal as fuel.

By branding as ‘Naxal’, you have annihilated the patriots and especially the cadres of Proletarian Party of East Bengal who didn’t agree with you to be your slave. You made your hands black with the blood of the patriots of East Bengal.

Until today, you have carried exploitation and plunder through secret accord. But now, your lackey the Bangladesh puppet government in the name of 25 years treaty of peace, friendship and co-operation, openly signed slavery of Bengali nation to you and justified your exploitation and plunder.

As a result of your and your lackeys’ exploitation and plunder, rice price has become 70-80 Taka per mound and the price of daily goods is in its peak. Out of starvation, half starvation and unemployment, the distressed people’s cry rose in East Bengal. Famine has started in East Bengal. People are dying out of starvation. Your so-called affection to East Bengal knows no bound. You are saying that you will send rice and other aid materials for East Bengal, but you are not saying qualitatively how much more you are looting, as a result of which, rice and food price decreased in India.

Thus, by imposing India’s economic crisis over us, you are making futile attempt to get rid of that.

4) You say about democracy. But are not you carrying fascist rule in your country through military, reserve Police, Police and armed goons of Youth Congress? You are killing hundred and thousand people by branding them as ‘Naxal’. So, is there any difference between your repression and that of Pak military fascists?

5) You monger phrases as if you are secular. Would the people of East Bengal demand separate territory if the Hindu religious reactionary zamindars, jotdars, capitalists and intellectuals of Congress the lackey of British imperialist bandits had not carried political, economic, religious and cultural oppression over the Muslim people of East Bengal? That is why they supported the proposal for Bengal Partition.

After 1947, there have been several hundred anti-Muslim riots in India. Non-Bengali Muslims and Tens of thousands of innocent Bengali Muslim masses of Kolkata, Assam and Tripura were ruthlessly killed. Many of them were forcibly pushed to East Bengal in penniless condition. You are sending back those Hindus as refugee to East Bengal who had migrated to India in 1947 and returning their land and properties through your puppet government.

But why are you not agreeing to take back the driven out from India Bihari and Bengali people and rehabilitate them by returning their land and properties? You have taken back Hindu people from Africa, Burma, and Sinhala. But by not taking back the driven out from India Bengali Muslim people, are not you proving that because they are ‘Muslim’, so, you are not taking them back? Doesn’t it prove that you are sectarian and not secular? Your aim of phrase mongering of secularism is to clean the obstacle of Muslim religion in maintaining your colony in East Bengal and carry religious oppression.

6) You are mongering phrase of ‘socialism’ and ‘poverty alleviation’. Is it anything other than deceiving the masses? In India, in the name of socialism, ruthless exploitation and plunder of four mountains the Soviet social imperialism, imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism is going on. As a result, people have fallen in unimaginable bad situation.

In order to cover up hoax of ‘Alleviate poverty’ and ‘socialism’, you are making futile attempt to recover from severe financial crisis by exploiting and plundering other countries.

In the past, the Japanese fascist used the hoax of ‘Developing countries, including Asia’ as a weapon to establish colony in Asia, and they stationed the so-called independent puppet governments in their occupied areas.

You are also advancing through the footsteps of the Japanese fascists that led them to death, and trying to meet your expansionist aspiration by using the hoax of democracy, socialism and secularism as a weapon.

By taking the opportunity of national problem of East Bengal, you have occupied East Bengal with the help of Mir Jafar and Co. the six mountains’ lackeys of East Bengal, established colony here and established a puppet government by the Mir Jafar and co.

But your aspiration doesn’t end here; by following Nehru’s ‘Discovery of India’, you are daydreaming of expanding domination in South Asia and Indian Ocean, to that expansionist aspiration, the Soviet social imperialist neo-Tsar Breznev-Kosigin traitor clique is giving support.

Hitlar’s attack on Poland marked the initiation of his defeat, the attack of Japanese fascists over China marked the initiation of their defeat, and in the same way, your occupation over Dhaka doesn’t mark step of victory, but only the step that lead you to destruction.

People are widely realizing your and your lackeys’ real aim. The heroic people of East Bengal will finally bury the Indian expansionism, Soviet social imperialism, imperialism, the six mountains’ lackey the Mir Jafar and co. in East Bengal, and will establish real independence and democracy in East Bengal.

  • Long live the Proletarian Party of East Bengal!
  • Long live Comrade Siraj Sikder!


The Awami League-NAP-Communist Party (The Pro-Moscow Communist Party— Sarbahara Path) and their organizations are the representatives of six mountains, that is, Soviet social imperialism, imperialism, Indian bureaucratic capitalism, feudalism and East Bengal bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism.■