Document of OWF (MLM-PM): Reactionary killers of RajibHaider are the “brothers” of Islamic fundamentalists and police-stateof Afghanistan. Down with Islamic fundamentalist extremists!

Proletarian of all countries, unite!

Reactionary killers of RajibHaider are the “brothers” of Islamic fundamentalists and police-stateof Afghanistan

Down with Islamic fundamentalist extremists!

Central Committee

Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan

(Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist)

February 2013

Prepared for the Internet by People’s War Editorial Board

People’s war until communism!

Reactionary killers of RajibHaider are the “brothers” of Islamic fundamentalists and police-state of Afghanistan

Down with Islamic fundamentalist extremists!

Organization of the workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist) expresses its deep sorrow hearing the murder of RajibHaider, a free thinker from Bangladesh.

We condemn the reactionary government of Purbo- Bangla and its Islamic fundamentalist puppets that have consolidated in murdering of free thinkers. Indeed, the so-called “Islamic” countries located in South Asia have been a victim of Islamic extremists since WW2.

Islamic reactionaries of this region, backed by bureaucratic comprador states, and internationally backed by imperialism and world reactionary religious hegemons, have murdered thousands of revolutionaries and free thinkers of these countries.

In Afghanistan, the so called “Islamic Parties” have also a long history of murdering and bloody oppressive commitments.

Islamic reactionaries, for more than thirty years, have actively contributed in killings and suppressing intellectual, free thinkers and revolutionaries of Afghanistan. Since early 1990s, these hell forces, have been dominant in Afghani society, and have ruled with murder and suppression!

The most reactionary scenario of these so called “Afghani Islamists” which represented the puppets of US imperialism, and was created by Al-Qaida led by Bin-Ladin, was the reactionary group of Taliban, which ruled in Afghanistan, and was superficially “removed” by Bush the son Administration.

Islamic extremism has always been instrumental in spreading imperialism’s domination and in adopting colonial “destiny” for south Asian Countries. This was the case with Taliban regime, which was also at the same time a colony of a Semi-colony: The Pakistan!

As Chairman SirajSikder had truly formulated and concluded, semi-colony also can have colonies. This was the case when Taliban regime was indeed a colony of Pakistan, a country which in turn is a semi colonial state.

Islamic extremists still rule in Afghanistan. They share the “cake” of power with so called “Technocrats” which have been installed in power by US-Co invaders.

Today, Islamic extremists+ “Technocrats” as an assembly of running-dogs of imperialism have formed the bureaucratic comprador regime of Hamid Karzai. Also, still Taliban, mainly in rural areas of Afghanistan are suppressing the masses.

In such a situation, it is obvious that: there is no free space for free thinking. Secular elements have either been removed from the scene or earlier have been murdered by reactionaries. The young generation, which is the today and the tomorrow of the country, except a renegade minority backing the reactionaries, has totally been put aside. Even the section of freedom thinkers of middle class which still is not involved in a Marxist praxis is being banned to express or uphold a secular view.

So, the only class in society which can be the leading forces of the revolution, the proletarian, can only be the leader of our New Democratic Revolution, a revolution which will inevitably remove “three mountains” of reaction and will break the invaders. Millions of peasants, which are the basis for New Democratic revolution, can only be led by proletariat to win the battle against remnants of feudalism and to be able to combat imperialism.

In Afghanistan, even translating the “Holy Quran” to our national languages without Arabic version, is banned! Islamic fundamentalists say: this is God’s book and it only worth in its Arabic form!!!

GhawasZulmai, who was a journalist, and had translated “Quran” to Persian language, was put in jail, and was about to be executed!

Another example was a secular guy from Balkh province of Afghanistan who had dared to download some materials from an atheist website. (The destiny of this guy needs another place to write about, as long as we know, he might have been transferred to another country, still it is not clear wither he has gave up by being released or have been the basis for a ‘closed doors” talks between so called “humanitarian Organizations”  and Hamid Karzai himself!)

So, we can clearly see that: the young generations free thinkers of Afghanistan and Bangladesh (indeed, most of the so called “Islamic countries” of South Asia) have the same situation and same “destiny”.

So, even solidarity of free-thinkers of the region, is only possible and would have to be canalized by proletarian internationalism of the revolutions of the countries of the south Asia.

In Bangladesh, the bloody Awami Party has long been the killer of revolutionaries and oppressed masses of the country. This traitor party, in coalition with Islamic fundamentalists has always suppressed free thinking and secular forces of Purbo Bangla.

Young Atheist Blogger RajibHaider who was killed by Islamic-Awami traitors

In Afghanistan, as in Bangladesh, religious “subjects” are taught at schools, and even “Islamic Culture” has become compulsory to be involved in programs of all universities being either Medicine or engineering! Abdul RabRasoulSayaf, one of the most blood-thirst reactionary leaders of Islamic extrimists of Afghanistan, being backed with rest of the extremists, passed the article in puppet parliament of Afghanistan to include “Islamic Civilization” topic in all faculties in all over Afghanistan.

This “Islamic Civilization” subject, mainly teaches reactionary politicized Islam, a version of  Islam which is nothing more than a revival of “ 14 centuries” of suppression and religious illusions.

When Taliban group was ruling, the Law of Sharia and Fetwa was conducting by them, and they had upheld the most reactionary and wildest form of Islamism. Now, by widespread whispers of Taliban’s coming to at least at a significant scale in power, (as US-co is willing to reconcile her puppet Karzai-led regime with paramilitary forces of remnants of Taliban group), there is again a danger of revival of Fetwa and Sharia.

CPMLM Bangladesh also warns of adoptation of Sharia and Fetwa in Bangladesh. So, as we see, Afghanistan and Bangladesh have been the victims of the same sword!

So, proletarian internationalism of Afghanistan and Purbo Bangla oppressed masses, under guiding thoughts of SirajSikder(In Bangladesh) and AkramYari (in Afghanistan) is the shining path of victory! Only Maoism will bring forward the revolutionary teaching, a teaching which will give the masses the power to be emancipated, and to break the chains of slavery and class based oppression.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism is the combat weapon of the proletarians of Afghanistan and Bangladesh. With this weapon, we will break the reactionaries, and will establish New Democratic Powers of the oppressed masses of our countries.

Our organization sides with CPMLM Bangladesh, and announces:

Either in Bangladesh or in Afghanistan, Islamic fundamentalist extremism has the same essence: it is a puppet of world imperialism, and is one of the principal enemies of the masses. So, let us combat “political Islam”, which is instrumental in spreading invasion and colonizations of “Islamic” countries by Metropols.

Let us combat Terrorism and police states of followers of Awami League and Karzai’s puppet regime in Bangladesh and Afghanistan!

Enqilaaab Zindabad

Long Life world Proletarian revolution!

Let us fight for victories of People’s War in Purbo Bangla and Afghanistan

Long life CP MLM Bangladesh

Long life Organization of the workers of Afghanistan (MLM-pM)

                                                                       February, 2013