CPMLM-BD: An Open Letter to the Sincere Comrades of Nepal

An Open Letter to the Sincere Comrades of Nepal

Comrades and friends,

Red Salute!

We are sending this letter at a time when the sun of revolution in Nepal has already gone down long before. The people’s war that was earth shaking event in contemporary world that even after liberating eighty percent areas of the country has collapsed because of the betrayal line of the leaders, and as a consequence, N-14_R3all the achievements were lost. Now there is no People’s War, no Liberated Areas and no People’s Liberation Army. There is no hope remaining except the people. Besides, there are many sincere revolution seeking leaders and cadres who generally exist in every country as a result of revolutionary process.

The former Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)-being a  member of Revolutionary Internationalist Movement  rose against Maoism, abandoned the Path of Revolution, disarmed people and dismantled Base Areas.  RIM committee hided  those betrayal, advocated a secret Two Lines struggle,  upheld coexistence with opportunism and adopted an incorrect method of restricting Line Struggle, and  thus RIM committee resigned leading role of RIM. By presenting ideology as ’ Maoism or Mao thought’, led by Prachanda-Baburam the revisionists transformed Communist party of Nepal (Maoist) to Unified communist party of Nepal (Maoist). It was final rejection of Maoism.  Prachanda-Baburam revisionists showed that present world and domestic situation is not favorable for revolution, so, compromise should be made. They said of so called bourgeoisie democracy instead of New Democracy. Through the so called peace talk, they made People’s Liberation Army surrender to reactionary army, and by surrendering achieved land and power to the exploiters, became imperialist- expansionists’ lackey the fascist Bureaucratic Bourgeoisie. On the other side, Revolutionary Communist Party, USA also made leap to their own revisionism.  Both CPN (Maoist) and RCP USA, seeing only the outer appearance of globalized named imperialist world, and not by seeing its contradictory and moribund essence,  presented it as unipolar and showed that war or revolution is not inevitable. They declared Marxism as insufficient. Both of them abandoned the concept of Proletarian Dictatorship that is a basic tenet of Marxism. Even RCP branded the confidence on Marxist Philosophy as Political Truth and hoisted the flag of non-Political Truth.

With the start of the New Year 2013, Communist party of Nepal (Maoist) has again been formed.  They had invited us to their founding conference, which is their party’s 7th congress. For that we express our gratitude to them. It is to mention that a significant number of sincere Maoist leaders and cadres have united in this party, many of whom have working experience in International Communist Movement. Some days ago, a party representative of our party had a discussion with two high rank leadership of CPN (Maoist).  They are hopeful that CPN (Maoist) will lead the revolution and they emphasized on building a new Communist International and rebuilding organization like Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organizations. All know that internationally we made various joint statement with nepal4MLMist Communist Parties of Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, France, Spain, Belgium, Arab and Afghanistan where we struggled the successive opportunism existing in International Communist Movement such as opportunism within the leadership of RIM Committee, Avakianism, Prachandism and Centrism, and at the same time, we put forward the importance of an advance Thought for building a new Communist International. In this context, we want to raise some points to the sincere comrades within Communist party of Nepal (Maoist) and also we want to attract attention of the sincere comrades outside that party to the same points.

Comrades, can a revolutionary army surrender to a reactionary army? Whatever honor they give you, isn’t surrender itself an absolute dishonor? Isn’t it a betrayal? So, by dignified surrender what do CPN (Maoist) mean? A surrenderist party can’t be a revolutionary, can it?

Which class democracy CPN (Maoist) do believe? Which republic she wants to establish? Is that New Democratic revolutionary republic or bourgeoisie Federal republic?

To make revolution, it is necessary to have a Thought.  A Thought guides a revolution through People’s War. Maoism is expressed in each country through its own Thought. Marxism-Leninist-Maoism and people’s war is universal. Do you think it is necessary to recognize Gonzallo Thought, which derived these truths, and is the most important Communist Thought after the death of Chairman Mao? Is not so called class collaborationist  pacifist Prachanda Thought a bourgeoisie Thought?  Does CPN (M) believe in the same Thought of Prchanda by only just deducting the name Prachanda?  Do you reject the post Maoist named the revisionist New Synthesis Avakinaism?

What is the reason behind peace talk? Is that for handing over army, areas and power to reactionaries? After abandoning army, areas and power, what more aim can be fulfilled with the peace talk?

In Each country, there is newness in Path of Revolution. Certainly, the particularity of Nepalese Revolution is not Prachandist Pacifism? So, Nepalese comrades should discover that particularities, shouldn’t they?

The Bureaucratic Bourgeoisie represents a semi feudal semi colonial society, who in the name of nationalism, religion-ism etc want to establish that what fascism is. Today capitalism is at the stage of its death bed, the imperialism. It has no possibility of further development. It has no ideology except making hoax. So, different form of doctrines of moribund bourgeoisie is various treacheries. And that is fascism.  So, what the Nepalese reactionaries want to establish through peace process, talk and election is fascism, isn’t it?

When a communist party is crushed and abolished in a capitulationist black path, will that come up by taking part in bourgeoisie politics or by grasping proletarian class politics?

In Kathmandu only 10 percent Nepalese live. Why do you give priority to that? When 80 percent areas were liberated, a New Democratic republic could be established without Kathmandu, and later Kathmandu could merge in the course of struggle.

Do you agree that `Without a people’s army, people have nothing? So, in this situation, if there is some popularity, can’t it be applied to build an Armed Force? And that is not like building secretly a mercenary army like the bourgeoisie, rather it develops through Armed Struggle, right?

Do you accept General Validity of People’s War? If so, why are you saying of Urban Based Insurrection other than initiating People’s War? Why not insurrection as part of people’s war? As Kathmandu is the center of reactionaries, will not an insurrection there, will bring a big set back? Rather, shouldn’t you make insurrection in other region and then initiate armed struggle there, which is easier also?

What is you position on China? Isn’t China an imperialist country? What can you achieve by making China an ally? Will not it bring more imperialist penetration? Will not it make the communist party an imperialist lackey party?

What is your position regarding monarchy? CPN (Maoist) expressed its wish to unify with monarchist former king Ganendra. Will not it reestablish feudalism and monarchy? Will not it transform the communist party into a feudalist party?


Once Maoist movement was enough strong in Bangladesh. Here, Siraj Sikder had produced a Political Party of Proletariat, People’s war, Bases and Areas of Armed Struggle and a Thought. But after the martyrdom of Comrade Siraj Sikder, despite Limited Armed Struggle continued, repeated capitulationist opportunist line made it weak. In hundreds of villages Maoist communist politics still have influence. But in most of the areas the leadership party is absent. It is not difficult to change this situation. It needs a Leadership Structure of a Correct Ideological Orientation. Our new party has been formed to come up from the current vacuum. We want we will develop ourselves Ideologically and develop cadres and people Ideologically. Centrism is betrayal and opportunism. There is no alternative of a correct a MLMist line.

As CPN Maoist said in invitation that there is friendship between our two parties and between people of our two countries, it is very correct. We are the same South Asian people and international fraternity. We sincerely wish, revolutionary process based on a correct Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideological line will march forward in Nepal and Bangladesh.

Revolution in Nepal and Bangladesh is inevitable!

13 August 2013

Central Committee                                             

Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh