Condolence letter of OWA (MLM-pM) from Afghanistan to CPMLM Bangladesh on the Rana Plaza Garment Massacre

Condolence letter to CPMLM Bangladesh

Down with bureaucratic capitalism, Long Life the Revolution in Bangladesh!

Dear comrades,

The collapse of the eight-storeyRana Plaza garment factory in SawarBangladish which counted for more than 500 death of Bangladishi workers and more than 2500 injuries among the workers there, is a national tragedy for the Bangladish.  Organization of the workers of Afghanistan (Marxist-L eninist-Maoist, principally Maoist) expresses its profound feeling of sorrow, and condole this tragedy to Bangladishi working class, the oppressed masses of Bangladish and to CPMLM Bangladesh- the vanguard of the proletariat of Bangladish. The proletariat of Afghanistan and the oppressed people of our country, have learned this sad news, extend their solidarity and sympathy through their vanguard organization, to CPMLM Bangladish, oppressed masses of Bangladish, mainly the families of the workers killed.

Who are the killers?

Personally they argue that it is the owner of the building or industry who is responsible, or the construction engineers responsible for this tragedy. Some simply argue that it is this government that claimed the lives of the workers and brought this massacre.

But, for revolutionary proletariat, it is the system, it is bureaucratic comprador capitalist class that is the killer, and has done this massacre. Reactionaries like Mohammad SohailRana (the owner of Rana Plaza) or the bloody prime minister Sheik Hassina are just the dirty figures and are dolls in hands of the bureaucratic capitalism!

Reactionary Prime minister of Bangladish, ShikhHassina

This is not the first time that a factory building collapses, and this is not the first time that a massacre of the workers in Bangladish happens!

If we would look chronologically, we find more evidence, and will consider that such tragedies, have previously, have frequently been occurred, but nothing have changed, and the bureaucratic capitalism, has never retreated even a step, and has continued its bloody efforts to exploit, suppress and massacre the Bangladishi masses, mainly the proletarians.

More than 500 people died when the building, which housed garment factories and shops, collapsed on April 24. Workers continue to find bodies, many of them decomposed and difficult to recognize.” height=”351″ width=”624″>

The ruins of the collapsed building of Rana Plaza Gurment

Official figures and statistics are notfully reliable, and often do not show the reality, and do not represent the full picture, but they too, inevitably show, however incomplete, part of the tragedies which were born on Bangladishi masses:

  • “1,000 Bangladeshi workers have died since 2006 in factory fires or accidents”
  • In 2012, more than 100 workers perished in a fire at Tazreen Fashions in Ashulia a township near Daka
  • 70 percent of families living in Bangladesh’s countryside are without electricity.
  • In south Asia, Bangladesh devotes only  2.6 percent of its national income to education.

Rana Plaza garment collapsed killing more than 500 workers and inuring 2500 more

Blood thirst Sheikh Hassina, in reply to the question on the bad conditions and unsafety for the workers in Bangladeshi factories after pointing to the collapse of the RANA Plaza garment building , says:

“Bangladesh now is a place for good conditions for the investment,”

This reactionary traitor says that: no matter if the workers are massacre, indeed it paves the way for imperialist monopolies, and brings about an acceptable backyard for imperialist corporations to invest in Bangladesh, and to suck the bloods of Bangladeshi workers by exploiting them to death!

This is the “logic” of this traitor puppet of world imperialism, mainly Yanki imperialists.

“Bangladish now is a good condition for the investment” says the prime minister. The picture replies!

Sheikh Hassina says that she does not fear about the reduction of the foreign investment in Bangaldish, because they will not do such. She explains that Bangladish is the most suitable place for imperialists and they can exploit this country as much as they desire:

“they get cheap labour” she said,”that is why they come here”

So, according to Hassina, no matter if the workers are massacred! The  point is that the imperialists still find more favorable space to invest in Bangladishenoying “cheap labour”, so they are “welcomed” to exploit the working class of Bangladish! This is the meaning of bureaucratic capitalism in Bangladish, and this is the null-and-void of apologists of bureaucratic capitalism!

Sheikh Hassina threatens the workers that they must abandon strike and go back to their work places! She warns the millions of workers in strike that: “ if they do not return to their work, they will lose their jobs”

This is the bloody  face of tyranny, which speaks the language of a nine-teen century capitalist boss, and now flatters to the imperialist lords of more reactionary in character than pre monopoly capitalism!

This is what a slave of imperialism declares to the heroic workers of Bangladish!

Was the Rana Plaza massacre of the workers an accidental and sudden happening or it was a pre-acknowledged and forces event?

Amanpour, CNN’s chief international correspondent, pointed out that local officials predicted that the building could collapse after cracks appeared on its walls on April 23, and they urged workers not to re-enter it.

“You are very correct,” Hasina said. “Unfortunately, in the morning, the owners of the factories put pressure to labor to enter.”

The Rana Plaza collapsed in April 24th! So, is not it a planned massacre of the workers for profit gain? Is not it a planned massacre which the capitalists managed for their “one day benefit” which cost the lives of 500 workers and more than 2500 workers injuries?

The bourgeois bureaucrats proudly announce that:

“The garment industry accounts for 77% of Bangladesh’s exports — a $20 billion industry for the nation.”

But the proletarians of Bangladesh know that: this $ 20 billion is their blood shed and sweat, and they have nothing to lose but their chains, and they have a world to win if they wage people’s war, and move toward establishing a New Democracy smashing the old state and carrying the revolution to the victory!

Even the imperialists and their representatives themselves confess that: it is world imperialism that has brought slavery and dependence to Bangladish, and have transformed Bangladish to a semi colony! They themselves admit the responsibility of ‘unsafety” and “bad conditions of labour” as their crime, being the source of Bangladish’s bureaucratic capitalism.

 (U.S. State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said businesses that operated in the collapsed building “appear to have links to numerous companies in the U.S. and Europe.” He added they would work with U.S. companies on “improving working conditions, including in Bangladesh.”-source: CNN Website)

Those “numerous companies” which this spokesperson of US-imperialism talks about, is the main killer of Bangladishi workers. These corporations are the bosses who dominate the Bangladish economy, and issue order. They are the bosses who have recruited reactionary “local” killers like Sheikh Hassina(prime minister of Bangladish),SoheilRana (the owner of the Rana Plaza garment, who is the local leader of Awami League- the dominant party in Bangladish), and so on.

A woman mourns before a mass burial in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Wednesday, May 1, seven days after the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in nearby town Savar.(source: cnn news)

So, the proletarians and the oppressed masses of Bangladish, have no “option” but to resist, revolt, and wage a protracted people’s war against imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and remnants of feudalism. These three “mountains’ must be remove by the people’s struggle, and the new democratic state of the people of Bangladish would have to be established to represent the masses of the oppressed! This is the call of historical necessity! And this is the call of Organization of the workers of Afghanistan(Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist) to the masses of Bangladish.

People of Afghanistan and Bangladish have the same problems, same course, and have the same path to follow: the path of New Democratic Revolution, by waging Protracted People’s war. So, our organization, as the vanguard of our proletariat, salutes Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist of Bangladish in their heroic effort in leading the liberation of the proletariat. We reaffirm ourselves in what Chairman Gonzalo has said:

The masses Make the history, the party leads”

Down with reactionary killers of Bangladishi workers

Down with Sheikh Hassina and reactionary politician of Bangladish

Long Life World Proletarian Revolution!

Hail the People’s war in Bangladish!

Long Life Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladish

People’s War until Communism!

Organization of the Workers of Afghanistan

(Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, principally Maoist)

May 3, 2013