Solidarity Letter of UOC MLM Colombia to CPMLM-BD on Rana Plaza Garment Massacre

Colombia, April 29, 2013


Communist Party Marxist Leninist Maoist of Bangladesh

We have learned the sad news of another tragedy in Bangladeshi garment factories, this time with more than 300 workers sacrificed under the rubble of a collapsed factory in Dhaka.

Again, the terrible conditions that exploit the labor force of men, women and children, leaving huge profits to companies imperialist clothes, and pain and death in the working families of the slums of Bangladesh.

Marx had already said referring to the beginnings of capitalism: “if the money, according to Augier, ‘born with natural spots of blood on one cheek,” capital comes into the world dripping with blood and dirt from every pore, from the feet to the head.” This situation is repeated today in the agony of the capitalist system in all factories and in all countries, as painfully confirmed today the situation of the workers in the factories of Bangladesh.

Feel as our own, this tragedy mourned the working class in Bangladesh, which is our own class.

On behalf of the proletariat and the people of Colombia, we extend our feelings of solidarity and sympathy to the families of the workers killed.

Through its Party, expressed the workers and people of Bangladesh, our greeting combative, and the determination to continue fighting to defeat and wipe off the face of the earth to imperialism and its system of wage exploitation, only cause of the sufferings of the workers and peoples of the world.

Union Obrera Comunista (Marxista Leninista Maoista)