Statement of CPMLM-BD: Killing of one of the initiators of Shahbagh Movement, Young Blogger Rajib Haider. An attack upon free thinking

Statement of the CPMLM-BD

Killing of one of the initiators of Shahbagh Movement,

Young Blogger Rajib Haider

An attack upon free thinking


Reactionaries have killed atheist blogger Rajib. Along with masses of people, we are also grieved and angered. Islamic fundamentalists, the opponent of shahbagh movement might have been behind the killing. State terror could be involved with it too. Rajib was one of the initiator of the Young generations’ movement in Shahbagh.

The Awami League colluded with Jamat-e-Islami Leaders, one of the war criminals of 1971, to save them, which angered middle class educated young generation. They took position in Shahbagh with massive in number and developed a movement against that. Countrywide support crystallized on that behalf. This young generation does not have vote illusion. Nor do they like bourgeoisie political business. They came to the field after years and years being subject of social and political religious oppression. This is a protest against social and state injustice. They want a progressive society.

The killing of blogger Rajib is an attack upon the aspiration of educated middle class young generation. This is also an attack upon free thinking and progressive mind. This is why it further more angered people. Today’s general strike called by Jamat-e-Islami has been rejected by people. The demand of prohibiting religious politics may come up.  Sheikh Hasina and the Awami league made religious education compulsory to give formal status to use of religion as tool of exploitation.  They have kept continuing Madrasha education system too. It will not be a surprise if they start Fotwa and Sharia rule in competition with their opposition bourgeoisie parties. So, will prohibition of religious politics change their face, which is no better than Qader Mullah? Only a fundamental change in socio, economic and political system can only take us to real progress. The progressive path belongs to communism.

Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist

18 February 2013