CPMLM-BD Document: Expansion of feudalist religionist fascist aggression produced by the exploiters in the country. Resist genocide and mass atrocities of the barbarians. Resist exploitation and repression of all the reactionaries

9 July 2016


The religionist genocide and mass repression has attained new height in Bangladesh. The religionists, in 1-2 July 2016, carried massacre in Spanish restaurant Holy Artisan Bakery in Gulshan in Dhaka and ruthlessly killed 20 including 9 Italian, 7 Japanese, 1 Indian, 1 Bangladeshi origin US and 2 Bangladeshis. Among them 10 was woman. Two Police office officers were also shot dead by them in encounter. Faraz, who was studying in US, was accompanying an Indian Tarushi Jain and Bangladeshi origin US woman Abonti Kabir. The terrorists set Faraz free, but he denied to leave without his two companions. Terrorists asked artist Ishrat to recite Quran and wear Hizab, but she denied. The fascists killed all by carrying such unjust atrocities. Faraz and Ishrat set example of humanity. Jain is the religion which speaks against killing of living being more than any religion, but Indian Tarushi Jain of Jain community became the target of such an atrocity. Two police officers were killed at night by the gunfire of the fascists. One among the two killed police officers was the Officer in Charge of Banani Thana Salauddin who was an infamous murderer, dangerous tyrant and extortionist. About 10 hours later, the armed forces of Bangladesh carried operation to end the hostage crisis, by which, five attackers were killed, a restaurant executive were also killed and 13 hostages were rescued. To kill five or six terrorist, they brought Tanks and artillery after so much time when already the terrorists have killed 20 people in their custody. This incident created serious reaction in the whole world including Italy, Japan and India. The US and India want to send troops, let alone Italy-Japan who decided to carry coordinated activity. The killed Italians were buyers of Bangladesh Garment Industry. So, domestic garment industry may fall. The killed Japanese are JICA officials. So, many so called development projects of Bangladesh may fall. Most of the foreign visitors and sports teams will not come to Bangladesh naturally. In another incident, after five days,  the religionists went to carry attack in Muslim religious festival Eid’s prayer in Sholakia, where they were confronted with the Police resulting two policemen killed, one religionist attacker killed and another Hindu woman Jharna Vaumik killed inside house by a bullet  coming from outside.

The government was saying so far that there is no IS in the country – still their Police force is saying that these are JMB’s actions. Actually JMB, Jamat, IS and Al Qayda are nothing different. Their character is the same. Now Awami League and BNP seem shocked. Now, they are asking for national unity.

In the month of June, Hasina went to Saudi Arabia, the master of world feudalism. She assured them that Bangladesh would take part in Saudi military alliance. Saudi told her that they will collect half million slaves from Bangladesh. Anyway, Hasina denied about participating in Saudi military alliance after she returned back to home. Meanwhile, Islami Bank gave 15 crore Taka to the personal relief fund of Hasina. The meaning of that is easy to guess.

Police killed some accused via crossfire including Sharif—one of the accused of the killing of Avijit Roy, several attackers of Shite and Ahmadia Mosque and the accused of killing of Rajshahi University teacher Rezaul Karim. Recently Rashed and Nobi named two accused of killing of Mitu have been given crossfire. In Jhinaidha, a few time later the crossfire given by Police in one place on 1 July, a killing of Hindu temple caretaker Shamananda Das happened in Kastasagara village very near to that place. A few days before that incidence, in 7 June 2016, in Mahishvagar village in Jhinaidaha, Hindu priest Anondogopal Ganguli was murdered. On 10 June 2016 in Hemaytpur in Pabna, the religionists savagely killed Nittaranjan Pande, care taker of Anukul Chandra Asram. Principal of RamaKrishna mission of Dhaka and also the principle of Kamalapur Buddha Bihar of Dhaka have been given death threat by the religionists.

In total, the situation is complex. The situation for imperialist and expansionist aggression has been created.

What is religionism?

It has been elaborated in our many documents. Religionism is a doctrine to go back to decadent past of feudalism. Religionism wants to brighten a society that is based on ultra-exploitation and atrocities over slaves-half slaves.  As alms, there is a Jakat and Fetra system there to keep the poor under domination so that they do not rebel. Women are kept as slaves of men. In feudalism, on the one side there is exploiter feudal Jaminder class and on the other side there are peasant masses. Lands, products, and family everything of peasants is considered possessions of Jaminders. Peasants usually have a small piece of land to till for his own, but for that he has to give unpaid labor in Jaminder’s land. And also he has to pay produce-rent to Jaminder. Here extra surplus value is extracted. To show such a society as ideal, they allure people of after death life and heaven.

Feudalism is decadent. It is going to be finished from the whole world. Yet it still exists in many countries of Middle East including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and Africa. Both unity and opposition exist between imperialism and feudalism. Both want super profit. Imperialism is the last phase of capitalism. It has no possibility of sustaining. In capitalist competition, commodity price gradually decreases and so the rate of profit also decreases. Imperialism emerged to gain maximum profit. For that, they form syndicate, cartel and trust. They want to buy raw material and labor power from colonies in cheap price. So, the dangerous competition for capturing colonies leads to war among the imperialist groupings. If feudalists are in power, it facilitates imperialism to gain maximum profit in colonies because feudalism is a backward society where people’s living standard is very low. So, their labor power can be bought cheaply and the natural resources can be plundered smoothly. The decadent imperialism and the decadent feudalism unite together for their sustenance. This is why, religionists like Al Qaida, Taliban and Islamic State were borne directly by the US and European imperialism. The Saudi expansionism and Turkey Expansionism have been directly giving them money and shelter. Meanwhile, India Expansionism has let Islamist Zakir Nayak to carry activities for long, from whom, Bengali IS cadres got inspiration. IS cadres of Bangladesh, besides Madrasha, studied in so called modern universities. That means, religionists used bourgeoisie education, technology and everything. The so called modern schools are producing such materials whose inner soul is feudalist with bourgeoisie cover. The bureaucratic capitalists exist between imperialism and feudalism. They contain the character of both. So, they too seek super profit. The Bangladesh reactionary government buy oil from foreign and sell in three times higher price in the country. People buy electricity in much more price, ride train or bus in many times higher price. By one Taka, one can talk in cell phone or use internet that much what’s actual price would be 10 paisa. Yet to trap people in security net, government has taken finger print, which has already been used by the conspirators to throw people in legal problem at the end. People produce food, clothes and everything. Yet the government pretends as if they are the one who is giving compensation to people, so, they have the right to loot! People can’t afford minimum food to survive. They are more and more being pauperized. If we count the oil point, Government is plundering crores of Taka each season from peasants just by selling oil to peasants. As production cost is high, and price of product is low, peasants are fleeing from lands. A famine situation has been created in the country. Workers’ wage is 4000/5000 Taka per month, by which, hardly can they rent a room, let alone food-clothes. By taking the opportunity of that famine situation, government accomplished Union Council election, in which, hundreds of people have been killed. The chairman and member candidates gave 10/20/50/100/200 Taka bribery to each house to buy vote, while actual votes were cast the last night before the election to fill up the box. Many women were raped because they didn’t vote them; many were thrown out from their household/land. In the name of Eid, government has thrown millions of people in huge gathering to raise exploiters’ Eid Business to peak and gain super profit while the victims are the people alone, who are being killed in accident everyday.

Today after the religionist genocidal activities, the question comes up who helped them? Who made the religious state? Who made religious education compulsory? Who sustained Madrasha education? Hasina-Khaleda-Ershad did it. And those activites started to increase from their predecessor Sheikh-Zia or form Pakistan period. The genocide of 1971 by the Razakars and the current genocide are bound in the same chain together.

After each blogger killing incident, government always complained that the bloggers were writing against religion. BNP openly shared their voice with the religionists while the JP made chorus with the religionists. That charge of writing against religion is completely baseless. Despite being majority in the world, the Atheists are suppressed in almost all the countries in the world. Bangladesh is also the same. After homosexual activist Julhaj Mannan was killed by the religionists, Bangladesh Feudalist Government even said against homosexuality. Homosexuality happens between same sexes. It is a variety of the diverse world. It is a right of those who possesses that type of sexuality. On the other side, the religionists make the life of atheists horrible. Bangladesh is not any secular state. Here none can make his/her identity as atheist. None can marry without religion. One person of a particular religious sect can’t marry any other person of any other religious sect. Here there is Islamic registration. In sum, it is a savage state. Here, women don’t get equal property to men as inheritance. Here religionist genocide-barbarianism is not strange. Its producer seems to be the Islamists, but actually all the reactionaries jointly made it to sustain exploitative society. With the gradual escalation of its scale, the people will only suffer. Therefore, people have to resist and confront it with domestic weapon whatever available around and develop their strength of resistance. They have to resist all the exploiters’ activities, take up communist ideology and develop a 21st century new generation communist party.

Let us sing from communist international:

‘Away with all your superstitions

Servile masses arise, arise

We’ll change henceforth the old tradition

And spurn the dust to win the prize’

The collapse of the reactionaries is inevitable!

Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh