CPMLM-BD Document: Human trafficking — The Modern Slave system unveiled (23 June 2015)

Transfer versus trafficking

Since the ancient time, men are transferring. At that time, there were only natural obstacles. Now there are obstacles from various states. Still transfer

Migration journey via the Bay of Bengal

Migration journey via the Bay of Bengal

from the need of human, but now it is from the scarcity and poverty as result of ruthless exploitation by the exploiting classes, and crossing the sea and jungle under mafia control and coercion and admission into a new slave system. Despite being inhabitants of Myanmar, the Rohingas are being driven out from there. The Myanmar state, her military rulers and the so called democrat like Su Ki do not admit Rohingas as the citizen of that country, rather they have brought severe national oppression over the later. They are Bengali, while the signboard holders of Bengali or Bangladeshi nationalism do not want to let them enter in Bangladesh. No one knows how many Bengalis of Bangladesh were or are being shot dead by the Indian state when they tried or try to enter in Bengali populated states of India. Look at the picture in the Bay of Bengal and Indian ocean where Rohingas and

Rohinga migrants are floating on Andaman Sea

Rohinga migrants are floating on the Andaman Sea

Bangladeshis are floating, hundreds of mass grave are discovered in Thailand and Malaysia which are full of bodies of many of these people, many of those bodies were found confined in cages. Usually these people are on their way to Malaysia, Indonesia or any other country. The smugglers use to smuggle them in greed of money. If they fail to do so, they use to sell them to Thailand or any other country as slave or confine them to collect abduction money. If they do not get that, keep the captives without food or adopt any other way to kill them to make a mass grave.

Hasina’s anger to those human beings

Hasina, the prime minister of the reactionary government expressed her anger to the sea-floating human beings and threatened them by saying that if anyone gets smuggled, he or she will be put on trial.

Everyone understood that Hasina’s anger came out when her cock and bull story about the development of the economy of the country proved empty. The

Daring migration journey on the sea

Daring migration journey on the sea

more evident is that it is the slavery system which has been unveiled. The huge increase of population of Bangladesh is a burden for prevailing society, while it is the same huge population that is a reserve for the slave society of the reactionaries. Bangladesh population increased huge in number which is much more for a small area country. People had no guarantee of life and livelihood even when population was small, let alone now when lands are divided in numerous pieces. So, it is quite natural that objectively people will get outward in search of work. So, people of this country are spreading across the globe, to which, the reactionary states and governments are making obstacles. They are being compelled to work as slave where they are going. In Europe and America, they are compelled to work the whole day and night standing only for a few dollars what the whites do not do. For that, many sons and daughters of Bengal even do not hesitate to cross the Mediterranean Sea, where they are being drowned to death too. Many work for 10,000/15,000 Taka in the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Middle East as middle age slave and women while working in household work become sex slaves of the owners. The Bangladesh government has signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia to smuggle hundreds of thousands of human being to there. On the other side, in Malaysia too, these people are compelled to work whole day and night for a small wage.

These smuggled groups of human beings are those people who are bringing capital for the capitalists. The money ten million Bangladeshis from abroad send here makes the dollar reserve for the state. It is one of the biggest income sources for the Bangladesh state.

The Bangladesh government is being more and more proud about that.

But when these people are helpless, without food and water are floating on the sea, the reactionaries have not expressed even single bit sympathy, let alone providing food for them, rather, they have threatened them. No one knows how many people died by being drowned in sea, without having food or inside the prison camp of the traffickers.

World population must have to be equally distributed

Everyone knows that worldwide population is scattered unequally. As soon as the events of human trafficking had been discovered, the scenario became clearer. People of the earth are gathered in some small places, where many countries have little population but they have occupied most of the places. The Russian population is less than that of Bangladesh, yet she occupies hundred

Floating migrants without food

Floating migrants without food

times larger place. The Bengali nation is going to be bigger than that of United States of America or the whole Europe, yet she does not have enough places to stay. This is intolerable. Most the nations of the world are in similar condition, so, they too will not tolerate it. Of course, they will fight for the equal distribution of world people, the one that will be part of the world proletarian revolution.

The Bangladesh economy is organized on the basis of modern slave labor

World economy is also the same

Bangladesh economy has three major sectors:

  1. Agriculture: Old serfdom still exists here in modern form
  2. Industry: Chiefly garment industry. Here semi feudal serfdom like slave system still exists in modern form
  3. Bangladeshi Workers who are subject of modern slave labor in foreign countries.

So, the economy of Bangladesh is organized on the basis of modern slave lobor, which is partly wage slavery, partly serfdom and partly full slavery.

All the countries of the third world have similar the case.

The imperialist and expansionist countries are using the reserve labor of the third world as slave labor.

So, the human beings need to organize and fight against it and establish a free society.

Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh