Siraj Sikder Works: Thirteenth Communique of the 1st Central Committee (December 1974)

Siraj Sikder Works

Thirteenth Communique of the 1st Central Committee

(December 1974)


[We have published in Bangla and translated in English most of the works of comrade Siraj Sikder. And the more we find, the more we shall complete the remaining. For the last one year, we are carrying the movement: learn from Siraj Sikder. We do just the opposite to what the revisionist do. The revisionists sell the possessions of proletarian class namely Marx, Lenin, Mao, Sijaj Sikder, Charu Majumber to capitalist market. We are communist. We restore the possessions of proletariat. We are doing our work in serious difficulties. We received unprecedented morale support from international proletariat from the countreis of American continent to Europe and Asia. Worldwide comrades are learning from Sirja Sikder, translating his works and accompanying us in study movement. It is excellent! Of course, it serves world revolution and our country revolution to march forward—Sarbaharapath]

1. Regarding Hartal [Shut Down]

Today, the existence of Bengali nation and people of East Bengal is on the verge of collapse. Occupying of Dhaka by the Indian Force on the black day of 16 December and establishing of Awami puppet government is responsible for that. Overthrow of Awami traitors and their master the Indian Expansionism; end famine-hunger; provide food, clothes, education, medical treatment, jobs and houses; establish peace, independence and democracy. The half day called Hartal on 15 and 16 December by Siraj Sikder, National Liberation Front, Proletarian Party and Armed Patriotic Force of East Bengal was very much timely and significant historically.

In order to implement the call of Hartal, all the cadres, guerrillas, sympathizers and supporters of the whole country took part in various activities with huge enthusiasm by neglecting danger.

To implement the Hartal, all-out attack and coordinated assault was carried in the whole East Bengal and enemy was seriously knocked down.

In many places, communication system of enemy was disrupted; enemy institutions were attacked and they were disturbed everywhere.

Hartal was observed in many districts sub divisions, Thana, Towns and Hat-Bazars, about all the transport system of East Bengal was closed. Huge cadres, guerrillas, sympathizers and people were very much pleased and encouraged by the Hartal activities and success of it; they have burst out in revolutionary spirit.

Hartal made domestic and international reaction.

The Awami traitors, their tails and masters have been seriously terrorized and isolated. They are seeing horror of own burial.

The enemy’s boasting that we shall be made smashed by a few days and “All including Siraj Sikder is in our grip” has been proven false.

The ongoing effort of enemy to arrest, suppress and kill our cadres to break their morale has been proven failed.

Especially in Dhaka where there is gravest pressure by the enemy, the huge activities carried in Dhaka regarding Hartal proved that our cadres are very much active, enthusiastic and workable.

The 15 and 16 December Hartal is ours a great victory.

* The success of the Hartal is proving to the people:

It is only the leadership of the Proletarian Party which can overthrow the Awami traitors and their masters and bring liberation for people.

* Hartal proved that the policy of combining armed and mass struggle is a historically significant decision of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal. Mass struggle is very much suitable in unifying people under party’s leadership and creating public opinion in favor of revolution and party (which is first need for revolution).

This line of mass struggle is very much compatible to the concrete condition of East Bengal (small country, dense inhabitation, same language-culture, equal development etc).

* We have had a very few causality in this Hartal. It shows that if we can follow proper security measure, we can avoid losses in face of huge pressure.

* This experience of Hartal shows—lower levels are usually underestimated. The initiatives of lower levels are hindered when one person does everything and excessive control is imposed etc.

The initiative of lower level must be welcomed their initiative have to be utilized. They have to do independently on the basis of guideline. We must courageously utilize them.

Thus, we can utilize huge cadres, verify them and avoid scarcity of cadres and work.

* Despite being underground, our success in carrying mass struggle proved that the existence of Jasad (National Socialist Party — Sarbaharapath), Vasani NAP, Jafar-Menon-Halim is unnecessary.

* The success of this Hartal will inspire the cadres, sympathizers, supporters of Huq-Toha, Motin and other leftists to unite with us.

* The experience of Hartal proves that for successful Hartal or such mass struggle in cities needs work in each and every neighborhood, industry, educational and government and private institution of the cities, armed struggle in the regions outside the cities and armed work adjacent to the district or in other districts.

Huge propaganda and armed activities have to be carried in various methods (armed procession, poster, leaflet, wall writing and others) since several days before the Hartal.

Even armed activities need to be carried in the day of Hartal too.

* We should not be arrogant with the huge success of Hartal. We must keep serious caution in the face of huge enemy pressure. We must save our cadres, guerrillas especially leading cadres.

To keep continue the Hartal created mass support and tide, we have to organize broad masses and collect huge cadres, guerrillas, sympathizers and supporters.

We have to quickly materialize general targets of organization.

2. Post Hartal targets

a) Quickly complete inter regional, inter sub regional and inter area appointment-transfer.

b) Those regions will give priority to this work which could not yet achieve the target of improvement, and they must quickly accomplish complete improvement.

Establish education camp and improve cadres batch after batch.

At that time, collect and verify cadre history and send those to higher level.

Send the list of application for membership/applicant membership and those who want to apply.

c) When setbacks occur in areas or regions by enemy pressure, we have to withdraw cadres, guerrillas, arms, and important sympathizers to prevent loss of them.

Mainly cadre loss is one of the setbacks. It is the cadres who keep party contact with lower levels, guerrillas, activists, sympathizers and supporters; they keep contact with people and thus materializing party line.

This is why huge number of them are lost. So, we have to provide them good training abot secrecy, security, caution and work method so that losses will be fewer.

Moreover, we should build such cadre-area organizer-guerrilla organizer huge in number.

Therefore, provide special improvement, training to build such type of cadres only and build reserve in each region and send to moderate and backward region.

This type of recruitment in party and army is like the ‘officer’ recruitment in Army.

An army requires good officer for better governance. Presently, we have huge cadres, guerrillas, sympathizers and supporters. To provide leadership and governance to them and their training, selection and appointing, we need huge cadre recruitment, that is, in officer rank.

For that we have to ask for application (regardless of whole timer and non-whole timer) for direct area organizer, sub-area organizer and guerrilla organizer with cadre history.

By verifying cadre history, approve applicants’ application and give them training and improvement.

Subjects of Training

Work of an area-in-charge, sub area-in-charge and guerrilla-in-charge; political, organizational, military and ideological subjects, carry improvement on the basis of Text Book and organizational published military, organizational, anti-clique documents, communiques, other documents and Marxist books.

Cadres have to be utilized on the basis of improvement and training.

Thus, we have to alleviate scarcity of cadres.

d) Our regions can be divided into three: advance, moderate and backward.

The backward’s task is to achieve the status of moderate or advance ones.

The moderate’s task is to reach the advance level or surpass it.

The advance one’s task is to advance further.

The task of advance:

Clear the gaps inside a region, area or between other regions, develop rural based work, liberate huge number of villages from national enemies, form village governing committees, collect rural based subscription, make tyrants and national enemy surrender, maintain economic self-reliance and give more help to higher levels and solve the problems of rivals and factionalists, smash saboteurs and infiltrators, protect and take care of weaponry, make each and every sub region, area, sub area self-reliant to annihilate national enemy, start education camp, develop reserve of area-in-charge, sub-area-in charge and guerrilla-in-charge and send them to backward and moderate regions; complete improvement and training, build regional and local regular force; carry mass struggle, strengthen armed and unarmed propaganda team and other propaganda activities, form regional leading group.

Moderate region’s task

Annihilate national enemies, make huge propaganda via armed propaganda team and other methods, make surrender of evils and national enemies, collect rural based subscriptions, regularize subscription of cadres and sympathizers, achieve economic self-reliance, carry improvement via educational camp, quickly raise work to comparatively developed stage by concentration on more than one special areas, fill the gaps, bring success to work, avoid setbacks, achieve status of developed region or surpass it.

In backward region, establish and restore all the connections, improve active cadres, thus increase number of wholetimers, bring cadres from other region and appoint here; make propaganda through huge postering, leafleting and wall writing, develop shelter, build a special area, carry armed propaganda, take step of national enemy annihilation, thus gradually build special areas and develop work, achieve economic self-reliance, avoid setbacks and try to achieve standard of a moderate region.

e) By concentrating on one or more than one areas in a region, rapidly work has to be developed there. Those areas can be concentrated as special area where there is good work, shelter, cadres and arms can be gathered and area is broad.

Gather cadres and guerrillas in special areas, give huge line to surrounding areas of special areas on the basis of investigation; carry armed propaganda, national enemy annihilation and make surrender of the national enemies and evils etc activities.

Thus, develop work.

This development should be by keeping ahead the target of fulfilling the gap of work.

We should work by considering attack area and rear area so that security is maintained. Gather cadres from other areas and sub regions to provide them real training via work on this special area.

Carry improvement along with real training. Thus, by making special area, bring success of work and develop.

f) In each region, make regional leadership group with three or five or more or non-pair numbers by regional-in-charge secretary.

It is applicable to there where condition exists and tested cadres also exist.

Develop sub-region based, area based and if possible sub-area based leadership group. Make that leadership group in meeting of leading cadres via democratic method; submit that for the consideration of high level.

After making the leadership group, each level will accept the decision of leadership group via democratic method. Decision given by secretary outside the leadership group meeting can be made approved in the meeting of leadership group. Those decisions must be reported to higher level.

g) Work in an area advances through the following cycle: initiation, development, enemy pressure, setback, restoration of work, development, again enemy pressure, setback, restoration of work, development.

So, enemy pressure and setback in natural in revolution; restoration of work and development is also natural. Only thus, we can finally defeat and smash the enemy.

Apart from that, we see development in a region while setback in another region; development in a particular area of region while setback in another area. In this way work develops.

Our thought and action should have to be guided by the law of uneven development of revolution in countries like ours, that is, the zig zag, up and down and setback-development of revolution.

3 On enemy’s Winter Strategic Offense

The enemy has started winter strategic offensive. Already enemy, according to its traditional style, started combing and white terror. They have killed our cadres and sympathizers ruthlessly in Munshiganj throwing bodies in street. They are torturing hundreds of people by arresting them.

They are carrying or trying to carry same activity in other regions.

We have to take strategic defense line in face of winter offense of enemy.

* We must protect arms, cadres and guerrillas.

* We have to isolate internal saboteurs, infiltrator enemy agents, opportunists and vacillators. Take necessary steps regarding that.

* Accomplish huge improvement and training.

* Widen work and fill the gaps.

* Advance work rapidly by determining special area, attack area and backward area.

* Strengthen huge propaganda

* Strengthen huge mass struggle

* Ambush smaller units of enemy. Seize isolated Police Stations and outposts. We have to attack scatter enemy’s eye

* Recover firearms from people

* Attack in cities, communication ways, and important institutions of enemy, financial and administrative institutions. Confine enemy in those places.

* Scatter enemy pressure to moderate and backyard regions. Thus, divide enemy strength

* Defeat enemy’s winter offense. Take care so that our losses are minimized. We must work to achieve our targets.


The presence of correct political party of proletarian class creates conflict, split, and reorganization and again split among the revisionist, neo revisionist and opportunists and finally bring their collapse.

Recently, split started among the Moni-Mozaffar revisionists, Motin-Alauddin and Company have split into more than one parts. Internal contradiction is going among Huq-Toha and Company too.

Contradiction inside Awami League and also with its wings has intensified.

Kaji Jafar-Menon have been expelled from NAP for their evil activities.

Huq-Toha, Motin who called names of each other as revisionist reactionary and expelled, now are trying to unite to save themselves.

Kaji-Menon-Mojaffar and NAP’s Halim has made Jyoti Bose style party.

Thus, the presence of Proletarian Party is accelerating the course of various split-reorganization-split-collapses.


The Awami traiors are making all out pressure on us.

They think us sole rival. They think they will be able to carry exploitation and plunder freely for many years if they are able to supress us.

The open political party Jasad is Indo-US lakey and under secret collusion with Awami League and a trap for revolutionaries to misguide, inactivate and eliminate them. So, Awami League is safe from Jasad.

There is no possibility of overthrow of Awami League by Vasani Nap-Ataur Rahman.

By following Jyoti Bose-Nambudripad of India, Kaji Jafar-Menon-Captain Halim is continuously keeping line with Awami league. So, Awami League has no fear from their side.

By incessantly following wrong lines, the revisionist leadership of Huq-Toha, Motin and Co, is affected by internal contradiction. They are repeatedly facing split and people have no confidence over them. Awami League has no fear from their side.

So, we are the only genuine rival of the Awami League. This is why Awami League concentrated all of its pressure on us.

Therefore, we must increase caution; sustain and develop even in face of enemy pressure and lead the upcoming storm.

Such cadres who are incautious, unable to avoid enemy, suitable for old condition and stubbornly follow old work method must be removed from important dangerous places or kept as inactive.


The factional existence of Huq-Toha-Motin and Company is incompatible with the revolutionary requirements of East Bengal. Their existence divides proletariat and people; their followed wrong line misguides and deceives sincere revolutionary cadres, guerrillas, sympathizers and masses and makes their sacrifice meaningless. Under the shade of those factions, the enemy agents, tyrants, decoits and opportunists torture people, spread hundreds of slander against the proletarian party and take hostile step against cadres.

All the domestic and foreign reactionaries including Awami traitors, Moni-Mozaffar, hilly narrow nationalists mention the existence of those factions and show that the disappointment of revolutionaries and their sustenance is logical.

We must unite the sincere proletarian revolutionary’s affiliated with those factions. We have to unveil the decoits, evils, enemy agents and those active reactionaries who planfully spread malicious propaganda-slander against proletarian party in evil objective and we must create public opinion against them and take proper steps.

We have to struggle against those who are unwilling to unity with proletarian revolutionaries. We must isolate them; create public opinion and proper step against them.


Recently, Jasad, Kaji Jafar-Menon etc are saying about establishing all party government to save themselves from current crisis.

Their that proposal will not do any good for people. It is a proposal that serves the interest of Indian Expansionism. The ruthless exploitation and plunder by the Indian Expansionism and its lackey the Awami traitors is the responsible for the current gravest crisis of people of East Bengal. So, the way out of the crisis of people is to overthrow the Awami traitors and its master Indian Expansionism and at the same time US imperialism and Soviet Social Imperialism and establish National Democratic Government by the workers-peasants and patriotic citizens led by proletariat of East Bengal.

That national democratic government will be democratic dictatorship—democracy for the people while dictatorship for the enemies.

The concrete program of the way out of the crisis has been given in the program of the National Liberating Front of East Bengal and program thrown in the call of Hartal on 15 and 16 December.

The implementation of the above mentioned program and saving people from the crisis will be possible by overthrowing the Awami traitors and their masters via armed struggle.

So, the position of Jasad, Kaji Jafar and others of the proposal of all party government formation ( by including Moni, Mozaffar, Awami League etc direct Indian lackeys) is actually to keep Indian exploitation and plunder, take share of exploitation-plunder and theft with Awami traitors and Moni-Mozaffar and Co.

Appendix I

On the split of Moni-Mozaffar

The recent split among Moni Sign-Mozaffar controlled so called communist party, National Awami Party and Chatra Union (Students Union) is the result of the gravest bankruptcy of the revisionist politics.

Moni-Mozaffar completely betrayed with Marxism-Leninism; took shameless lackey line to Awami League, Indian Expansionism and Soviet Social Imperialism on smaller-bigger domestic-international questions and took severest reactionary role against independence, revolution and liberation of the country, nation and people.

As a result of their such treacherous activities, huge cadres, sympathizers and supporters left them or became inactive.

Rebellion of captain Halim and others is such an incident. The statement and activities of captain Halim and finally his joining with Kaji Jafar-Menon clique proves that they have not rebelled politically on the basis of ideology; and still they are following Moni-Mozaffar’s treacherous politics and ideology in another form.

Their split is not ideological-political but organizational, that is, joining to different organization by being separated.

Captain Halim, like Moni-Mozaffar wants overthrow of government by peaceful means. The bourgeoisie can never by overthrow via parliamentary election by peaceful means; rather people are trapped in blind path of parliamentary election by the saying of parliamentary election. It is suitable for the bourgeoisie, so they approve it.

Thus, by making the chorus with Kaji clique, by saying of seizure of power via peaceful means, he proved that still he follows the revisionist line.

He mentions that he opposes Awami League. But Kaji clique is related to Awami League openly (recently Kaji clique formed Trade Union with Sheikh Moni) and secretly (to deceive leftists and people). As the CPM has open and secret relation with Indian Congress, so do Kaji-Menon and Company have relation with Awami League. So, how can he be an anti Awami by joining with them? He mentions that he is supporter of China while Kaji clique is die hard anti-China and openly has condemned and opposed China.

Actually Kaji clique is a reactionary company to sustain Awami League and the aim of which is to deceive leftists and people. The Indian congress similarly has sustained CPM of Jyoti Bose and Nambudripad.

From the above mentioned analysis, we see, by joining with Kaji clique, captain Halim proves that he has followed revisionist politics in different form. Apparently though it seems anti-Indian, anti-Soviet and anti Awami, in final analysis it serves the interest of Awami League, India and Soviet. In near future, their balloon of conspiracy will burst out and the genuine cadres and people will throw them to the dustbin of history as rotten filth.

Halim and Company’s organizational unity with Kaji clique on the basis of opportunism and revisionism will break down in near future. They will splinter apart in internal contradictions. This split of Moni-Mozaffar and rebellion of cadres have ringed their death bell. In near future, except a few lackeys, none will remain with them.

Appendix II


Unity activities of the open organizations

Today, the existence of Bengali nation and people of East Bengal is on the verge of collapse. People want immediate overthrow of Awami traitors and they want rice, clothes, jobs, houses, education, peace, independence and democracy. They want to live as human being.

In such a gravest crisis situation of people, those who have a single bit conscience and patriotism, will want unity of all patriots working open or secretly, waging peaceful or armed struggle and regardless of groups and views.

The minimum basis of this unity of patriots is to overthrow Awami traitors and its masters and huge program including basic points like providing rice, clothes, jobs, houses for people and establishing independence, democracy and peace.

Moreover, unity will be among patriotic forces who sincerely want to work for establishing the above mentioned programs.

National Liberation Front of East Bengal, Proletarian Party and Armed Patriotic Force, on the basis of the above mentioned line, has repeatedly been calling for the unity of the patriotic forces, are working for that and they welcome all the efforts on the above mention basis.

But recently we see, without any concrete and huge program of establishing national liberation and democracy and rice, clothes, jobs, houses, medical treatment etc., the so called effort of united movement and carrying activities like forming new parties new parties by liquidating old ones.

These types of activities are not making distinction between patriots and renegade, open or secret enemy agent; between revolutionary and opportunist. Even conspiracy is going on to keep far aside such forces who are waging armed national liberation war.

Their effort seems to deceive people by making a hasty unity, capture power via mere artificial unity and distribute looted materials among them.

Initiators of those unity are far from reality of East Bengal. They do not realize the fact it is not the situation like pre 1969 when huge change could be made by making statement of eight leaders or nine leaders or huge student movement.

At present, people have no confidence on the so called leaders and there is no student organization to organize students. In 1971, there was organization—Awami League, Chatra League (Students League), Sramik League (Workers League)—to build mass movement. Now none have that type of organization. Moreover, the Awami fascists are always trying to suppress people by their fascist force.

On the other side, in massive rural areas and cities, the Proletarian Party has developed as one of the organized force. Therefore, it will not be possible to build any mass movement without the Proletarian Party.

Many of the forces that are making unity effort are openly or secretly connected with Awami League or Indian Expansionism. So, the unity they forge will be to deceive people and patriots and sustain the Awami traitors and their masters. Moreover, such force also is making unity effort that wants to carry the US to power by toppling India.

So, not unity of genuine patriots but various forces to confuse people are making so called unity effort in connection with domestic-international exploiters.

The Jasad, by saying about unity, is following the path of going alone to disrupt unity. It has done the same in the past. Thus, it has put forward itself as the protector of interest of the anti-unity reactionaries.

The so called unity of those open-secret enemy agents and various opportunist camps will make no good to people. Moreover, such unity will give rise to wider split.

In course of armed and mass struggle, the actual character of these open or secret enemy agent and opportunist camps will be exposed to people; genuine patriots and people will reject them and thus genuine unity of genuine patriotic forces will develop via strong stormy wave of armed mass struggle.

In this way only, in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China etc countries, unity of patriots was developed. The national Liberation Front of East Bengal, Proletarian Party and Armed Patriotic Force are trying to build such unity.


Appendix III


On the recent political of Situation of South Asia

South Asia is comprised of Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Sikkim, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Burma.

Because of her natural resources, population, and geographic terrain, she got importance in international politics.

The two superpower—the US imperialism and Soviet Social imperialism are competing to dominate in South Asia and at the same time, they are cooperating each other to keep continue exploitation-plunder and resist the seizure of revolutionary power by people in these countries. Since the beginning, the two big powers are trying to rely on India to control South Asia.

The Indian Expansionists, by sitting on the shoulder of the two super power, have been trying to make own area of influence, control and dominate South Asian countries and exploit-plunder them.

The Indian Expansionism took the opportunity of struggle of achieving national right of self-determination of people of East Bengal and divided Pakistan with the help of Soviet and established own colony in East Bengal. The Indian Expansionists, in order to establish itself as a big power and make nuclear blackmail to South Asian countries, made nuclear explosion.

She madly invaded Sikkim and is trying to bring countries of South Asia under its control by making pressure or hoax.

The Soviet aim of assisting India in dividing Pakistan was to establish Soviet domination in South Asia and Indian Ocean.

But Soviet’s establishing domination in South Asia and increasing influence has been hindered by Indian desire for establish herself as big power.

Moreover, Soviet Social Imperialism does not have financial ability to save India from her gravest economic crisis.

US imperialism came to take the opportunity of the situation. US, by recognizing India as big power and recognizing her area of influence, has tried to bring her under her (US) control.

US tried to bring India under its influence by providing US food and financial assistance from capitalist and Middle Eastern countries and India has no other way but accept that.

Another aim of the effort of the US is to use India as Policeman of South Asia [huge country, huge population and resource] and beat Asian by Asian. So, as a result, direct presence of US troops will not be needed to resist revolution in South Asia.

This is the reason why the US foreign minister Kissinger visited India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Our organization mentioned before also that the US is trying to bring both India and Bangladesh under its influence, and if that is not possible, at least bring Bangladesh under its influence.

The current US policy is strengthening the possibility of bringing both India-Bangladeshes under US influence.

This is why India and Bangladesh took pro US elements in various posts in ministry and eliminated some who are known as Pro Russian.

The US has established military base in Diego Garcia to keep US influence in South Asia and West Asia and to contend with Soviet war fleet.

If India has to sustain her existence with the help of US, Europe and Western Asia, she must have to compromise on Kashmir question, East Bengal question and with Pakistan on Pakistan’s internal question. Or if US imperialism accept Indian domination on those question (for their greater interest), Pakistan will be bound to establish new relation with Soviet and broadly stronger relation with China.

In the meantime, Bhutto’s Moscow visit, withdrawal of Soviet unconditional support to India on Kashmir question etc is the sign of Soviet’s effort of finding out new policy and ally.

Despite the ongoing competition among the big powers over controlling South Asia, Indian Expansionism still remains unchanged as our main enemy.

Moreover, Soviet-US combined effort to resist struggle of revolutionary seizure of power by the people of East Bengal has happened in the past, is happening at present and there is possibility to happen in future also.

Whatever evil effort the two super power the Soviet Social Imperialism and the US imperialism and the Sub super power the Indian Expansionism make to exploit, plunder and control South Asia,, the country, nation and people of South Asia will defeat that via revolution.

Appendix IV


On International situation

Present world can be divided into three.

The two super power the US imperialism and Soviet Social Imperialism is the First World while Western Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand etc developed capitalist countries are the Second World.

The countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America are the Third World. China, Africa and Latin America are third world. China, Vietnam, Korea etc developing socialist countries are included in third world.

As a result of restoration of capitalism in Soviet Union and because Eastern Europe and Mongolia is under Soviet Control, the socialist camp does not exist there.

China, Albania, Vietnam, Korea, Rumania etc socialist countries exist.

These three worlds are correlated and contradictory to each other.

The US imperialism and the Soviet Social Imperialism are contending on the one hand to distribute the world among themselves, while on the other, they are colluding.

Contention is their principal aspect.

Their field of exploitation is the second and third world.

Western Europe and Japan are on the verge of fierce contention with the two super power US and Soviet. US imperialism, Soviet Social Imperialism and the capitalist world have fallen in serious economic and political crisis. They want to impose the crisis over the head of each other, own people’s head and on the third world’s head. Consequently, they are facing further huge resistance everywhere.

The backward countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America included in third world are strengthening united struggle against the imperialism and social imperialism.

The victory of the struggle of people of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos against US imperialism, anti-Zionist Struggle of Palestinian and Arab people, the struggle of Arab people to use oil as political weapon, the victory of struggle of the people of Angola-Mozambique-Gini Bisao, the struggle of people of Latin American people to spread coast to 200 Nautical mile and the united struggle of the third world countries prove that the third world is playing glorious role in united struggle against world imperialism and social imperialism.

Genuine revolutionaries of various countries in the world are coming out from different forms of revisionists and are building genuine proletarian political parties.

Chairman Mao correctly said, huge chaos exist in present world. It is not bad but good. That chaos will give rise to revolution. Discipline is working as precondition.

Because of rivalry between the two super powers and their conspiracy to control the world, there is danger of World War.

Especially, social imperialism can possibly suddenly attack on China. She stubbornly stationed huge troops in the Chinese border.

So, world proletariat and people must be vigilant against the conspiracy of making war by the imperialism and social imperialism.

Either revolutionary struggle of third world will resist world war or world war will accelerate revolution.

But revolution is the main trend of the present world. Countries of world want freedom, nations want liberation and people want revolution.