Siraj Sikder Works: An Overview of the Current Situation (September 1974)

Siraj Sikder Works

An Overview of the Current Situation

(September 1974)


[Published in Sphulinga (Spark) Issue no 1]


The Awami government is making a hue and cry propaganda that a big change is coming, corruption will end and people’s suffering will come to an end etc.

Can Awami League do any good for people by keeping parliamentary democracy or forming presidential method of government?

Awami League is a political party which protect the interest of East Bengal Bureaucratic Capitalism and Feudalism, Indian Expansionism and US-Soviet.

Therefore, be it parliamentary or Presidential method of government, as long as Awami League is in power, the interest of Bureaucratic Capital, India and Soviet-US will be protected, people’s suffering will increase and people’s condition will not have any change with the increasing phrase mongering by Awami League.

Moreover, be it parliamentary or presidential, the democracy of East Bengal is for the handful of Awami fascists and their agents while fascist dictatorship is going on people.

So, people have nothing to do with the method of government but the most important question is which class holds state power i.e political power i.e power of class oppression (state machinery).

As Awami League holds state power, irrespective of method of government, that government will protect the interest of Awami League and carry repression over people.

Moreover, dictatorship is not bound by any law. Therefore, the Awami League will carry necessary fascist dictatorship over people, whichever method of government it may be.

Recently, measures have been taken to form Firing Squad and Quick Punishing of Criminals via minimum trial.

It is nothing but a step to strengthen repression over people.

It is because the real criminal and miscreants are the Awami Leagers. But the Firing Squad will not touch their body.

So, whom will it touch?

Naturally, the target of Firing Squad will be patriotic revolutionaries who are fighting for people’s liberation, their foods, clothes, education, medical treatment, jobs, houses, peace, and security and for the freedom and democracy for the beloved motherland.

This newer phase of repression over revolutionaries and people will further accelerate revolution and make people take part in revolution massively.

Mao said, “Japan’s repression accelerated revolution in China.”

It is applicable in the case of East Bengal too.

Mass atrocities will give rise to huge resistance which will finally bury Awami League.

If military force come to power via quo d’état, will it make any change in situation? Fearing Indian intervention, the military will not dare to take power by its own strength because it is not possible for Bangladesh Army to attain victory by confronting Indian Expansionist Army.

If military force comes to power anyway, the Awami League and pro Moscow lackeys will be hugely beaten and their existence will be on the verge of collapse.

Secondly, the military has to confront Indian intervention. As a result, countrywide war situation, post 25 March 1971 situation may arise.

The military force is able to confront neither India nor internal bureaucrats. It will create a wonderful situation.

If military force sustain by foreign intervention assistance (United States), people will have no change because the high bureaucrats (officers) of military force along with bureaucratic capital and feudal are connected to Imperialism, Expansionism and Social Imperialism.

So, people of Bangladesh will have no good by military force.

The failure of Pakistan’s Ayub-Iahia period, Ne Win government of Burma (claimant of establishing of so called Socialism) and that of various country military dictators is proof of that.

Therefore, the liberation of East Bengal and benefit of people is possible only by seizure of power of East Bengal by the Proletarians.

And that proletariat should be guided by scientific path charted by Marx-Lenin-Mao Tsetung.