CPMLM-BD Document: Political Crisis in the Country (7 February 2015)

CPMLM-BD Document

7 February 2015

Political Crisis in the Country

People suffer from reactionaries’ biting each other

Biting each other among the reactionary political parties restarted in Bangladesh as soon as the New Year 2015 started. And one month already passed when already seventy common people including women and children have been burnt to death by bomb attack on buses and trains. Many are injured. On the other side, government crossfire made significant number of killing to suppress those. The Awami League led alliance wants to sustain power anyhow be it legal or illegal and on the other side, BNP-Jamat alliance wants to come to power anyhow be it legal or illegal. There is no difference between rule-exploitation, corruption, mass torture and genocide carried by the two groupings one after another. The only difference is that they are different bureaucratic capitalist-feudalist groupings that represent different imperialism or expansionism. By the repeated rule of both the group, peasants being overthrown from land became landless, poor peasant and worker, their produced crops did not develop their living standard; workers did not get minimum wage for sustenance, let alone getting rice, clothes, housing, education and medical treatment; rather domestic big riches have had prosperity and the foreign imperialist-expansionists’ profit increased a great extent. Country’s oil, gas, mines went under foreign imperialists-expansionists. Environment including Sundarbans is ceaselessly being destroyed.

People want salvation from their domination.

Domination by Indian Expansionism

The Awami League government is backed by the Indian Expansionism. The Indian Expansionism lost its domination in 1970s because their lackeys lost their ground due to the struggle of communist revolutionaries against them. As the communists could not capture power, the US imperialists seized the opportunity to lead their lackeys to take power. India lost its control and Russia lost its share.

India had to wait long days to establish full control in Bangladesh. Naturally, now she will not give others any chance. Also, they need control over the lackeys of other imperialist and expansionist groupings as much as possible.

The Awami League is implementing Indian agenda. During the late 1990s, India ordered the narrow nationalists of Chittagong hill tract to surrender to Bangladesh government. In exchange, Awami League destroyed the camps inside Bangladesh of the nationalist groups of the North East of India, arrested their numerous leaders and cadres and handed them over to India.

In the meantime, the government has given transit to India. It has let them build coal based power station that destroys Sundarbans and environment. Apart from that, Indian companies are producing electricity in Bangladesh in the name of quick rental. India, by building barrage in upstream of the rivers of Bangladesh, blocks the water flow. As a consequence, Bangladesh faces drought in dry season and flood in rainy season. So, huge part of crops is damaged each year in Bangladesh. Hence, huge section of the country is going to be desert in the long run. Bangladesh is the market of legal and illegal Indian goods. Rice, wheat, maize, sugar, salt, onion, spices, dal, Sari, cosmetics, animal food, cows and all the daily goods are coming from India to Bangladesh, most of which are low standard than the domestic ones. Bangladesh imports Indian bus, truck, CNG operated auto ricshaw, motor cycle, train, tractor, electricity, machinery from India. Indian Fencidil and Mayanmar’s Yaba is making Bangladeshi youth drug addict. Indian culture is dominating here via satellite TV. Apart from that, theaters have started showing Indian cinema. If we add legal and illegal, at least forty percent of Bangladesh’s total import is from India.

Russia has re-infiltrated in Bangladesh via Bangladesh government’s huge arms buying contract with her including missile and fighter planes, Ruppur Atomic plant, establishing satellite in orbit, giving the work of drilling gas wells to Gazprom by Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Army is composed of Russian and Chinese Tanks, while the Bangladesh Air Force is composed of Russian Migs. Russian Tractors are imported to Bangladesh.

The US here has TIKFA agreement. It is expropriating most of the gas fields although Gazprom’s infiltration is not good a sign for them. The Grameen Bank is US lackey. Besides, there are many US-West European lackey NGOs acting here. United States of America and Western Europe are big markets for Bangladeshi Ready Made Garments. The US uses to provide training to the military force of Bangladesh. The US wants to establish military base in Bangladesh and full control. The cancellation of GSP opportunity of Bangladeshi Garments in US market signifies the fact that US is not getting opportunity here.

China got most of the construction works here like Padma Bridge, deep sea port and many works. Bangladesh is the monopoly market of Chinese electronic materials. Bangladesh buys arms from China. She is also buying Tanks, Submarines and war fleet from China. Trains, battery operated auto bikes, tractors, sewing machine and machinery are also imported from China.

Japan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, South Korea also are investing capital here in various construction project. Machinery also come from Europe, South Korea and Taiwan to Bangladesh.

The capitals of the pan Islamic groupings are also working here via Islami Bank. In the Middle Eastern countries, huge manpower of Bangladesh are working in exchange of a few money. Saudi Arabia has decided to take more two million people from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a huge market of petroleum of Middle East. They have been able to add religion in educational sphere. They invest a lot of money in Bangladesh in the name of Madrasha and Mosque. They enhanced religious superstition and atrocities in society.

Chairman Siraj Sikder showed during the 70s that it is not possible for any other force other than India to capture power here. Only the communists can capture power here via armed struggle because they are depended on people. The possibility was to capture power by the Proletarian Party of East Bengal. But on 2 January 1975, when Chairman Siraj Sikder was martyred by the enemy, party fell in crisis. The leaders of the later periods could not build correct line and practice. Hence, party lost its direction. So, the US lackeys seized the opportunity of power vacuum. They, by realizing that Muslim religion is a big obstacle to Indian domination here, utilized that. Geographically, Bangladesh is encircled by India from three sides, and the bay also can be controlled by her. There is no Muslim state near Bangladesh.

India prepared her lackeys in long days. In the meantime, she carried endless border terror, and still she is carrying that.

After the fall of the Soviet Social Imperialism, the balance among imperialist forces changed. Then, the US got monopoly of domination. Hence, armed conflict diminished among imperialist and expansionist forces in various countries. But now, as Russia restored herself as imperialist power and China became imperialist power, contradiction among various lackey groupings in various countries is taking the form of armed conflict.

The thesis of comrade Siraj Sikder was correct. Again the same situation returned. The new thing that has been added here is the presence of Maoist People’s War in India.

As chairman Siraj Sikder showed, a semi feudal semi colonial society like Bangladesh is governed by the bureaucratic bourgeoisie.

Here the control of India is maximum. So, she wants to reorganize the ruling system by her lackey bourgeoisie in her favor. Hence, her lackeys’ consolidation of power will consolidate domestic and foreign reactionaries’ exploitation over workers, peasants and middle classes, and confirm the prominence of a particular colonial force and fix how much share which imperialist force will get.

At present Indian prominence and domination has been reestablished via Awami League. Though the US is opposing that via BNP, but they find it difficult. The Middle Eastern, Pakistan and Pan Islamic feudalist-capitalist groups are opposing via Jamat, but they find it difficult too. As Bangladeshi people’s national root is Indian Sub continental, so, Indian influence is far more here than the Chinese. China has control up to Myanmar. US, Russia, China, Japan, Saudi-Middle Eastern-Pakistan-Pan Islamic Co., have no other way but to be satisfied with the share they get.

In international field, the genocide by IS, massacring children by Taliban in Pakistan, Islamist attack in Europe and its counter anti-Muslim suppression etc. are exposing the anti-people character of the religion-ist reactionary ideology and the imperialist genocidal plan centered on that.

What can people do in face of reactionary attack and government terrorism in the way of transport

We see, all the targets of the whole attack of the reactionaries are people. It is related to the ideology of reactionaries. As their ideology is anti-people, so all of their attacks go against people. On the other side, the Crossfire terrorism government is bringing that also goes against people generally.

In both cases, in immediate sense, people have to take step to protect them. They should be united and vigilant and they have to confront the enemy with whatever they find domestically.

In protracted sense, people have to take preparation for revolutionary transformation of society under the leadership of MLMist communists.

Reactionary crisis, vacuum and the tasks of the communists

Communists want to establish communist trend society by overthrowing domestic and foreign exploiters via social revolution. Here only a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party can succeed in seizing power via armed struggle because only they are able to depend solely on people and arouse people in the program of their liberation on the basis of their class interest – in the struggle of establishing ownership of workers, poor peasants, middle classes over land, factories and mines, the struggle that inevitably is a people’s war. Besides, she must establish firm friendship with particularly people’s war of India, unite with all other people’s wars and the communist parties of the world and march ahead along the path of new democracy, socialism and communism.

At the present power crisis, the communist could easily utilize it and step forward in fighting to seize power, but they are not prepared. They are preparing themselves ideologically and politically.

Yet, the power crisis of the bourgeoisie is permanent. It will gradually be increased more and more. By utilizing such situation, a small force rapidly can transform into a big force.

Hence, the revolutionary force must complete ideological, political and other preparations as early as possible and take initiative of struggle.

Revolution is inevitable.

7 February 2015

Communist party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh