Siraj Sikder Works: Editorial of Sphulinga [Spark] (September 1974)

Siraj Sikder Works

Editorial of Sphulinga [Spark]

(September 1974)


Sphulinga 1st issue is being published as organ of the Proletarian party of East Bengal, National Liberation Front and Armed Patriotic Force.

Sphulinga will bring solutions of the theoretical, political,ideological and practical problems of the Party, Front and Armed Patriotic Force. It will provide special assistance in unifying and carrying cadres, guerrillas, sympathizers and people and maintaining single center.

The leadership point of Front and Armed Patriotic Force is the Proletarian Party of East Bengal.

The current problem of party is to develop the theoretical standard of cadres and more and more ideologically transform them into proletariat so that they can materialize the objectives of Party, Armed Patriotic Force and Front and shoulder the prime task of carrying country, nation and people.

At present, serious crisis situation exists in East Bengal. People want revolution, immediate overthrow of the Awami traitors and its masters and immediate salvation from that crisis.

Therefore, the topmost need of Party, Front and Revolution is good people’s leader to guide them. And to meet that, it is necessary to develop the theoretical and political standard of cadres, remold them ideologically and achieve the qualification of leading.

So, to developthe theoretical standard of huge number of cadres, espacially leading cadres, we have to carry the movement ‘Study Marxism and Master it Properly’ so that cadres can arm them with Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought, can analyze everything with Marxist world outlook and find out correct solution.

So, once cadres master the thought of advance class of the society—the proletariat, that will be transformed into a material force which will transform society of East Bengal and world.

The reason behind the upcoming fall of the Awami traitor enemy is that they have been desperate to defend them and smash us. In face of severe fascist attack and pressure from the enemy, some of the lower standard and vacillating petit bourgeoisie may surrender, leave party and flee. To resist that, we need huge improvement too.

Along with that improvement, we have to carry on our political, military, organizational objectives and the principal task.

We have to carry on improvement by fixing time and target, form various Text Courses for various levels, Study group, Writer Group, Teacher Group and develop a living movement of study Marxism and master it properly.

One of the aims of that study will be to carry struggle against various forms of revisionism and petit bourgeoisie ideology so that cadres can be clear on various forms of revisionism, reject petit bourgeoisie ideology and combine the universal truth of Marxism with the concrete condition of East Bengal.

Our Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive is constantly developing even in face of severe enemy pressure. As result of Study Marxism and Master It Movement, there will be greater victories and the smaller victories will bring a qualitative victory.

People of East Bengal are suffering from serious difficulties and hardship of life. Each cadre, guerrilla, sympathizer and people has to grasp days and grasp hours and accelerate the pace of revolution. In order to liberate people from sufferings as early as possible, we have to march ahead in correct line in irresistible motion.

Our victory is inevitable.

Let us, study Marxism emphatically and master it properly and accelerate liberation of people.