Siraj Sikder Works: Communique of the Twelfth Plenum of the First Central Committee (Mid 1974)

Siraj Sikder Works

Communique of the Twelfth Plenum of the First Central Committee

(Mid 1974)


All the members of the Central Committee were present at the twelfth plenum of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal.

The chairman of the Central Committee presided over the meeting.

Among others, the following decisions were taken. All the decisions of the meeting were unanimously granted. Meeting concluded successfully.

1. Regarding Hartal (General Strike — Sarbaharapath)

It was a wonderful and timely decision to observe Half Day Hartal on 16 June 1974.

The Hartal has been observed in many districts, Sub-divisions, Thana Towns, even in villages too.

The objective of that Hartal was:

– To create public opinion in favor of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal, fill the political vacuum, reduce the pressure of Armed Force from villages and transfer it to cities and communication ways, harass enemy etc. These objectives were wonderfully materialized.

The Hartal played big role in on the one hand, filling political vacuum that was created by the complete failure of the Jasad [National Socialist Party — Sarbaharapath] and so called various opposition parties in carrying rebellious people in East Bengal and on the other hand, creating huge public opinion in our favor.

For revolution or counterrevolution, first need is to create public opinion. The meaning of creation of huge public opinion in favor of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal is important advance in revolution.

Huge cadres, sympathizers, supporters, people and even our supporter democratic oppositions also recognize that advance.

The Hartal created serious terror in enemy camp and made them thundered. They are making die hard attempt to smash us. All their effort must fail.

We must not be arrogant with our achieved success by Hartal.

It is an important advancement in creating public opinion in our favor. Firmly we have to march ahead with the target of unifying huge masses under our leadership, building armed force, and building huge mass struggle and finally liberating East Bengal.

We have to carry the tide created as a result of Hartal and firmly keep continue our working to lead masses that are rebellious in aspiration of liberation from the extreme oppression by the Awami traitors.

The success of the Hartal is bringing the genuine revolutionary cadres and sympathizers among the Huq-Toha, Motin-Alauddin to our favor. In some places, spontaneously they have supported us.

As result of the Hartal, party gained important experience in carrying huge mass struggle which in future will be very much helpful in carrying huge mass struggle.

– The Hartal made fewer losses to us while our gains are unprecedented.

We need propaganda and armed activities to materialize Hartal.

In propaganda, we can follow the method of wall-writing, postering, leafleting, procession, picketing etc.

We can call via letter to stop vehicles.

– Dismantle communication and transport system.

– Carry armed activities to materialize Hartal. If necessary, carry armed activities in the day of Hartal.

– Sanction Money

Compared with the Hartal of 16 December 1973, that of 16 June 1974 has become many times more successful.


The experience of Hartal proved that –

If we can have strong work among various workers region in East Bengal, here mass struggle can be given the form of insurrection.

This is why we need to provide more importance in work in workers areas. Along with work among workers, we have to strengthen work among peasants. So, besides workers, peasants also can take part in mass struggle.

Our party is the political party of the working class. So, work among the workers is very much necessary to gain leadership of workers and bring the vanguard representatives of workers to party.

This step is indispensable to transform Proletarian Party into a genuine working class political party.

Therefore, party cadres must give special emphasis on working among workers. When doing that, do not hamper the work among the rural peasants and the process of building armed force.

3. On Combined Operation

The Awami traitors by being failed to suppress our activities by Raxi-Police [Raxi Bahini was a genocidal counterrevolutionary militia created by the then Awami regime to suppress the Maoist People’s War — Sarbaharapath], have deployed the Army and carrying combined operation.

The aim of that combined operation is to uproot us and hinder our Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive.

The successful 16 June Hartal is a tit for tat to that combined operation.

By that combined operation, enemy could not even weaken us, let alone smash us. Moreover, our development and advancement is being accelerated.

People realized that the combined operation has not touched the body of Black Marketing, Mojutdari (reserving of goods by the black marketers to increase price—Sarbaharapath), crimes and black money owner Awami gangsters; and there is no change of serious economic crisis of the country.

Moreover, the armed force is being identified as corrupt and defender of the Awami Leagers. Now, it has become their only work to suppress us. Thus, the armed force is losing confidence of people.

The army is confronted with our political propaganda, so, the patriotic progressive part of them is being attracted to revolution.

Many of them, today or tomorrow will join revolution.

Moreover, the patriots among combined force are seriously angered by not being able to do anything against the real anti-social Awami traitors.

As mercenary force, they are bound to follow the order of the Awami Traitors. So, we must keep caution against their activities.

The officers and common soldiers who in collusion with the Awami traitors, are carrying activities and atrocities against us must be given exemplary punishment.

The failure of the combined force in suppressing us will invite Indian Fore here, which will accelerate revolution more.

4. Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive

We have to firmly carry the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive and master ourselves in building regular armed force and in battle of carrying surprise attack on enemy to annihilate (ambush war).

We have to attentively read and apply the statement of the Armed Patriotic Force of East Bengal on its third anniversary of formation.

We have to keep continuously harassing enemy in cities and communication ways.

The success of our Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive already proved that the combined operation is not able to stop of our offensive.


In face of the enemy combing operation, some evils, lumpen and opportunists hiding inside us have surrendered to enemy.

Thus, we have to had some losses in Savar and Motlob.

In those areas, the national enemies, by taking the opportunity and threatening relatives made vacillating cadres surrender.

Party got important teaching from that incidence.

– The shelters of important cadres, guerillas and sympathizers should be verified properly so that lumpens, evil elements and opportunist enemy agents cannot infiltrate.

– Repeated investigation is indispensable for sustaining organization.

– Transfer local important cadres-guerrillas. Do not keep local cadres in important posts.

Exposed, vacillating cadres who have enemy pressure should not be let to go to contact with relatives so we shall be able to avoid influence of relatives and resist the fortress and faction making by the cadres.

– Important rural areas should be under direct guidance of sub-regional and regional leadership.

Important areas become decisive for the whole sub-regions, even regions.

If such areas are guided by bad in-charge, lumpen, opportunist, enemy agents and less important inexperienced ones, in that case, big setbacks may occur.

The setback of Motlob and Savar is proof of that.

Moreover, our present situation is basically different than past.

In the past, we had city-centered work, and the principal aspect of work was to take out cadres from cities to build work in villages.

At present, work spread in villages. Rural areas are getting prominence in arms, guerrillas, cadres, money and later development.

This is why important comrades should concentrate on important villages.


To surrender to enemy means being one of the enemy class.

Provoking to surrender is also equal to assisting the enemy.

Such individuals should be given capital punishment who by surrendering have inflicted losses to us, handed over arms of party to enemy, helped arresting cadres. Their properties should also be confiscated.

We must give due punishment to both the surrendered and the one who made the provocation of surrender.

We must create public opinion among cadres and their relatives against surrender.

We have to take necessary security measure in context of probable surrender of some.

We have to be very much cautious in working in areas where there is more evil and lumpens so that evil elements and lumpen cannot infiltrate.

It is the character of the vacillating petit bourgeoisie, evil elements, lumpens and opportunists to leave revolution, going back to old class and be assistant of enemy.

So, in class society, it is natural that the above mentioned ones can surrender to enemy. We should not be confused by that.

The revisionists are also one type of surrendered. Those are revisionist opportunists who surrender to the enemy pressure and bourgeoisie influence.

– It is very much necessity to annihilate tyrant national enemies in rural areas. Otherwise, they take various steps to make cadres surrender.


Do not seize general goods of national enemies except valuable ones because that may create harmful influence over guerrillas and people.

8. Regarding Party Assets

Party assets are assets of party and people. Those should be used for the sake of party and people.

To embezzle party-asset and use that for personal interest is partiality act like Awami League.

We must seriously reject such types of act and provide proper punishment to those criminals.

9. Build reform-organizations in cities and countryside

It will help utilizing and verifying cadres and making contact with people and having identity.

10. Work among armed force.

At present, huge part of armed force are raged over India and Awami League.

Moreover, we see from the history of East Bengal and Indo-Pak that the armed force had rebelled against governments many times.

Therefore, we should work inside armed force, inspire them to rebel, leave the army and join us.

Thus, we have to repulse the Indian Expansionist aim to suppress Bengali by Bengali.

11. The recognition by Pakistan

The recognition by Pakistan and joining of Bangladesh government in Islamic Summit is an attack on the interest of the Indian Expansionists in East Bengal.

The recognition by the Pakistan has not made any fundamental change of the political situation of East Bengal.

The leaving of the claim by Pakistan that East Bengal a part of it proved wrong the political position of Huq and Co. of building new Pakistan.

The aim of recognizing Bangladesh by Pakistan is to worsen relation of ‘Bangladesh’ with India and increase the influence of Pakistan and US.

Despite it is an insult, India let East Bengal join the conference of Muslim countries because it has not dared to make relation with oil rich Muslim countries hostile.

12. Atomic explosion by India

The aim of atomic explosion by India is to establish itself as a big power, build own area of influence and reserve that by nuclear blackmailing and dominate over South Asia and Indian Ocean.

The Indian step will lead it in facing of more opposition from big powers, West Europe, Japan and South Asian countries including ‘Bangladesh’.

Moreover, the seriously crisis-fallen Indian economy will fall in more crises which will accelerate internal revolution.

That nuclear explosion proves our the position ‘India wants to be a big power and wants to create own area of influence by keeping colony’.

13. We have to provide regularly publishing of party organ

Party organ is essential for the ideological, political, organizational, military unity and education and unifying of people.

All the regions are urged to financially assist in bringing organ.


On 3 June, the third anniversary of party formation was observed with due respect.


At present, the failure of Awami government and its severe economic crisis is intensifying the contradiction of US led lackeys versus Indo-Soviet lackeys.

Therefore, the US-led lackeys may try to make anti-Indo-Soviet quo d’état or conspiracy to capture power.

In such situation, Indian intervention and huge chaos may rise in East Bengal.

In that case, as per the decision of the previous meeting of the Central Committee, we have to establish our control in rural areas through huge armed activities (See Communique of the Sixth Plenum of the Central Committee).

Change of some minister-bureaucrats and openly killing revolutionaries in the name of suppressing black marketers-usurers will not make any development in crisis situation of Awami League. Moreover, terror on people will enhance revolution.


East Bengal is the center of contradictions among the imperialists, social imperialists and expansionists in South Asia.

It is the weakest link of reaction. Therefore, the center of revolution of South Asia is East Bengal.

As Russia was the center of contradictions of Europe during the 1st World War and it was the weakest link of imperialism.

Therefore, in such a wonderful situation of revolution of East Bengal, we have to apply our whole strength to develop our quality of work to march ahead towards the goal of revolution in big steps.


We have to unite middle classes under our leadership huge in number (patriotic bourgeoisie, feudal, religious sections, government employees and democratic opposition etc.)


Meeting grants the Eleventh Communique and the document of 1© Sub Bureau.


Meeting accepts the decisions given by the Chairman of the Central committee and military document published by the Supreme Commanders.


Each region shall send list for the membership/applicant membership post.

Cadre histories shall be sent with verification that has not yet been sent.

Send last comment about those whose cadre histories have been sent.

Regional-in-charge shall make the comment.

21. Carry on Work in Front Line

Print the Program of Front, its Subscription Receipt Book and Membership Papers.

Carry meeting of the Provisional Central Committee of the Front in scheduled time.


Work among women is indispensable for carrying mass struggle, party work and above all revolution.

Avoid lumpen women. Teach women in cultural field and to those who will work among them. Inform them properly about the party decision regarding love and marriage.


Give prominence to practice in making whole timer. Do not make those whole timer who are affected by serious disease, unable to work and mentally ill.

Apart from that, we have to apply our general rule in making whole timer.

When making whole timer, properly verify so that enemy agents, lumpens and evil elements may not infiltrate.