Siraj Sikder Works: Communique of the Eleventh Plenum of the First Central Committee

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal produced and published the original Bengali document in First Half 1974

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via on 25 December 2014. Party slightly edited the translation on 1 May 2017


(1) On Surrender of the enemy and the collection of subscription from the people

○ Regarding Enemy:

We can accept enemy’s surrender if they follow the following conditions

1) Abstain from carrying activities (Open/Secret) against us

2) Abstain from such activities that may create serious hatred of people

3) Regularly supply us information about the enemy activities

4) Regularly give us subscription and other helps

5) Surrender arms and ammunition belongs to him/her

6) Make enemies surrender massive in number, so number of enemy will diminish

7) We can take opportunity of contradictions among the enemies and take help of one enemy to overthrow another

○ Regarding People

1) People will give subscription according to ability

2) Collect subscription from every family of each and every village

3) Call those people to not to go who want to migrate to India. Confiscate properties of enemy classes who want to migrate to India

(2) Military

○ Massively train guerrillas through national enemy annihilation and armed propaganda

Include guerrillas in military organization

○ Bring broad masses in our favor by wiping out dacoits and carrying activities against social corruption and reactionary culture (See the heading Culture)

○ Resist the activities of civil dressed secret service agents and Raxi [Raxi Bahini was a genocidal counter-revolutionary militia created by the then Awami regime – CPMLM-BD]

(3) On Party Cadre

○ Do not do such work that may create mercenary mentality among cadres, guerrillas and sympathizers

If any relative of any party cadre dependent on him/her come inside party, party may take their responsibilities

In case, the comrade is martyred or arrested, it will also be applicable

○ One of the targets of improvement and consolidation is to forge developed leadership. In this regard, make promising cadres read text on leadership by making their list, train them in a planned manner on how to lead.

In training leadership, the in-charge comrade must let the cadres under him/her to develop independently (Do not make them dependent on in-charge comrades)

○ The levels of organization is the approved channel in giving opinion, position, criticism and proposal (own in-charge or its higher levels or directly the Central Committee)

To submit position outside approved channel is anti-party discipline and act like clique.

Do not demand outside channel media to do the above-mentioned work. The proletarian class cannot keep advocate or such type of media like the bourgeoisie in higher level-lower level relation. ‘It is not possible to submit position to higher level, I cannot say everything, there should be media, in front of higher level, I forget everything, I cannot be open’ etc. are thoughts and habits emerged from feudal patriarchal family relation and from the wish of posing ownself as good man (from thinking that if his/her conversation expresses error, higher level may have bad idea regarding him/her). It is against proletarian thoughts and habits. Cadres should make hard effort to eliminate this error and be brave to put forward own position, proposal, criticism and problems to higher level or proper channel completely in an open mind.

The higher level must inspire lower level to submit their positions and make them conscious to eradicate the above-mentioned errors.

○ The neutral mentality in any problem, proposal and decision is opportunist mentality. There is no neutrality in class struggle. Take the side of either proletariat or bourgeoisie. Therefore, on each and every question, we must take one side.

○ Oppose the petit group mentality and activities on the basis of personal friendship inside party; it will create faction and clique inside party and break levels. It is an error sprung from small production system.

(4) In Culture

One of the targets of the current improvement and consolidation is to eradicate non-proletarian cultures and customs of cadres inside organization. It is needed for organizational consolidation.

The reactionary Awami League government and its masters are flooding East Bengal with reactionary cultures in a planned manner to impress people of East Bengal and our party cadres. Therefore, it is essential to start massive struggle inside and outside party against the reactionary cultures. Otherwise, it will be impossible to defend party cadres and people from the influence of reactionary culture.

This struggle must be waged regularly.

We must start communist culture inside organization and national democratic culture of East Bengal (anti Indian Expansionism, Social Imperialism, Imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism) among the people.

We must take the following steps in our controlled areas or villages where we can carry activity, through creating massive public opinion against reactionary culture and social corruption

▬ Wipe out dacoits

▬ Wipe out thieves

▬ Stop gambling

▬ Stop alcohol, marijuana and all types of addiction

▬ Stop whorehouse and all other sexual debauchery

▬ Control the exploitation by the interest suckers

In cities, create public opinion against the reactionary art-literature-culture and oppose the reactionary art, literature, cultural institute and publications. Oppose sexual debauchery (pornography) in art, literature, cinema, paper and magazine; oppose sexual wantonness and wickedness, addiction in alcohol, marijuana etc. and gambling. At the same time carry propaganda in favor of women’s liberty.

Take necessary steps to activate the above-mentioned things.

Avoid left deviation in carrying movement against reactionary culture (setting ablaze school-college, destroying statue and monument and violating freedom of women).

Carry struggle more seriously against non-proletarian and reactionary culture inside party too and start proletarian cultures and customs.

All levels and all the areas must carry this movement against reactionary culture emphatically.

When meeting each other or in recess time, party cadres must be abstain from gossiping, wicked and naked joking, talking about personal (own or others) or odd chattering.

During recess time, they should exchange experiences, study, discuss about documents, exchange opinions about books, art, literature-culture, discuss about domestic-international situation, general knowledge-science etc.