Siraj Sikder works: Resolutions of the Sixth Meeting of the Bureau No.1-in-Charge with the in-charge comrades of the regions under the Bureau

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal produced and published the original Bengali document in Late 1973

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via on 9 December 2014. Party slightly edited the translation on 27 April 2017


1) The Communique of the Tenth Plenum of the 1st Central Committee of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal is a document of historic importance.

We must strive hard to materialize the aims of the document and bring greater victories.

2) In the communique, there is a decision of organizational consolidation during winter strategic defense.

Through that consolidation, we shall be able to preserve the achievements of the rainy seasonal strategic offense and gain wonderful preparation for the next rainy seasonal strategic offensive.

Therefore, the decision of consolidation is too much important.

For the organizational consolidation, first ideological consolidation is needed. The aim of that ideological consolidation is to clear the non-proletarian especially the petit bourgeoisie ideology and its manifestations, and arm our cadres with proletarian ideology.

At present, manifestations of non-proletarian ideology are happening in organization as following:

In inter-regional relation, relation between higher and lower levels, democracy and centralism, single-center, centralized leadership and discipline, relation between comrades and people, in culture and criticism-self-criticism.

The deviations that manifest in the above-mentioned points, are included in petit bourgeoisie ideological manifestations in ideological field the split-ism and factionalism.

Those are the manifestations of individualism.

Apart from those, there are manifestations among the cadres like ultra-leftist and ultra-rightist deviation in military field, subjectivism, one-sidedness, superficiality, mechanism and rigidity in thought and action [1] and also left and right vacillation in politics.

Apart from those, there are manifestations of dogmatism and narrow empiricism among the cadres.

The above-mentioned deviations are various manifestations of petit bourgeoisie individualist ideology.

We have to utilize past experiences to carry hard and serious struggle against the above-mentioned ideological deviations, and continue the anti-clique struggle and rectification campaign in all levels, anti-dogmatism struggle, transformation of ideas and correction of working style and the movement to learn from Comrade Siraj Sikder. Apart from those, we must carry movement of problem based study-struggle-criticism-transformation to struggle against concrete deviations.

This ideological struggle has to be carried in cadre conference and improvement meeting.

This ideological struggle must be completed during the winter defensive.

3) In inter-regional relation, we see manifestations of regionalism in various regions.

Some of the regions, emphasize only on their regional interest, think themselves as developed while thinking others as backward and negligible. They only complain about others.

This is regionalism and self-departmentalism.

It is manifestation of individualism. It damages unity and revolution and gives prominence to small and partial interest than the whole.

Inter-regional relation should be built on the basis of Marxism. For that, apply the principle ‘Take more care of others than yourself’ and ‘be unsatisfied in teaching others and learning from others’.

If each region is careful about other regions and others than own in distributing money, arms and materials, and in improvement and appointing cadres, then, inter-regional relation will be developed and stronger, and regionalism and factionalism will be eliminated.

Do no complain about low quality, financial crisis and difficulties of cadres of a region, but help them in solving that.

Thus, complain regarding inter-regional relation will diminish.

Yet, each region should try to be self-sufficient on every aspect.

4) On relation between higher and lower levels, democracy and centralism, single center, centralized leadership and discipline;

In general, in our organization, relation between higher and lower levels is good, discipline is high, single center is strong, integrated leadership is good and democracy and centralism is properly maintained.

Yet, in some cases, centralism is neglected, discipline is loosened and ultra-democracy has been manifested.

We have to develop discipline and obey the articles of democracy and centralism in all the levels:

▬ The minority is subordinated to majority

▬ The lower level is subordinate to the higher level

▬ The entire membership is subordinate to the Central Committee

▬ The individual is subordinate to the organization

Also, we must strictly abide by Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points of Attention.

Three Main Rules of Discipline

I) Obey orders in all your actions.

II) Do not take a single needle or piece of thread from the masses.

III) Turn in everything captured

Eight Points of Attention

I) Speak politely

II) Pay fairly for what you buy

III) Return everything you borrow

IV) Pay for anything you damage

V) Do not hit or swear at people

VI) Do not damage crops

VII) Do not take liberties with women

VIII) Do not ill-treat captives

The relation between higher and lower levels should be rich and fraternal. Higher level should be efficient in applying democracy and centralism, will be acknowledged about condition of lower level and efficient in improving their standard, solving problems, taking care and guiding.

Lower level shall be efficient in carrying responsibilities and orders given by higher level and will take care of higher level with affection.

Our developed discipline and well behavior of cadres already got appraisal of people. Yet, in some of the places, incidents happened like stealing seized goods and misuse of arms.

Central committee decided article for punishment regarding violating discipline like the above-mentioned.

Already, in two cases, capital punishment has been given for anti-party anti-people the embezzlers of party assets and unjust misusers of party weapons.

It has been activated via circular according to the demand of cadres and masses. We see, there are manifestations of ultra-democracy in distributing goods. We must make them understand via teaching that goods are distributed according to subjective need and objective ability, absolute equality is not valid here.

In distributing financial and goods, we must reject characteristics like clique, such as, liberal for personal reason, liberal for higher level but not liberal for others.

We must defend and strengthen single center and centralized leadership, we must clear activities of knowingly or unknowingly weakening or neglecting it. We must reject the clique like activities like flattering in front of higher level, criticizing on his/her back, whispering and spreading rumor and slander.

We should always remember that anyone who violates discipline, he/she helps the enemy.

In cultural and behavior of cadres and their relation with people, petit bourgeoisie-feudalist individualist tendency manifests.

We must master proletarian developed culture and style of behavior and establish developed and closer relation with cadres and people.

We should be polite and gentle, careful to others than ourselves, brave to carry self-criticism; eliminate bureaucratic behavior, temperament, lack of sincerity and misbehavior out of personal interest.

We shall be careful to women, children, and newcomer and sick.

We should be well-disciplined, regular and healthy in daily movement and life.

5) Healthy style of carrying criticism-self-criticism is not being carried in organization regularly. Still unhealthy style manifests in this case. We see the bad style of not saying in front but flattering, criticizing on back, whispering, spreading rumors, slander, not making self-criticism emphatically, and taking any matter lightly than promising to correct.

We have to carry criticism-self-criticism in proper method and make it a regular habit.

Those who do not accept criticism are arrogant.

Those who accept criticism are polite.

Those who have personal interest, they think themselves as big thing; they by thinking about bourgeoisie self-prejudice, take criticism as insult and want to avoid it.

The method of eliminating non-proletarian ideology is criticism-self-criticism and making correction.

Criticism-self-criticism should be made jointly by taking those who are related.

We must be fearless in asking criticism, carrying self-criticism and correcting errors.

We have to carry criticism-self-criticism in each improvement meeting and cadre conference.

We must reject flattering in front but criticism in back, non-organizational criticism and whispering. Those are similar to clique activities.

Those who want to be proletariat must master the method of criticism-self-criticism and correction.

6) Apart from those, we have to eliminate manifestations of other individual interests. We must reject clique like behavior like emphasizing on own interest, look after interest of wife/lover, take care of them, take care of higher level but not of others.

7) Cadres, especially organization-in-charge comrades must be realistic and far sighted.

For that, we must master general line and concrete line, and strategy and tactics well.

Cadres will be realistic through mastering and applying tactics and concrete line.

But if cadres are ignorant about general line and strategy, they will lose guide of future, not be far sighted and inevitably they will make error of narrow empiricism.

On the other hand, if they are busy with only strategy and general line but do not master and apply concrete line and tactics for that, then they will make dogmatic error.

We have to combine general line and particular line in strategy and tactics, reject dogmatism and narrow empiricism and be realistic and far sighted.

The fundamental question of revolution is to determine correct strategy and tactics on each question, determine general and concrete line and actualize those.

8) We have to find out the character of each step or stage of revolution and solve that. Thus, we have to enter next stages.

Without solving particular stage, it is not possible to enter next; motion stops; stagnation arises; the organization gets decay and collapse.

Motion is life and stagnation is death.

We must adjust our standard with the requirement of each stage. Otherwise, we shall be disqualified for that stage.

The problems of the organization of the stage prior to the Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive were:

In ideological field, anti-clique struggle and rectification campaign; in military field, seizure of enemy position from the national enemy annihilation stage, solving of financial problem; in organizational field, improvement and consolidation; in political field, determining line of stage etc.

Party has been able to solve those particular problems of stage; consequently, party entered present stage.

The ideological problem of this stage is to eliminate manifestations of petit bourgeoisie ideology; in military field, strategic defense and maintain financial soundness; in organizational field, improvement and consolidation and organizing masses; in political field, initiate and strengthen mass struggle.

To carry on struggle against various forms of revisionists and opportunists and at the same time, sincerely carry constant activities in class line to establish unity among proletarian revolutionaries. To further intensify struggle against Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism, US-led Imperialism and their lackeys; at the same time, strengthen work of national unity (work for National Liberation Front) to unify all the patriotic people.

Thus, organization is developing in constant motion by giving proper solution to the problems of each stage of party and revolution. This is why our organization is living and dynamic.

We have to study the chapter particularity of contradiction.

9) At present, we need developed leadership and work-method to utilize our strength. At present our slogan is: our first need is developed leadership, second need is developed leadership and third need is developed leadership.

In the petit production system of East Bengal, usually leadership is not required, so, there is crisis of such people who are able to be leadership.

By applying Marxist method regarding developed leadership, we have to eliminate shortage of leadership created from limitations of production system, teach technique of leadership to the cadres especially promising cadres, study and apply documents regarding leadership. Thus, overcome crisis of leadership.

Intellect and memory is essential for developed leadership.

Intellect is proper combination of strategy and tactics, properly combining principal and secondary contradiction and not having manifestations of one-sidedness, superficiality and subjectivism in thought and action.

So, we have to make intellectual development in above-mentioned way and increase memory in course of practice.

10) Small geographic territory of East Bengal, her equal development, equal cultural standard of people, similarity in character etc. will bring some special characteristics in revolution in East Bengal.

One of that will be combination of high level of mass struggle with armed struggle.

Because of that particular characteristics of East Bengal, mass struggle will take the form of insurrection.

We have to stir the emotionality of East Bengal, be able to write and make speech full of emotion and efficient to utilize people’s emotion to correct path.

11) Revolution needs patience and arduousness, we must always keep in mind that ‘patience brings fruit’.

12) Before appointing anyone in any post, train him/her in that related work. Fix them responsibility and power and always take care whether or not those are implemented. Manage summation, improvement and training after a specific duration of time successively.

13) Make the cadres read Five Articles, People’s War and Quotation.

14) The decision of party regarding general strike is a historic decision. All the levels are welcoming that decision. We are calling upon all the rank and file to make the general strike a success.

When putting general strike in action, all must keep security and secrecy of organizations.

15) Keep list of necessary materials of various areas in On Demand file. When materials are available, distribute them according to file.

16) Keep Security File. In-charge himself/herself will preserve that. Send a copy of that to higher level. Keep list and details of renegades, opportunists, hostiles, suspicious and enemies in the file.

17) In organizational case, apply structure and work method of Region no. 1

Structure of Region no. 1


⇓                                       ⇓                                      ⇓

Military Assistant Organizational Assistant Improvement and Investigation Assistant

According to that structure, leading body can be formed in sub-regions and areas too.

18) Regarding Investigation

The aim of investigation is to be acknowledged about total real situation and inform higher level about that.

Provide solution of problems found in investigation appointed according to given power.

Total situation means situation of organizational, political, ideological, military, economic, geographic, press-printing, propaganda, shelter, enemies and allies and people.

Investigation is reflection of real condition of those.

 What is the real condition of a cadre?

▬ His/her history

▬ How he/she joined party

▬ Why did he/she join

▬ Via whom

▬ Class base

▬ Family characters and environment

▬ Where and what did he/she work after joining

▬Whom was he/she in touch with

▬ What types of responsibilities she/he carried

▬ Opinions of higher, same and lower level, sympathizers and masses about him/her

▬ His/her present condition

▬ Good aspect, bad aspect, limitations and other basic aspects

▬ His/her level, standard

▬ Member or applicant member, study circle or group

▬ His/her condition regarding discipline and security

Add cadre history, extra points and central committee circular-based investigation with these.

What is the as a whole condition of an area or region?

▬ Terrain

▬ History of party development

▬ Number and standard of cadres

▬ Central Committee Circular-based other information

The investigator must be realistic and polite. He/she must reject egotism, self-propaganda, revealing secrecy and presenting himself/herself as big thing or genius. He/she must be free from partiality and retaliatory tendency. He/she must be abstaining from unnecessary talking and boasting of theory. He/she must be serious and live.

If bad idea is created about investigator, then there will be bad idea about the level from he/she is sent.

This is why higher level representatives or related ones must be good and we must be cautious so that lower level does not have bad relation with higher because of them.

They must be model.

We must make and verify cadre history on the basis of mass investigation. We must continue to carry this type of work regularly.

Fill the form for every new contact and keep cadre history.

Consider the above-mentioned points very much important.

If we adopt that method, we shall be able to prevent enemy agents and bad elements from infiltrating party.

19) In each operation, raise flag

20) Leave conservatism (right deviation) and vacillation in military case, spread military activities in vast region and develop that to higher level.

21) In winter season, keep financial self-sufficiency. Those who are not self-sufficient, they must be so.

22) In military strategic areas, bring power balance with competitors on our favor.

23) Inspire guerrillas with revolutionary spirit by making emotional speech before operation.

24) Properly carry tasks given by higher level and apply their advice and directives. By doing so, we shall be able to prevent numerous setbacks. If any side, shows hesitation or creates obstacle in carrying order and advice of the higher level, immediately inform that to higher level.

25) Try to collect heavy weapons

26) In determining military target, seriously look after the followings:

▬ There should be such organizational work where guerrillas can take shelter safely, move and investigate

▬ There should be place to gather and final permission place for attack

▬ There should be place of taking shelter after operation

▬ Condition should be favorable to keep its achievements

▬ There is no problem of security and secrecy

▬ Successfully go to higher stages in case of attack

▬ Not only capturing police posts or stations, we have to solve economic problems and carry national enemy annihilation at the same time

27) Establish inter-regional radio communication

28) Do not appoint guerrillas in our firing line in military plan


Matter is in constant motion; situation is constantly developing and changing. So, we have to determine strategy, tactics and work-method corresponding to motion and changed situation. We must reject mechanism and rigidity. Mechanism and rigidity do not correspond to motion. So, those are wrong. Those are manifestations of subjectivism