Siraj Sikder Works: Communique of the Seventh Plenum of the 1st Central Committee (Probably February 1973)

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal produced and published the original Bengali document probably in February 1973

The communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via on 22 September 2014. Party slightly edited the translation on 12 February 2017


The seventh Plenary meeting of the 1st central committee of the Proletarian Party of the East Bengal successfully completed its work.

All the members of the central committee were present, and the chairman of the central committee presided over the meeting.

Among others, the following decisions were taken in the meeting.

1) The meeting reviewed the decisions of Sixth plenum of the 1st central committee, and the meeting passed it.

Meeting called for materializing decisions that were not materialized.

Following are the decisions that were not materialized:

a) Decision No. 1

Solving Financial Problems is the central task in military field.

Materialize this decision.

b) Decision no. 2

Execute the decision regarding rectification campaign.

c) Decision no. 3

Yet it has not happened. So, we have to keep ourselves prepared for that possibility.

That resolution (As a result, India will have problem to send troops to East Bengal) should be: (As a result, India will have problems to deploy massive military force in East Bengal).

d) Resolution no. 10 should be put in action.

e) Resolution no. 12

At the present context, making position regarding military, paramilitary and Jalil-Taher Company will be adjourned.

Activate following resolutions:

▬ Make call to people including call for United Front

▬ Produce position on ‘Muslim Bangla’

▬ Produce Party History

▬ Produce position on International Situation

▬ Publish a Military, Political and Organizational Communique at least once in every two months

2) On National Enemy Annihilation

  • Create public opinion before annihilation of national enemy. For that, propagate among the people about the crimes of national enemy and his due punishment. Consequently, enemy will be divorced from people, people will be able to know their enemies and public opinion will be created on behalf of annihilation or giving punishment. Enemy force will not be able to kill good people to impose that responsibility on us. It will differentiate our work from isolated terror, annihilation due to personal reason etc. Some enemy will flee, some will surrender, some will be inactive, while some will continue carrying activities. As a result, number of enemies will diminish. Despite flying of enemies, we do not have to regret because obstacle for work will be eliminated and in future we will get him.
  • Divide enemy’s punishment in following ways: a) Annihilation b) Arrest c) Fine d) Remind e) Confiscation of part or whole of properties f) Keeping eye on them. We have to start from minimum punishment. Annihilate those enemies who are hated by people, made numerous crimes, have not corrected despite having other punishment than annihilation, and make massive propaganda. Consequently, many enemies will surrender in fear, flee, or will be inactive. We shall show this type of annihilation as example.
  • Properly scrutinize and consider before annihilation and make it granted by higher level.
  • Annihilation due to minor crime will result in increasing massive number of annihilations and enemy resistance will increase, diminish significance of annihilation and comrades will not have tolerance and power of analysis. As a result, comrades may annihilate those comrades, guerrillas and people who have dissent or minor crime. Thus comrades may get militarism.
  • Annihilation should be as less in number as possible.
  • Do not torture captives. Reveal information from captives or from enemies before annihilation. Do not torture to take confession or for the sake of torture.
  • Do annihilation in simple method (not by torture)
  • Physical torture on enemies and using abnormal method in annihilation increase ferocity and resistance of enemies and diminish his will for surrender.

The meaning of activating the above steps is achieving the goal of smashing the enemies.

3) The post annihilation steps:

▬ Do massive propaganda

▬ Organize people in armed and mass organization of party

▬ Terrorize enemy

Annihilation without above mentioned steps will be isolated terrorist activity. It will not be useful to revolution. As national enemies are obstacle in organizing people in party, armed force and mass organization and defeating enemy army in war, they need to be overthrown. We should always keep in mind that annihilation should not be for the sake of annihilation only.

4) We should emphatically use our guerrilla groups at the same time as Armed Propaganda Team.

They will do wall writing, poster and leafleting.

  • At night in villages, propagate party line through delivering speech through hand mike, Chunga (Domestic Hand Mike – Translator) etc. Also, make propaganda in Hat-Bazar closer to Police Camp
  • Propaganda Team will be armed. Investigate beforehand, keep scout and keep cautious about enemy ambush
  • Carry such activities in rural areas across the whole East Bengal
  • If it gets chance, the Propaganda Team will annihilate national enemy
  • Take necessary self-defense steps
  • Collect or if necessary buy Hand Mike from Traffic Police and other sources on the eve of election

5) Do not use one more commanders in same operation who are eligible for being commander in that. Take guerrillas only from one region so far it is possible in an operation

6) Maintain contact with different political, groups, sections and other institutions, so we can be informed about them and make them inform about our views on various matters

  • Do not send important cadres to such coordination meetings. Keep necessary caution

7) Produce revolutionary bulletin. Events like military activities of different areas and those others which can be informed to people should be sent under headline of “For Bulletin”

Collect news correspondents for revolutionary bulletin.

8) Our line is unity of the proletarian class. It can be possible through the unifying of inside party revolutionaries as well as outside revolutionaries. That is why we are on the side of unity and opposed to split mentality.

Propagate our unity line among our cadres, proletarian revolutionaries and people.

9) Also it is our principle to unify the whole nation of East Bengal. Unify various patriotic classes, sections, national-religious-lingual minorities, groups and individuals through National Liberation Front.

10) Remain firm in the principle of disunity with bad elements and enemy agents.

11) This is our great responsibility to unify proletarian revolutionaries of East Bengal in party and maintain that.

Similarly, this is our great responsibility to unify the whole nation of East Bengal in National Liberation Front.

12) Downward organization levels are as follows: Bureau, Region, Sub-Region, Area, Union and Village

13) A region should have following criterion to be recognized as region:

i) It should have at least five Whole timer cadres

ii) It should have regional committee or qualified organizer

iii) At least half of the region should have activities. In most of the Thanas, it should have whole timers or active cadres

iv) It should be economically self-depended

v) There should be propaganda in all the places of the region

vi) It should have subjective condition for national enemy annihilation

vii) It should have work among workers-peasants

viii) It should have such shelters where high level can stay to organize work

ix) It must have relay center and courier

x) It must have system to resist anti-party activities

The region must strive to achieve the following goals:

a) Carry guerrilla war

b) Develop guerrilla war in vast regions

c) Make coordination among isolated guerrilla regions

d) Build full time Regular Guerrilla Groups

e) Collect modern weapons and build shelter system for those

f) Build party organization in all the places of the region

g) Recruit good local whole timer cadres

h) Give money to higher level

i) Be self-sufficient in printing

j) Have Medical Treatment facilities

k) Have work among women

l) Have work among elderly people

m) Have transport system

n) Have radio communication system

o) Have aim of establishing Base Area

14) Criterion for Sub-Region:

a) At least one Whole Timer cadre

b) Other criterion are similar to that of region

15) Regularly wage criticism-self-criticism in regular meeting of cadres

16) Fix subscription for people. They will give subscription according to their ability. If someone gives less subscription than his/her ability, inform him/her that the remaining will be noted and later on will be collected.

17) Right from the time being, planfully send cadres to the strategic important places.

18) Train cadres on such profession, through which they can stay at village. Such as: Hawker, agro- worker, Homeopathy Doctor, Village Doctor, Carpenter, Umbrella fixer etc.

19) Totally reject those in important responsibility who are without potential, lazy and foolish.

20) Whole timer cadres should sell their private property and deposit money to party.

21) Ask cadres and sympathizers to give list of their relatives and line up good among them.

If there is relatives outside working area (whom we can give line or already has been given line), that should be informed to higher authority.

22) Ideologically firm cadres should keep contact with their patriotic relatives (if possible).

23) Cadres, who are exposed or wanted or important, must not go to close relatives’ houses or meet them by violating caution. Do not make patriotic relatives antagonistic on religious and political questions. Do not show any nepotism.

24) The present line of unity is correct. In the past, the line of fighting against-neo revisionists was correct because if we had gone in an organizational unity with them, we would be devoured by them.  It would be difficult for us to establish our correct line by struggling their national and international influence.

25) Give opinion on any document on the following basis:

  • Whether the document has solution of the problems and questions
  • Whether the document has fulfilled its aim
  • What is the structure of the document
  • Miscellaneous

26) Make the new recruits and sympathizers read about punitive system with example.

27) On central task:

Almost all the organizers/conveners failed to take proper steps to materialize central task. They were busy with other works. Central task has been hindered as a result.

Therefore, organizers/conveners, under his/her own leadership, by taking efficient and qualified ones according to the characteristics of central task, will form “Central work executive group” and other work organizing group to organize other works.

If there is lack of cadres, appoint comrades for the later work.

In first case, if there is lack of cadres, the organizer/convener will organize work by his or her own. If organizer/convener that is, center, is busy with execution of central task, then it means real grasping of central task and the work really gets the honor of central task.

28) No regions are utilizing its opportunity and strength properly, while it should be done so. For that, organization has to follow the path of mass movement. That means, all the cadres, sympathizers and people have to be utilized in execution of various matters.

29) Domestic and international situation was discussed.

The political field of East Bengal can be divided in four:

Indian Lackey Section

Soviet Lackey Section

US Lackey Section

National Democratic Section

The Awami League also can be divided into four.

The national democratic section inside Awami League is very weak and disorganized. The political power of East Bengal is in the hands of the Indian lackey section of Awami League. They like to keep their power by suppressing the three other sections.

The US-lackey section, similarly by suppressing the three other sections, wants to capture East Bengal.

The US lackeys, first tries to overthrow the Soviet lackeys to reduce enemy, then tries to suppress Indian lackeys and national democratic section.

Similarly, the Soviet lackey section too wants to capture power by suppressing the remaining three sections.

Similarly, the Soviet lackeys, first tries to overthrow US lackeys to reduce enemy through, then tries to suppress Indian lackeys and National Democratic Section.

Similarly, the National Democratic Section is carrying struggle to capture power by suppressing the remaining three sections.

The Indian lackey section is using the biting between the US and Soviet lackey sections for own interest. They are beating Soviet lackeys to please US lackeys and suppress Soviet lackeys.

Similarly, they have beaten US lackeys and some parts of National democratic force.

The national democratic section of East Bengal contains the proletarian revolutionaries of East Bengal, workers-peasants, petit bourgeoisie, national bourgeoisie, national-lingual-religious minorities, that is whole nation.

The proletarian revolutionaries must establish own unity, unify the class proletariat and maintain that, and unify workers-peasants, petit bourgeoisie, national bourgeoisie in national liberation front.

Thus, proletariat has to take the lead of national democratic section. The role of Indian, Soviet and US lackeys in suppressing this national democratic section are same and cooperative to each other.

The proletariat and people of world will support that very national democratic section.

30) Organizational Team (cadres to build organization and military organization) should be sent in the areas where there is lack of cadres to organize broad masses. Give them responsibility to organize people of particular region. Fix their time range also.

Within fixed time, they will build party, guerrilla and mass organization of a particular region and handover those to particular committee.

After finishing work of that area, the team will be sent to other areas.

Thus, despite lack of cadres, organization can be built in massive areas.

At present, many regions urgently need that type of work. Various regions should develop such efficient teams and make use of that.

31) When making plan, toughly consider how much cadres will be able to execute that.

32)  Provide sex education, so that sexual distortions and crime can be eliminated and avoided.

Possible points

  • Homosexuality
  • Rape
  • Prostitution
  • Distortion in behavior
  • Pre-marital relation
  • Pregnancy and birth control
  • Rules of marriage
  • Legality of love and marriage
  • Biological reasons of sex

Make documents on the above points

33) In cadre history, below point will be added:

  • Inform how much he/she is exposed in which areas

34) Inform when giving a contact whether there is national enemy in the house/near the contact.

35) If a comrade is in contact after being released from enemy custody or control or long days’ disconnection, he/she should be verified before starting work.

36) Meeting asks for opinion of cadres about certain comrade [Appendix-I]

37) Do not make committee with ineligible people.

If necessary, only organizer will carry responsibility in different levels. It is applicable to all levels (in central committee too).

Organizer will employ advisor, assistant group/individuals according to his/her need. The organizer may or may not take their assistance and advice.

38) So long as classes exist, proletariat has the possibility to be transformed into bourgeoisie. Therefore, we have to be cautious and struggle against the bourgeoisie aspects of the comrades and their precondition of transformation into bourgeoisie. We have to help and verify each other. Thus, we have to oppose one-sidedness (The thinking that he/she and cadres will never transform into bourgeois)

39) Revolutionary News Bulletin of East Bengal and Security Council of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal will be formed. Meeting passed documents regarding that.

40) Call various sections of people to join national liberation front for national liberation.

Call separately for military and paramilitary personnel.

41) Make a Call to those who joined party to surrender arms to party.

42) The Unity statement is basically correct. Meeting accepts that by making some literary and structural edition.

Send formal letters with copy of unity call attached to various groups to materialize unity line.

43) Meeting calls the regions to achieve criterion to be a region. Meeting also calls those regions that already have achieved that criterion, to apply for recognition.

44) Fix and take subscription from supporter and neutral feudalist, bourgeoisie and bureaucrats according to their ability. It is applicable to corrupted petit bourgeoisie too.

45) Meeting grants some questions, military document (with correction), some organizational points and how to solve shortage of cadres.

46) With responsibility, employ comrades to solve principle task the solution of financial problem on central basis.

47) Make division of labor right from the time being to develop quality of work.

48) The remnants of clique have been proven enemy agents and is carrying activities. We have to be cautious against them and smash them.

49) People have no faith or spirit to the so-called election. Awami League is making farce election through deploying Raxi Bahini [A genocidal counterrevolutionary paramilitary force of the Awami Regime specially created to confront Revolutionary Froces – Translator], abducting other party candidates except Awami League, threatening and taking vote on gun point. The election is a farce to keep power of Awami League.

50) The Bangladesh puppet government will be in strategic offensive starting from the time of election to until the initiation of Rainy Season. That means, they will try to clean rural areas by Raxi Bahini, Police and other Armed Forces. The form of attack will be encircle and suppress, search and crush etc. In that situation, our line is strategic defensive or preservative, that is, sustenance of own people and arms, make the encirclement-suppression fail and consolidate work. At that time, we shall have less development.

In Rainy Season, the Bangladesh puppet government will go to strategic defensive or preservative, that is, they will try to consolidate their achievements, armed forces will conclude campaign, manage security and check post, Awami League will rehabilitate lackeys, organize and arm them, run and consolidate administrative system.

That time, we shall reach the stage of strategic offensive. We shall have to spread guerrilla war in vast rural areas and develop guerrilla party.

That stage will end as soon as the Rainy Season ends. The Bangladesh puppet government again will start strategic offensive during the dry season.

We, too, will have to take strategic defensive or preservative and take step accordingly. That is, we have to save party, guerrilla, and arms and break encirclement-suppression.

Therefore, after election, the strategic offensive of Bangladesh puppet government will start to stop and enter the stage of strategic defensive. So, they have to consolidate their achievements from attack in the very rainy season.

We have to develop slowly to the stage of strategic offensive, which will take final form in the Rainy Season.

The organizers very much need conception on strategy, so that they may determine military, organizational, political and ideological works suitable for different strategic stages, and execute those.

All level must take preparation and complete that for Rainy Seasonal Strategic Offensive.

51) Meeting accepted the program in corrected form.

52) Account will be submitted in the next meeting