Siraj Sikder Works: Communique of the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the 1st Central Committee

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The Communique of the Fifth Plenary Meeting of the 1st Central Committee of the Proletarian Part of East Bengal was produced and published by the party on 26 September 1972

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via on 18 September 2014


The plenary meeting of the central committee started on 15 September and successfully concluded on 16 September 1972.

All the members of the Central Committee were present and the meeting was presided over by the Chairman of the Central Committee.

The following agenda was taken in the meeting and it was carried accordingly.

The agenda

1) Political 2) Organizational 3) Ideological 4) Military 5) Financial 6) Miscellaneous

The meeting granted the communique of the fourth plenary meeting, documents published by the central committee and directives given by the Chairman.

The meeting discussed military and financial matter of the organization and took the decision that the solving of financial problem is the central or principal task in military work.

The meeting further decided that the promising regions have to initiate guerrilla war through national enemy annihilation and the places where guerrilla wars have started must be strengthened.

With that objective, the central committee redistributed the responsibility among leading comrades and took the decision to publish and popularize the real experiences of the guerrilla war.

The ideological and organizational situation of organization was discussed and the following decisions were taken.

In this case, rectification campaign and anti-clique struggle is the central task.

We have to add anti-dogmatism struggle with that.

Open and Mass Organizational Work

Open and semi-open work can be carried by keeping party identity secret. Its aim will be to recruit cadres, help armed struggle, and intensify people’s contradiction with the enemies and the contradiction among the enemies.

Mass Organization

Main form of mass organization is Armed Force.

The aim of open, semi-open and mass organization work will be to help armed struggle and recruit cadres etc.

On trade union work in enemy areas

Do not form counter trade union or central based trade union against those captured by reactionaries. On this case, infiltrate those by keeping party identity secret and materialize our previously mentioned aims.

Form trade union by the leadership of cadres (by keeping party identity secret) where reactionaries have not formed trade unions.

If it is problem to independently keep existence, join centrally based trade union.

We have to properly combine open and mass organization work with secret work and armed struggle. The secret work and armed struggle will be the principal method of work.

In liberated areas, develop open mass organizations.

In semi-liberated or unstable liberated areas, develop open, semi-open and secret organizations.

●The meeting took the following resolutions in political question:

People of East Bengal are seriously agitated against the Indian expansionism and six mountains’ lackeys. Spontaneously they are annihilating six mountains’ lackeys.

We must provide leadership to that spontaneous struggle of people.

In various places, proletarian revolutionaries are working spontaneously in party name. We should establish contact with them and organize them under party leadership. We have to work according to published document (Appendix-I: Call of the Proletarian Party to the Revolutionaries who are working spontaneously without having contact with party)

Kazi-Amol, Deben-Bashar and other neo-revisionists have formed Committee to Struggle under the leadership of Bhashani and are making futile attempt to establish themselves as opposition party. Their end will be worse than the various unity fronts formed by Jyoti Bose and Co. in India. Their fall is inevitable.

It is nothing but deceiving people.

We have to use their organized open mass struggle (for example hungry procession etc.) and the anti-Indian expansionism and anti-six mountains’ lackey propaganda in favor of our armed struggle.

We have to unmask the variants of revisionists and the so-called socialists.

The wrong political, organizational, military and other lines of the Huq-Toha, Motin-Alauddin neo-revisionists are being unveiled in front of cadres.

Their cadres do not abide by discipline but work spontaneously according to own wish.

They make cadres dependent on individual other than party and build personal areas.

This is why each one of them builds own fortress (Pabna is Motin’s, Noakhali is Toha’s and Jessore is Huq’s fortress).

▬ They do not have organizational levels

▬ Cadres have individualism

▬ Organization is not centrally organized

▬ They do not make criticism and self-criticism

▬ They do not have clandestine work method

It proves that wrong political line must manifest in wrong organizational line. Their fall is inevitable.

The Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists and their organizations have already been introduced to people as the ‘B’ team of the six mountains’ lackeys. Rapidly they are being divorced from people. Their fall is inevitable.

The US led imperialists, by taking the opportunity of severe mass discontent of the people of East Bengal against the Indian expansionism and six mountains’ lackeys, are hatching conspiracy with the help of their East Bengal lackeys to forge counterrevolutionary seizure of power. With that aim, they are trying to make sectarian riot.

The objective of all those is to establish colony of US led imperialists in East Bengal. We must strengthen our vigilance and expose that conspiracy [Appendix-II: Our Some Questions to the National Socialist Party: The Students’ League (Rob Group)], intensify contradiction among the enemies (US led imperialists and their lackeys versus Soviet Social Imperialism, Indian Expansionism and their lackeys) and take the opportunity of crisis created from that contradiction.

We have to strengthen our revolutionary activities in the domestic and international opportune revolutionary situation.

By giving Veto against the entrance of ‘Bangladesh’ in United Nations, the China has played correct role.

The six mountains’ lackeys and their masters are trying to create anti-China anti-Communist public opinion by using the incident of Chinese Veto. Its another aim is to distract people’s eye and annihilate leftists.

●The following resolutions were taken in the miscellaneous agenda:

The financial account (July-August 1972) of organization was discussed on an average and granted.

Before distribution of any leaflet and document, the printed copy should be granted by appropriate level. In additional point of cadre history, add ‘If there is any long term and chronic and transmittable disease’.

From the party experience of marital life, we find that male and female comrades willing to marry each other should closely live together for long days to understand and verify each other. It will be granted by appropriate level.

If that system was run since before, we could avoid many errors and set-backs in conjugal life.

All the decisions were taken unanimously in the meeting. Meeting concluded successfully by scheduling the date of the next Meeting.


Call of the Proletarian Party to the Revolutionaries who are working spontaneously without having contact with party

There are many revolutionaries who are working spontaneously in the name and line of the Proletarian Party in different parts of East Bengal without having any contact with the proletarian party of East Bengal.

Many of you have got contact with the Proletarian party of East Bengal, many others are having contact while many others are requesting for party contact through leaflet. The Proletarian Party is calling you to carry the following responsibilities:

1) Keep continue working in party line in underground by maintaining security.

2) Organize those who are not enemy agent in study circles and guerrilla groups. Make them study Five Articles, People’s war, Quotations, Three Big Discipline, Eight Points of Attention. They must abide by Three Big Discipline and Eight Points of Attention.

3) Try to establish contact with party quickly.

4) Do not carry annihilation or attack prior to party contact or without proper permission of party. But you can annihilate proven mass hated enemy in self-defense.

Any annihilation or attack carried out of personal rivalry will be treated as serious crime.

5) The bad consequence of spontaneous annihilation or attack without permission of party is as follows:

By seizing that opportunity, the Government and the agents of domestic and international enemies through taking party name, may annihilate or attack on patriotic or innocent people. Its aim is to create panic or confusion among the masses about party and divorce party from the masses. The Indian Intelligence service and imperialist agents widely committed such vile activities in the name of proletarian revolutionaries. Their aim was to create public opinion against the Indian proletarian revolutionaries and divorce them from masses. As a consequence of that, in some cases, confusion was created among people.

Therefore, spontaneous attack and annihilation is completely prohibited. Proletarian revolutionaries will oppose such vile counterrevolutionary activities, unveil their crimes in front of people and provide them proper punishment.

6) Secretly keep your arms and other valuable goods.

7) After establishing contact with party, report your arms and other valuable goods, your activities, contacts and cadres to party.

8) Join party organizationally.

9) Cadres of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal should seriously keep caution, make proper investigation so that agents of domestic and international enemies cannot infiltrate into party in this course.


Our Some Questions to the National Socialist Party: The Students League (Rob Group)

1) You speak about establishing scientific Socialism and also say that you abide by Marxism. Marxism teaches us that the fundamental point of scientific Socialism is to establish the Dictatorship of Proletariat and defend that. But you don’t say of establishing Dictatorship of Proletariat (As Moni Sing-Mojaffar clique also don’t say). The meaning of not establishing the Dictatorship of Proletariat is establishing the Dictatorship of the lackeys of Feudalism, Bureaucratic Capitalism and imperialism. As your Socialism will not establish the Dictatorship of Proletariat, so it will establish the Dictatorship of the lackeys of Feudalism, Bureaucratic Capitalism and Imperialism, and their exploitation and plunder.

The meaning of that is establishing exploitation, plunder and fascist Dictatorship of the lackeys of US Imperialism in place of exploitation, plunder and the fascist Dictatorship of Indian and Soviet lackeys, what they have established in the name of Mujiv-ism .

This is why Socialism without proletarian Dictatorship is national treachery and fascism.

2) You admit Marxism, but Marxism teaches us that the Socialist Revolution has to be accomplished after accomplishing National and Democratic Revolution. Has National Democratic Revolution been completed in East Bengal?

National Democratic Revolution has not been accomplished in East Bengal. That means, East Bengal became Indian colony from Pakistan’s colony. Here exploitation of the lackeys of Imperialism and Zamindars (Big Feudal Land Lords – Translator) exists.

People want to accomplish National Revolution through overthrowing Indian Expansionism, Soviet social Imperialism, US Imperialism and their lackeys, establish Independent and Sovereign East Bengal, and establish Democratic East Bengal through overthrowing Jotdars (Small Feudal Landlords – Translator) and Zamindars.

Other than saying of making Democratic Revolution, you are saying of Socialism to hide people’s current real enemy Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism, US Imperialism and their lackeys from people. Actually it is nothing but sub-serving the enemy. That is why you are silent about Indian Expansionism.

3) Marxism teaches us that saying of Socialism by not making national Democratic Revolution is Trotskyism. At the present world, the Trotskyites are guided by the US Imperialism. Does not your saying of Socialism prove that you are Trotskyite and so are guided by the US Imperialism?

4) You speak about scientific Socialism, Class Struggle and social Revolution, but Marxism teaches us that none of those are possible without the political party of Proletariat armed with Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought. The proof of that is the fact that the Bourgeoisie of East Bengal, by saying about the so-called social Revolution and Class Struggle, has made East Bengal a colony of India. Thus they, in the name of Social Revolution, made Social Counter-Revolution, and in the name of Class Struggle, committed Class and National Treachery. Similarly, you are also, in the name of Scientific Socialism, Social Revolution and Class Struggle, actually, trying to make East Bengal a US colony. Thus, you are committing Social Counter-Revolution, Class and National treachery.

5) You speak of Class Struggle and Class Enemy Annihilation.

At present the demand of East Bengal people is to carry National Revolution (Making East Bengal Independent from Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism and US Imperialism), annihilate national enemy (to annihilate lackeys of Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism and US Imperialism as National Enemy).

In the name of Class Struggle and class Enemy Annihilation, you are actually saving National Enemies. Is it not sub-serving to National Enemies?

Some of you mark genuine leftists of East Bengal (who are said lackeys of China) as class enemy. At present you are making list of genuine leftist patriotic cadres (ours and others’ cadres) and making them arrested or annihilating by your own or with the help of Mujiv-ists.

6) Lenin’s following quotation proves the fact that in spite of saying Class Struggle, Scientific Socialism, Social Revolution, you are not Marxist or Revolutionary:

“It is often said and written that the main point in Marx’s teachings is the class struggle; but this is not true. And from this untruth very often springs the opportunist distortion of Marxism, its falsification in such a way as to make it acceptable to the bourgeoisie. For the doctrine of the class struggle was created not by Marx, but by the bourgeoisie before Marx, and generally speaking it is acceptable to the bourgeoisie. Those who recognize only the class struggle are not yet Marxists; they may be found to be still within the boundaries of bourgeois thinking and bourgeois politics. To confine Marxism to the doctrine of the class struggle means curtailing Marxism, distorting it, reducing it to something which is acceptable to the bourgeoisie. Only he is a Marxist who extends the recognition of the class struggle to the recognition of the dictatorship of the proletariat. This is what constitutes the most profound difference between the Marxist and the ordinary petty (as well as big) bourgeois.”

[Lenin on Proletarian Revolution and Proletarian Dictatorship, Foreign Language Press, Peking, 1960, Page-9]

We learn from the quotation that none can be Marxist or Revolutionary by saying merely of Class Struggle, which the Big Bourgeoisie or even imperialists’ lackeys may say too.

7) By attracting to your so-called anti-Government and apparently Progressive statement and slogan, you are misguiding sincere cadres to wrong path. Thus you are making them target of Mujiv-ism. Already a lot of cadres of National Socialist Party and its affiliated organizations have been killed by the Mujiv-ists and are suffering from imprisonment and torture.

Is it not making trap for sincere patriotic cadres?

8) Openly you oppose Muslim Bangla while secretly you are propagating that through the cadres and are creating ultra-sectarianism, thus following the directives of the US conspiracy.

If really you are obedient to Marxism, are not connected to US Imperialism and are servant of people, then, correct the above mentioned wrong positions and working methods, unite in genuine political party of Proletariat, and establish Independent, Peaceful, Non-Aligned, Progressive Republic of East Bengal by making national Democratic Revolution. It can be established by initiating and guiding People’s war of National Liberation through Annihilation of National Enemies. Only completing that national Democratic Revolution, we can carry the socialist Revolution.

► Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought!

► Long Live the Proletarian Party of East Bengal!

► Long Live Comrade Siraj Sikder!