Siraj Sikder Works: Statement No. 1 on the question of Establishing Unity among the Sincere Proletarian Revolutionaries of East Bengal

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal produced the original Bengali document in December 1972 and published it in 1973

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via on 12 September 2014. Party slightly edited the translation on 9 February 2017



Plan for unity among the proletarian revolutionaries of East Bengal

The People, proletariat and sincere revolutionaries of East Bengal are very sorry to see the disunity and repeated split among the proletarian revolutionaries.

They want unity among the revolutionaries. We also declare solidarity with the sincere aspiration of people, proletariat and revolutionaries. This unity is far more essential at the present revolutionary situation of East Bengal.

Therefore, we are giving a plan for establishing unity among the proletarian revolutionaries.

We hope, the revolutionaries will sincerely consider the plan and respond to the unity effort.

We should always keep in mind that the unity among the proletarian revolutionaries is a fundamental pre-condition for the unity of the proletariat and people, and a necessary pre-condition for the success of the sacrifices of revolutionaries.

The basis of unity among the proletarian revolutionaries is as follows

  • Take Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought as the guiding theoretical basis of revolution of East Bengal.
  • Recognize the principle of concrete application of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought to the concrete practice of revolution of East Bengal.
  • Oppose the Soviet Social Imperialism-led modern revisionists and other various forms of revisionists and opportunists in domestic and international field.
  • Oppose the US-led Imperialism, Soviet Social Imperialism and Expansionism.

The fundamental aspect of Marxism is practice. By maintaining fundamental principles of Marxism, Marxists can unify on the basis of practice.

There can be only one political party to represent the proletariat of East Bengal. There cannot be more than one political party to represent one particular class. This is why there cannot be more than one party in East Bengal too to represent the proletariat.

Therefore, this is a revolutionary responsibility of the sincere proletarian revolutionaries to build a single party by liquidating existence of more than one party.

Those who are unwilling to carry that responsibility are traitor to proletarian class.

By maintaining debates on different questions, the proletarian revolutionaries of East Bengal can attain unity in the following way.

The Huq and Amzad groups say the national contradiction of people of East Bengal versus Soviet and India as principal. They say that East Bengal is a colony of Russia while India is taking care of that.

Mr. Toha says that East Bengal is colony of both India and Russia, and the national contradiction of People of East Bengal versus both India-Russia is principal.

The Motin-Alauddin group says that feudalism versus peasantry contradiction is principal. According to them, East Bengal is a semi-colony.

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal says that the national contradiction of people of East Bengal versus Indian Expansionism is principal contradiction. That means East Bengal is a colony of India.

Accordingly, the military line of the Proletarian Party is National Liberation War and initiating Guerrilla War through annihilation of national enemies. Those national enemies are at the same time hated by people and ears and eyes of the government.

According to the analysis of Huq, Toha, Amzad, their decided military line is national liberation war and naturally initiating guerrilla war through national enemy annihilation.

Therefore, on the question of determining national enemy, that is, in military line, the Proletarian Party don’t have any difference with Huq, Toha and Amzad. They and Proletarian Party point to the same as national enemy. So, at the present moment of military line and practice, the unity of Proletarian party is possible with Huq, Toha and Amzad groups on the basis of the slogan ‘Initiate National Liberation War through National Enemy Annihilation’. In course of that national enemy annihilation, proletarian revolutionaries can’t have any difference in applying strategy and tactics of People’s War against the encirclement and suppression by the Police, BDR, Raxi Bahini (A counter revolutionary private militia of Awami Regime specially made for fighting the Revolutionaries—Translator) and Indian Force.

So, we can carry armed struggle: Liberating Villages, Carry Guerrilla War, Building Base Areas etc. military practices in united way.

The course of practice will prove whether Indo-Russia both or only the Indian Expansionism is principal enemy.

From the above mentioned analysis, we can see that it is possible to work by keeping unity on the basis of practice while maintaining the internal debate on the question of principal contradiction during the period of initiating National Liberation War through national enemy annihilation to Building Base Areas.

Organizational Unity

Ideological unity is required before organizational unity.

Organizational unity cannot sustain without ideological unity. The split within the Huq-Toha-Motin-Aluddin, within Deben-Bashar, within Huq-Toha, within Motin-Amzad are proofs of that. Therefore, the basis of organizational unity is ideological unity.

During the time when unity will be established, revolutionaries who want unity, will criticize each other in a comradely way and make self-criticism of own, should avoid open criticism, will give priority to unity task and avoid such activities that hinder unity.

Establish contact even with those revolutionaries who are unwilling to unity but are sincere, convince them to unity and continue to make effort to unify them slowly.

Only openly expose the proven enemy agents who are unwilling to unity.

Carry rectification campaign against split-ism, regionalism, factionalism and dogmatism in view of ideological unity. In carrying this rectification, those who are willing to unity, will help each other and one should learn from other’s experiences.

In this course, the comrades who are free from split-ism, factionalism and dogmatism will take organizational step for unity.

In the same course, collect cadre history of genuine revolutionaries willing to unity and consider those during the time of organizational unity. As a consequence of that, agents and bad elements will not be able to infiltrate party. The organizational line of that unity is democratic centralism.

Present and Past Political Questions of East Bengal

In political question, abstain from taking decisions on debated points that are not proven in practice. If decision is taken from theory on a question that is not verified in practice will dismantle unity.

Find out such points in political field, on which we can attain unity. On debated questions, reach unity one by one on the basis of fundamental principles of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought and practice.

Abstain from taking decisions on debated questions regarding past political analysis of East Bengal.

On Motin-Alauddin

They say feudalism versus peasantry contradiction principal. They want to carry guerrilla war through class enemy annihilation.

If government’s ears and eyes the enemies that are hated by people are annihilated as class enemy, then, in military line, it has no difference with the national enemy annihilation line of the Proletarian Party.

The proletarians, by not being divided on whether class enemy or national enemy, can unify themselves in military practice by putting the following general slogan:

‘Liberate villages from the control of reactionaries’

In course of breaking that control, if Police, BDR, Raxi Bahini and army come, proletarian revolutionaries cannot have any dissent on applying strategy and tactics of people’s war against them.

The course of practice will prove which one is principal contradiction of East Bengal.

Therefore, by not being divided on the question of principal contradiction and keeping continuing the internal debate, it is possible to work by being united in military practice.

On Deben-Bashar

They want to work in open and mass organizational work. In this context, the Proletarian Party has no opposition. But clandestine party work and armed struggle is main task.

It is possible to organizationally unify on the basis of taking Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought as theoretical basis, opposing Soviet Social Imperialism led modern revisionism, not making open criticism on fraternal parties, not giving open position on debated questions in domestic politics, eliminating wrong ideas and working method by carrying rectification campaign on split-ism, factionalism, regionalism, dogmatism in organizational and ideological field and on the relation between open and secondary task in working method.

The organizational line will be democratic centralism. Do not take decision only by making theoretical debate on such questions that are not verified in practice so that unity may not be dismantled.


We should not take decision or get split or remain split only by making theoretical debate on such a question that is not proven in practice.

The main form of organization under the leadership of party is armed force and main type of struggle is armed struggle.

In colonial or semi colonial, feudal or semi feudal countries, the fundamental character of revolution is to liberate villages, build base areas, encircling cities by seizing villages and finally capturing cities.

Therefore, unity is possible in our practice of building main form of organization, main type of struggle and in fundamental characters of revolution. That means the aspect of unity is principal while the aspect of disunity is secondary.

So, by keeping continuing the debate on political and other questions, it is possible to work united way.

We hope, sincere revolutionaries will unify on the basis of the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought and practice.

By being divided on different questions for debate, we should not hinder the process of forming main form of organization of party (armed force), main form of struggle armed struggle and base area because without people’s army, people have nothing and establishing base area is an important step forward in revolution. It will be better to debate, research and resolve on different questions in Base Area.

Let us unify for the sake of Proletariat, People and Revolution of East Bengal and World