CPMLM-BD Document: Religion-ism, a fascism based on feudalism (30 August 2014)

CPMLM-BD Document
30 August 2014

Religion-ism, a fascism based on feudalism


People of world are horrified with the images of genocide by the IS (Islamic State). Human civilization is knocked down. Same situation is in Palestine, where the Zionist Israeli force is massacring people. The Yazidi ethnicity IS wants to eliminate through making genocide apart from massacring on Shite sect and Kurd nationals, belongs to Zoroastrian religious community. And which religion do the IS believe in in the name of Islam? They have nothing to do with the existence or non-existence of Allah or something like that, but they just want to satisfy their sectarianism and feudalism. What is that barbarianism? It is the same reality that exists in America, Israel, Arab, Indo-Pak-Afghan-Bangla South Asia, Myanmar, Russia, China and rest of the world. It is not only making split among human race on superstitious basis, but also systematic extermination of a community. Do the people love this religion named object which make them forget the human nature and be monster? Zionism in Israel, Islamism in Middle East and elsewhere, Buddhism in Myanmar and Christianism in America and Europe do not show human identity, rather it only shows how much inhuman the human named object may be. Of course, common people are just target of that.
The truth is what we saw an Imperialism (US) and an Expansionism (Pakistan) bringing up a Taliban, giving rise to Islamist Fundamentalism, while at the same time the top mastermind US storing Christian religion-ism to call for a Crusade later on. First this side carried massacre, systematic communal extermination, devastation, then that side. Who is the scarified animal in between? That is people, who don’t have any oppressive-deceitful idea of religion. In Bangladesh Islamic Sharia is being practiced on state level, children are forced to take religious education, the children who deny obeying that, are tortured severely. Restriction is being imposed on women, Islamization is going on in education, culture and all the spheres. Though, as result of Muslims being driven out from India and Hindus driven out form Bangladesh, eighty percent of people here belong to Muslim sect, even then, Islamization did not happen. To speak the truth, even a hundred years before there was no Sharia among the Muslims and nor there was any Brahminism among the Hindus among Ninety percent people of Bangladesh. All those were among the kings and monarchs and Jaminders (Feudal big land lord). They used to force people to obey those, also to obey them and they said to people that Allah or God selected them as King. If people don’t have faith on that, they will not be permitted to stay in that kingdom. As weapon of making split in society, they created caste-ism and as belonged to lower caste, common people suffered discrimination since centuries after centuries.
Naturally human are materialist. Human know that they must do production, otherwise society and human race will not survive. In work, act, thinking and idea, they do not manifest idealism, nor does the ruling class believe that superstition a single bit, but they pretend and remain pretending. They create anti character among people. The weakness people have is that they do not consume what they produce, but the bourgeoisie, kings, Jaminders big owners consume that. As result, human wants self-satisfaction in imagination. This is called romanticism. Religion-ism creates such things in social economic system which divide society on religious basis. It happened in India time and again, Indian society was divided sometimes on the basis of Islamism, sometimes on the basis of Hinduism. It resulted in creation of sectarian India, Pakistan and later Bangladesh. The formation of society was such that in one place this Jaminder of this religious community, while in other place that Jaminder of other religious community used carry exploitation of people and additionally religious oppression over people. This is a critical problem. Otherwise, sectarian India or Pakistan would not have borne. On the other side, the Communist Party did not lead India in liberation due to its leaders’ embracing revisionist line.
Fundamentalist activity in Bangladesh and BJP’S coming into power in India is a bad sign. Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism and last phase of exploitative society, which is in death bed now. But until it dies, it will continue to spread smell of rotting. Until its end, human has to see this horror.
The aim of religion-ism is to meet material interest; to meet an interest by terrifying people with blindness, superstition, and super naturalism and after death life. It can be done better in a comparatively backward society, for instance feudalism. But when in fact world has crossed the stage of feudalism and reached the imperialism that is the last stage of capitalism, it can’t return totally to feudalism. This is why it takes the form of fascism. Fascism is the most reactionary dictatorship of monopoly bourgeoisie. They are the extremist section of the bourgeoisie who make a hoax among people like Islam. Its basis is feudalist romanticism. That is feudalist sectarianism, a feudal ideology to carry extra exploitation over people. Therefore, religion-ism is feudalist romanticist and fascist.
The farce in the name of trial of old Pro Pakistani Islamist war criminals has become clear. Those who misguided the Shahbagh movement are now being beaten by their own master Awami League. Everybody understood, only they didn’t because of their class character. They are higher middle class and easily can be bought by giving some opportunities. With the Islamists, Now Awami League has colluded, which anytime can burst into biting each other.
The jump of bourgeoisie parties regardless of close to Islamists, to the feet of Sushoma Swaraj when she came in Bngladesh in a visit that is carrying a new conspiracy against people. The Awami League is bound to India. Interestingly, in Bangladesh the party that was mostly pleased with the winning of power by BJP in India, was BNP, which most of the times are closer to Islamists. Because against India they are not going get extra support from Chinese Imperialism as China is thinking Islamists a problem. So, BNP needs Indian support, and on the other side, they want to prove to China that they are not Islamist. JP is keen to utilize whatever opportunity is there. US and European imperialists at this moment don’t like the Islamist fascism, but any time they can make the Islamists puppet, and hatch a scheme to make Bangladesh an Afghanistan. There are many left in name Islamist fascist in Bangladesh like Farhad Majhar. Many are followers of Mowlana Vasani. The founder of Bangladesh Communist Movement Comrade Siraj Sikder had said that in the name of Islamic socialism, Mowlana vasani was a petit bourgeoisie feudalist socialist. Siraj Sikder very correctly unmasked religion-ism as feudalist based fascism.
Though the Islamists of Bangladesh are recently fallen in crisis due to government suppression, they, by utilizing the social and state opportunities they get, may rise again, which may create communal riot, even genocide that will create the situation of Pre partition India in the whole South Asia, create counter communal riot, counter genocide, while people will be animal of sacrifice who don’t have any ultra aspiration for religion, but just want to develop humanity as human being. If revolutionary process is not carried forward, not only it will not be possible to confront any form of fascism, but no advance of society is possible. We have to carry materialism among people, explain and popularize that. We should clear the fear of people about after death life. Where will human go after death? According to the law of transformation of material world, human also will take this or that form: flower, birds, river, something artistic! Surely more developed something will be born. All these are the wonders of universe, what human are coming to know slight by slight through science and materialism, and that process of knowledge in its each step is being hindered by religion-ism that claim that only God has the right to know, human are His servant, human cannot know etc. This is why establishing of materialism is a fierce struggle, a part of the struggle to establish communist trend society too.
There are difference between religion and belief in super natural force. Religion is an organized system that was created during the feudal time. Christianism, Hinduism, Buddhism etc religions are not built in a day, but for many centuries. Sectarian clashes, occupying other’s states and expansion of empire was done under the banner of religion. That Abbasian and Umaiyans had shed blood in Asia and Europe for many centuries, made fratricide and took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people had nothing to do with religion. The horrifying image we see in Mahavarat and Karbala was result of internal contradiction of monarchy: the main point was who will be king. The sword of Ashoka took innumerable people’s blood before he embraced Buddhism. The Islamist atrocities of Aurongojev arose from the greed of confining power in the hands of narrow sect by suppressing other sects of the whole India, as a result of that, after two hundred years, India was officially divided.
Feudalist interest lies in sucking the blood of people. The feudal kings, monarchs, Jaminders (big land lords) and Jotedars (Small land lords) are the exploiting classes against peasants who are serf in feudalism. Peasants’ Lands, families and everything are properties of Jaminders except a piece of land they are allotted to till for their own, which makes the difference from ancient slave. In the society of religion-ist, there are even full slave whom the owners may kill too. And the half of society: women are slaves of men.
Therefore, it does not matter whether religion-ists asks to worship to God or to Supreme spirit, but in its essence there is material interest: sectarianism, monarchy, and feudalism, above all endless exploitation of people. This is why it took the form of fascism. It wants to take human back to decadent past of the old days by taking feudalism as the basis. If we want to build a communist-trend society, we must fight against those. Those who don’t want to fight against that are making trick. They are deceiving people. We must smash all types of hoax and deception.

Communist Party Marxist-Leninism-Maoist Bangladesh