Siraj Sikder Works: On Socialism, Class Struggle and Social Revolution

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via  on 28 August 2014. Party edited the translation on 4 February 2017




The six mountains’ lackey the reactionary Awami League is saying of establishing Socialism through Mujib-ism.

The Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists, Kazi-Rono-Amol Sen, Deben-Bashar also are saying of Socialism and declaring solidarity with Mujib-ist Socialism.

The Rob group (presently the National Socialist Party) is saying of class struggle, social revolution and scientific Socialism.

Mowlana Bhashani is saying of Islamic Socialism.

The Indian expansionists too are saying about establishing Socialism.

The Soviet Social Imperialists and their revisionist lackeys are also saying about Socialism.

The talking and activities of those various forms of so-called socialists made confusion among the people about Socialism. Many of the people are being deceived as a result.

Therefore it has been urgent necessity to make distinction between the genuine and the false and reactionary Socialism domestically and internationally, and unmask the false and reactionary Socialism in front of people to show their real traitor and lackey face.

Emergence of Socialism

In Europe, the capitalist production system was borne in feudalist society. The development of this new production system was regularly hindered by feudalism; and at a certain period, its development was impossible without the overthrow of feudalism.

Right at that moment, the revolution of overthrowing feudalism occurred and established capitalist social system.

In capitalist system, workers and owners (that is, the bourgeoisie) were created.

The theory of Socialism first emerged in the course of absolute sufferings of workers, rapid fall of feudalism and breaking apart of the petit bourgeoisie.

In this way, petit bourgeoisie Socialism, feudalist Socialism, feudal aristocratic Socialism emerged. Then comes the utopian socialists.

They showed the sufferings of workers and poor people of the society, said that it is worse; some said that the older society was better. Some indulged in day-dream to solve this condition, but none could find the origin of the condition of the society and its way out.

This is Karl Marx who first discovered the law of social development, found the errors other Socialism had and produced the theory of scientific Socialism.

Marx and Engels in their whole life carried uncompromising struggle against all forms of false and reactionary Socialism and defeated and smashed the theories of those so-called Socialism.

Theoretical basis of Socialism

Socialism of all the socialists prior to Marx was utopian and unreal because still modern industries and working class did not develop. Still the working class did not understand the essence of capitalism, nor the relation of exploitation between capitalist and working class, and own historic mission.

The working class would destroy machineries and used to carry spontaneous struggle. About that situation, Engels said, This historical situation also dominated the founders of Socialism. To the crude conditions of capitalistic production and the crude class conditions (condition of the working class—Writer) correspond crude theories (that is, the Utopian and unreal theories of Socialism—Writer).”

“In the course of development of capitalism, its victory over feudalism, development of science and organized and conscious economic and political struggle of the working class, it could understand the essence of the capitalist society and realized the relation of exploitation between the classes and own historic mission. Marx and Engels summed up it and produced Marxism.” [2]

Marx-Engels struggled against utopian Socialism and different other unscientific, unreal Socialism and established the victory of the theory of Scientific Socialism. Marxism was accepted as the only guiding theoretical basis of the world working class.

The bourgeoisie and their agents, being failed to directly defeat Marxism, disguised themselves as Marxist and tried to distort and correct Marxism from the interest of the bourgeoisie. They are known as revisionist and opportunist in communist movement.

After the death of Marx, Engels carried the struggle against the so-called Socialism of the revisionists and opportunists.

After Engels died, the revisionists captured the leadership of political parties of the working class of almost all the countries and made those parties protector of the interest of the bourgeoisie.

The Great Lenin carried uncompromising struggle against the lackeys of the bourgeoisie the revisionists and opportunists, overthrew the distortions of Marxist scientific Socialism, defended and established Marxism.

Marx solved the problems of the era of development of capitalism. Capitalism developed and reached to its highest stage of development the imperialism. The Great Lenin discovered the laws of social development of that era, solved the problems of Social Revolution and for the first time made the working class leading the seizure of power in Russia, established the Dictatorship of Proletariat, and for the first time in world, established a socialist state.

Thus Lenin defended Marxism, developed it and raised it to the stage of Leninism.

After Lenin’s death, Stalin defended the purity of Marxism-Leninism by carrying struggle against the opportunists and revisionists; transformed the backward agro based Soviet Union into a modern industrial based Soviet Union and smashed fascism in the Second World War.

After the Second World War, in Great China, the Chinese Communist Party, led by Chairman Mao Tse-tung, seized power. In Asia, proletariat seized power in North Korea, North Vietnam, and in Europe in Albania, Rumania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, East Germany etc. Countries.

Thus, one third of the world people took the path of Socialist Social System.

After the death of Stalin, modern revisionists [3] led by Khrushchev captured power of the Soviet Union via quo de ’tat, transformed the Soviet Socialist State into a Social Imperialist State, restored capitalism in the country, carried fascist repression and transformed the Soviet Communist Party into a Bourgeoisie Fascist Party.

The Soviet revisionists are making reactionary effort to restore capitalism in various socialist countries. In many of those countries, they have been able to restore capitalism, made them own colonies or dependent countries [4].

They are making vile effort to smash the pure Socialist Countries.

They are helping the hoax of Socialism of the opportunists and bourgeoisie of different countries, and defending that.

Chairman Mao Tse-tung fought against the revision and distortion of Marxism-Leninism by the modern revisionists and opportunists, defended Marxism-Leninism, solved the problems of revolution of the Era of Collapse of Imperialism and the Era of Social Imperialism, and raised Marxism-Leninism to the stage of Mao Tse-tung Thought.

This is why the theoretical basis of the present era Scientific Socialism is Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought. Without taking Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought as theoretical basis, there can be no Scientific Socialism.

The victory of the theory and path of Socialism in various countries made that theory and path popular worldwide and the workers-peasants masses have taken it as the only path of their liberation.

To seize the opportunity of popularity of the theory and path of Socialism, the exploiting classes and lackeys have disguised themselves as socialist, and are making futile attempt to carry National Treachery and Fascism by posing themselves under socialist label.

The Awami League fascists took Six Points program and later in the name of bringing independence, made the country subordinate to others. Then, they don’t have any program.

Because of the popularity of Socialism and own programlessness, they are making futile attempt to deceive the masses and sustain themselves by mongering the phrase of Socialism.

They are speaking of establishing the so-called Socialism through National Treachery and Fascism, that is, Mujib-ism. The Awami League fascists make such bogus logic: “If Marx can establish Marxism, Lenin can establish Leninism, Mao Tse-tung can establish Maoism, so why can’t we establish Mujib-ism and establish Socialism through that.”

Thus, by taking the opportunity of the popularity of Socialism, the Mujib-ists, in the name of establishing Socialism, are making evil effort to resist the course of establishing genuine Socialism.

The Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists, other than fighting against Mujib-ist Socialist Hoax and unmasking it, have declared solidarity with that.

Huq-Toha, Motin-Alauddin, Deben-Bashar, Kazi-Rono other than unmasking the Islamic Socialism of the Petit Bourgeoisie Feudalist Socialist Mowlana Bhashani, have been Tailing behind him sine long. Some of them have declared solidarity with Mujib-ists too.

The Rob group, without accepting Marxism-Leninism as theoretical basis, is deceiving people by saying Socialism.

Thus, they, by taking the opportunity of the unpopularity of the Mujib-ists and the popularity of Socialism, are saying of establishing Scientific Socialism, making effort of seizing power and resisting the course of establishing genuine scientific Socialism.

The declaration in the Conference of the Representatives of various countries in 1957 in Moscow and the Conference of the Representatives of 80 parties held in Moscow in 1960 called for uncompromising struggle against such type of Socialists.

The modern revisionists and other revisionists, by not waging hard struggle against those so-called Bourgeoisie Reactionary and Imperialist Lackey Socialists, are defending them, tailing behind them and betraying with Domestic and International Communist Movement.

The theoretical basis of those so-called socialists is to deceive people, justify exploitation and plunder by the domestic and international exploiters under the label of Socialism, sustain that, make confusion among the people about the theory of Socialism, make that unpopular to them and inflict damage to the Domestic and International Communist Movement.

Social Stage and Revolution

Marxism teaches us that society advances through its own law of development. Society advances from Primitive Communist Society to Slave Society, Slave Society to Feudal Society, Feudal Society to Capitalist Society, Capitalist Society to Socialist Society, Socialist Society to Communist Society, and the Communist Society constantly develops to higher stages of Communism.

According to this law of social development, Social Revolution also occurs.

It is a free from human will material law that revolution will be carried according to the present stage of East Bengal society in its social development.

In East Bengal, the colonial exploitation of the Indian expansionists exists, the exploitation of Soviet Social Imperialists, US-led imperialist countries and their lackeys, and that of the remnants of feudalists.

This why East Bengal is a Colonial-Semi Feudal country, that is, the National Democratic Revolution of East Bengal remained unfinished.

In order to reach East Bengal society to the capitalist stage, the Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism, US-led Imperialism and their lackeys have to be overthrown by National Revolution, and Feudalism has to be overthrown by Democratic Revolution. That means, the incomplete National Democratic Revolution must be completed.

That is why the revolution that corresponds to the present Colonial-Semi Feudal stage of the society of East Bengal is National Democratic Revolution.

This National Democratic Revolution will end foreign exploitation, that is, ending the foreign competition in East Bengal Market, and end feudalism creating the condition for bourgeoisie development thereby.

That is why National Democratic Revolution is a Bourgeoisie Democratic one, the target of which is to create the condition of development of Capitalism, that is, to raise Society to the stage of Capitalism. The principal contradiction of that capitalist society is Bourgeoisie versus Working Class (The National Democratic Revolution on the one hand is to resolve the National contradiction with international exploiters, and peasants’ contradiction with domestic feudalism on the other, consequently the contradiction bourgeoisie versus working class becomes principal).

Socialist Revolution corresponds to this capitalist social stage.

This is why only after accomplishing National Democratic Revolution, Socialist Revolution (the revolution of overthrowing capitalism) can be initiated and guided.

Chairman Mao said, “The Democratic and the Socialist Revolutions are two essentially different Revolutionary processes, and the second process can be carried through only after the first has been completed.” [5]

That is, only after completing National Democratic Revolution, Socialist Revolution can be guided and completed. One can reach to the second floor of a building after crossing the first floor.

The Six Mountains’ Lackey Bourgeoisie is saying of establishing Socialism through Mujib-ism. What does that signify?

In East Bengal, the colonial exploitation of Indian Expansionists; Imperialist and Social Imperialist exploitation and internal feudal exploitation exists. The Mujib-ists by saying of Socialism without overthrowing those, are actually sustaining the subservience of East Bengal and her Feudal character and are sub-serving the Six Mountains.

The Rob group is saying of establishing Scientific Socialism.

Other than saying of finishing the unfinished National Democratic Revolution, by saying Scientific Socialism, they want to capture power via overthrow of Mujib-ists, and want to establish colony of US Imperialism, sustain exploitation by the pro-US section of India and the East Bengal Feudalists.

To say making of Socialist Revolution without making of National Democratic Revolution is a Trotskyite deviation. At the present era, the Trotskyites are directed by the US-led Imperialism. Therefore, by saying of Socialism without making of National Democratic Revolution of East Bengal, the Rob group is proving that they are Trotskyite and are directed by the US-led imperialists.

East Bengal is a Colony of India. Here exists the exploitation of Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism and US led imperialism. At present, the main struggle in East Bengal is National Struggle which is the struggle to make East Bengal independent through overthrowing Indian Expansionism and its lackeys and at the same time, Soviet Social Imperialism and its lackeys and US led Imperialism and its lackeys. That means, between the National and Democratic aspect of the unfinished National Democratic Revolution, National Revolution is principal.

The workers-peasants-petit bourgeoisie masses of East Bengal, by being united with patriotic bourgeoisie and patriotic feudalists, are carrying National Struggle.  Consequently, Peasants’ struggle against the patriotic feudalists, and the struggle of workers against the patriotic bourgeoisie became secondary, and the unity among those classes got prominence (As the type of unity got prominence among the various patriotic classes and sections in East Bengal during anti Pak Military Fascist National Liberation Struggle).

Therefore, by saying of Class Struggle, the Rob group actually is opposing National Struggle of East Bengal and trying to keep aside the vision of people from Indian Expansionism, Social Imperialism and Imperialism, and making effort of destroying the struggling unity of the whole nation of East Bengal against them.

Thus, the Rob group, in the name of class struggle, are making futile attempt to sustain Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism, US-led Imperialism, that is, to keep East Bengal subordinate to others.

The Moni Singh-Mozaffar modern revisionists and their master the Soviet Social Imperialists are supporting Socialism through Mujib-ism.

That means they recognize that the Bourgeoisie Democratic Revolution of East Bengal has been completed.

The meaning of that is that there is no Colonial Exploitation of Indian Expansionism in East Bengal, nor there is any Soviet Social Imperialist, US led Imperialist or Internal Feudalist exploitation.

It proves that they are sub-serving the foreign exploiters, their domestic lackeys and feudalists. They are national traitor and servant of feudalism.

Therefore, they are lackeys of Awami League. People correctly call them the ‘B’ team.

Kazi-Rono and Deben-Bashar, by declaring solidarity with Mujibist Socialism, Democracy, Nationalism and Secularism, that is, National Treachery and fascism, have accepted the theory that National Democratic Revolution has completed. (Though currently they are saying that National Democratic Revolution has not been accomplished)

The Method of Struggle of National Democratic Revolution and Socialist Revolution

Since the birth of Marxism, life and death struggle has been going on between the proletarian revolutionaries and opportunist, revisionist and the lackeys of imperialism on whether   Democratic Revolution and Socialist Revolution will go through peaceful means or violence.

The imperialism’s lackey bourgeoisie say about peacefully carrying National Democratic Revolution through making compromise with imperialism.

The bourgeoisie of Indo-Pak had said to make the country independent (Actually making it newly subordinate to others) through non-violent path by making compromise with the British colonialists.

It ended up with renewed dependence than independence, and the Pak-Indo became a new colony or semi-colony in place of colony.

The revisionists say of carrying National Democratic Revolution by peaceful means through parliament. On the other side, the Marxists say that National Democratic or Socialist Revolution is not possible without violence.

Chairman Mao said, “Revolutions and revolutionary wars are inevitable in class society, and without them it is impossible to accomplish any leap in social development and to overthrow the reactionary ruling classes and therefore impossible for the people to win political power. [6]

The revisionists, by abandoning revolutionary war, became the tail of the bourgeoisie. Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists stepped forward in the blind path of election under the Election Structure of fascist Yahya. When that path proved bankrupt, they took the wrong path of non-violence non-cooperation and at last fled to India in face severe military attack by the Pak military fascists.

In India, they tailed behind the national traitor fascist Awami Legue, became running dog and mercenary army of the Indian expansionism and Soviet Social Imperialists and sold East Bengal to India.

At last, they invited and brought Indian expansionists inside and handed over East Bengal to India.

Thus, the Soviet modern revisionists’ and their lackey Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists’ theory of making revolution peacefully proved totally bankrupt. In case of East Bengal, even national counter revolution could not occur through peaceful means, let alone National Democratic Revolution (that is, India could not capture East Bengal peacefully).

At present, they, by taking part in election, are making effort to establish the so-called Socialism.

In capitalist and imperialist countries, the modern revisionists are fantasizing of bringing Socialism through peaceful means via achieving majority in parliament or by the pressure of mass struggle inside and outside parliament, or by making structural change of the state. [7]

The reactionary ruling classes are not Buddha, and will never handover power gently.

They will try till the end to protect their interest through military bureaucratic state machinery. With that aim, they are the first to apply force.

Therefore, proletariat has no way but seize state power by smashing the bureaucratic military state machinery, firstly the armed force.

The Communist Party of Indonesia, via Sukarno (via bourgeoisie) followed the revisionist path of making National Democratic Revolution and seizure of power via peaceful means.

As a consequence of that, several hundred thousand communists and patriotic revolutionaries lost their lives and Indonesian revolution suffered huge losses.

By saying about establishing Socialism through peaceful means and carrying National Democratic Revolution, even Socialist Revolution via bourgeoisie, the modern revisionists are betraying with proletariat and masses, making proletariat unprepared and sustaining the bourgeoisie. The modern revisionists are actually sub-serving the bourgeoisie.

The Rob group is saying scientific Socialism, class struggle and social revolution, but is advancing towards the blind path of parliamentary election. They are denying armed struggle.

Kazi-Rono, Amol Sen, Deben-Bashar and Co. are opposing armed struggle, saying of participating in election under Bhashani’s leadership and actually have made themselves slave of Awami fascists by giving them bond that they will carry legal struggle.

The unfinished National Democratic Revolution of East Bengal has to be finished via armed struggle by rejecting the path of those revisionists and traitors.

This great armed struggle of the National Democratic Revolution has to be carried according to the strategy and tactics of people’s war; first rural areas have to be liberated and then, cities have to be encircled by rural areas, and at last by seizing cities, the whole East Bengal has to be liberated.

If the National Democratic Revolution of East Bengal is guided by proletariat, only then the possibility will be created for peaceful transition to Socialism.

The meaning of completing National Democratic Revolution under the leadership of proletariat is that the proletariat has built own armed force through armed struggle and proletariat has achieved ownership of the state in the main, balance of power came to the side of proletariat, which will compel the bourgeoisie to accept the program of proletariat of Socialist Revolution.

Therefore, it is indispensable to achieve proletarian class leadership in National Democratic Revolution to incessantly carry Socialist Revolution peacefully.

As National Democratic Revolution in China, North Korea, North Vietnam was carried under the leadership of the proletariat, the Socialist Revolution could advance peacefully without armed struggle with internal bourgeoisie (Korea confronted outside imperialist attack, Vietnam is still confronting attack).

Class Struggle, Scientific Socialism and Dictatorship of Proletariat

Since the birth of Marxism, life and death struggle is going on between on the one side Marxists and on the other the revisionists, opportunists and bourgeoisie on the question of establishing and sustaining Dictatorship of Proletariat. Severe struggle is going on between Marxists-Leninists and the revisionists, opportunists and domestic and international enemies of East Bengal on the question of the Dictatorship of Proletariat.

The Rob group is saying of establishing Socialism through Social Revolution, but not saying about the Dictatorship of Proletariat.

The Mujib-ists are claiming that Socialism has been established, but not saying about the Dictatorship of Proletariat.

The Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists, Kazi-Rono-Amol Sen, Deben-Bashar revisionists are saying about Socialism by deducting the Dictatorship of Proletariat.

Mowlana Bhashani too is not saying about the Dictatorship of Proletariat.

The modern revisionists of the world led by the Soviet modern revisionists have abandoned the Dictatorship of Proletariat.

Whatever demagogy those so-called socialists make of class struggle, social revolution and Socialism, their Socialism is establishing the dictatorship of the reactionaries and sustaining that.

The reason is that the state is a machine to suppress one class by another. One class carries dictatorship on another via it. Therefore, the state is either Dictatorship of Proletariat or that of bourgeoisie or reactionaries.

This is why Lenin said, “It is often said and written that the main point in Marx’s theory is the class struggle. But this is wrong. And this wrong notion very often results in an opportunist distortion of Marxism and its falsification in a spirit acceptable to the bourgeoisie. For the theory of the class struggle was created not by Marx, but by the bourgeoisie before Marx, and, generally speaking, it is acceptable to the bourgeoisie. Those who recognize only the class struggle are not yet Marxists; they may be found to be still within the bounds of bourgeois thinking and bourgeois politics. To confine Marxism to the theory of the class struggle means curtailing Marxism, distorting it, reducing it to something acceptable to the bourgeoisie. Only he is a Marxist who extends the recognition of the class struggle to the recognition of the dictatorship of the proletariat. That is what constitutes the most profound distinction between the Marxist and the ordinary petty (as well as big) bourgeois.” [8]

Marx himself said, “And now as to myself, no credit is due to me for discovering the existence of classes in modern society or the struggle between them. Long before me bourgeois historians had described the historical development of this class struggle and bourgeois economists, the economic anatomy of classes. What I did that was new was to prove: (1) that the existence of classes is only bound up with the particular, historical phases in the development of production, (2) that the class struggle necessarily leads to the dictatorship of the proletariat, (3) that this dictatorship itself only constitutes the transition to the abolition of all classes and to a classless society.” [9]

Therefore, one can’t be Marxist only by saying about class struggle. The recognition of class struggle must be extended to the recognition of dictatorship of proletariat.

The doctrine of dictatorship of proletariat drew a fundamental line of distinction between Utopian, bourgeoisie reactionary Socialism and scientific Socialism.

So, despite saying Class Struggle and Scientific Socialism by the Rob group, they are US lackeys, and the Mujib-ists are the lackeys of Six Mountains disguised as Socialist.

Bhashani is Petit Bourgeoisie Feudalist Socialist in the name of Islamic Socialism.

The Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists and their master Soviet modern revisionists, Kazi-Rono-Amol Sen and Deben-Bashar and Co. by saying Socialism through abandoning dictatorship of proletariat, are proving that they are revisionists disguised as Marxist.

State Characteristics in the stage of New Democratic Revolution and Socialist Revolution

State is only a machinery of suppression of one class by another. That is, a machinery of class oppression.

State emerges with the emergence of class society. State is a machine to carry dictatorship over one class by another.

The owner of the state of East Bengal is the representatives of Indian Expansionism, Soviet Social Imperialism, US led Imperialism, East Bengal Feudalism and Bureaucratic Capitalism. They, too, are carrying fascist dictatorship over the people of East Bengal through state machinery.

The Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists are welcoming this state as National Democratic. Even they are welcoming the Mujib-ist hoax of Socialism and constitution.

The Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists are believing that the representatives of the Bureaucratic Bourgeoisie and Feudalists through carrying exploitation and plunder and fascist dictatorship through their military bureaucratic state machinery are establishing Socialism.

How much they have abandoned Marxism!

In course of the National Democratic Revolution, the present state machinery, mainly the army of East Bengal must have to be smashed through armed struggle, new state machinery, mainly army has to be built and state based on People’s Joint Democratic Dictatorship has to be established.

The new state machinery of East Bengal will be used to suppress the lackeys of the foreign exploiters and the feudalists and to resist foreign attack.

The People’s Joint Democratic Dictatorship will be the Joint Dictatorship of all the Patriotic Classes led by Proletariat.

The reason behind the joint dictatorship is that the peasants, petit bourgeoisie, even the national bourgeoisie also take part in National Democratic Revolution.

This is why Chairman Mao called that dictatorship ‘People’s Democratic Dictatorship’. People’s Democratic Dictatorship assures democracy among the people and carries dictatorship over the enemies.

The leadership of proletariat in people’s democratic dictatorship proves that it is a form of proletarian dictatorship. On the other side, state in the course of Socialist Revolution will be of Dictatorship of Proletariat.

The Role of Proletariat in Class Struggle, Social Revolution and Dictatorship of Proletariat

The Rob group is saying of class struggle and social revolution, but not leadership of Proletariat.

At the present era, without the leadership of proletariat, not only it is impossible to carry Class Struggle and Social Revolution in correct path, but also there is possibility of class compromise and social counterrevolution to happen.

After the emergence of imperialism, no bourgeoisie democratic revolution can occur under the leadership of the bourgeoisie. This is because the bourgeoisie are weak as class, easily they can be bought by the imperialism and be their lackey and show vacillation.

Though the Indo-Pak bourgeoisie carried independence movement and brought independence by making compromise with British, they protected the interest of the British and other imperialists and kept continued their indirect plunder and exploitation.

Thus, from direct colony, the Indo-Pak became a semi-colony. They compromised with feudalism too and sustained that. Therefore, National Democratic Revolution remained unfinished.

That is why at present era, the bourgeoisie leadership is not even able to accomplish National Democratic Revolution which is indispensable for their own development.

The bourgeoisie leadership of East Bengal, while carrying National Democratic Revolution i.e. Social Revolution, made Social Counterrevolution, created obstacle in own development by handing over own market to the Indian Expansionism, thus betrayed with own class.

Why? It is because of their class weakness.

If they were equal to Tata-Romola-Birola, fearing competition, they would never welcome the Indian Expansionists.

That is why, at the present era, without the leadership of Proletariat, it is not possible to carry National Democratic Revolution, Class Struggle and Social Revolution.

The highest form of class struggle and national struggle is class war and national war respectively.

It also can’t be directed in correct path without proletarian leadership; but end up in class and national compromise or class and national counterrevolutionary war under bourgeoisie leadership.

The Awami League fascists made no plan of resisting the Pak military fascist attack, but spontaneously they did some resistance in wrong path. At last, when that broke down, they fled to India for their safety and became fuel of artillery of Indian Expansionism. They made the war a counterrevolutionary war of National Subservience. In that war, they not only opposed Proletarian Class Leadership, but also gave priority to the act of annihilation of them.

Thus, war that was carried in exchange of hundreds of thousands of people’s blood, went in vain. Chairman Mao said, “In this era, any revolutionary war will definitely end in defeat if it lacks, or runs counter to, the leadership of the proletariat and the Communist Party”. [10]

“The People’s democratic dictatorship needs the leadership of the working class. For it is only the working class that is most far-sighted, most selfless and most thoroughly revolutionary. The entire history of revolution proves that without the leadership of the working class revolution fails and that with the leadership of the working class revolution triumphs”. [11]

He further added, “…the proletariat and the Communist Party are the ones most free from narrow-mindedness and selfishness, are politically the most far-sighted, the best organized and the readiest to learn with an open mind from the experience of the vanguard class, the proletariat, and its political party throughout the world and to make use of this experience in their own cause. Hence only the proletariat and the Communist Party can lead the peasantry, the urban petty bourgeoisie and bourgeoisie, can overcome the narrow-mindedness of the peasants and the petty bourgeoisie, the destructiveness of the unemployed masses, and also (provided the Communist Party does not err in its policy) the vacillation and lack of thoroughness of the bourgeoisie, can lead the revolution and the war on to the road of victory.” [12]

The National Democratic Revolution must be directed under the Leadership of Proletariat. It is a free of will material law of social development of the present era.

Chairman Mao termed National Democratic Revolution as New Democratic Revolution (In opposition to that, the National Democratic Revolution led by bourgeoisie is Old Democratic Revolution, the end of that is colonial or semi colonial, feudal or semi feudal country).

The meaning of revolution having proletarian class leadership means keeping the direction of the movement of social development. That is, complete end of expansionist, social imperialist, imperialist exploitation and feudalist exploitation, that is, accomplishment of National Democratic Revolution.

Socialist Revolution can be carried only by completing that revolution.

In other word, “Proletarian leadership has fundamentally changed the whole face of the revolution (National Democratic Revolution–Author), has brought about a new alignment of classes, given rise to a tremendous upsurge in the peasant revolution, imparted thoroughness to the revolution against imperialism and feudalism, created the possibility of the transition from the democratic revolution to the socialist revolution.” [13]

Thus, Proletarian Leadership adjoins Bourgeoisie Democratic Revolution to Socialist Revolution.

The Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists say by correcting the law of social revolution, “We have to accept bourgeoisie leadership in Bourgeoisie Democratic Revolution until extensive development of productive force i.e. working class.”

That is why they willingly handover leadership of Bourgeoisie Democratic Revolution of East Bengal to the bourgeoisie, that is, the Awami fascists. That reactionary theory produces the treacherous logic of abiding by fascist leadership of Awami League, that is, tailing behind them.

By showing the logic that ‘Without extensive development of productive force, Socialist Revolution can’t be made’, the Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists are tailing behind the Awami League fascist national traitor government and giving them chance to produce productive force i.e. working class.

What a treacherous logic!

The six mountains’ lackey the Awami fascists are keeping foreign exploitation and plunder, made East Bengal a colony of India, sustained feudalist exploitation, that is, kept National Democratic Revolution unfinished and newly transformed East Bengal into a colonial semi-feudal East Bengal. So, how is bourgeoisie development and in opposition to that, development of working class possible?

The Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists through constant treason forgot the ABC of Marxism.

During the time of National Democratic Revolution led and accomplished by Proletariat, State is a Joint Dictatorship of patriotic classes led by Proletariat. It is a form of Dictatorship of Proletariat.

In Socialist Society, State is of Proletarian Dictatorship.

Proletarian class leadership is indispensable to carry Dictatorship of Proletariat. Chairman Mao said, “The People’s democratic dictatorship needs the leadership of the working class.” [14]

“The leadership of proletariat is given by its political party. This Party is composed of the advanced elements of the proletariat; it is a vigorous vanguard organization leading the proletariat and the revolutionary masses in the fight against the class (and national–Author) enemy.” [15]

The theoretical basis of this party is Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought.

The Rob group is saying of class struggle, making of social revolution and establishing of Socialism without a political party of proletariat guided on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought.

The meaning of saying class struggle, social revolution and establishing Socialism is making struggle, social revolution and establishing Socialism under the leadership of bourgeoisie and reactionaries.

Thus, Rob group is saying of reactionaries’ leadership leaving the leadership of the political party of proletariat, the end of which is class compromise in the name of class struggle, social counter revolution in the name of social revolution, exploitation and plunder of US imperialism and its lackeys and establishing fascist dictatorship in the name of scientific Socialism.

The Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists, Kazi-Rono, Amol Sen, Deben-Bashar and other domestic-international revisionists and reactionaries, in the name of National Democratic Revolution, Class Struggle, making Social Revolution and establishing Socialism without political party of proletariat guided on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought, is helping domestic-international exploitation, plunder and fascist dictatorship.

The events of East Bengal proves that the outcome of reactionary leadership in place of proletarian class political party guided on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought in Liberation Struggle of East Bengal people, is repetition of National Treason, Fascist Dictatorship, Domestic and International Exploitation and Plunder similar to Awmi League fascists.

The Economy of National Democratic Revolution and Socialist Revolution

National Democratic Revolution is the revolution of creating condition for bourgeoisie development by eliminating the competition of foreign bourgeoisie and internal feudalism.

Therefore, in the course of this revolution, personal ownership will be defended and the foreign capital and foreign related capital will be nationalized and lands have to be distributed among landless peasants by completely overthrowing feudalism.

The Bangladesh puppet government is saying about Socialism but still has not accomplished National Democratic Revolution. They have not confiscated any imperialist capital and capital related to that. They are letting imperialist capital to freely infiltrate, keeping Indian expansionist plunder, letting Social Imperialist plunder and have not overthrown feudalism.

Thus, East Bengal remained colonial semi-feudal (Moni-Mozaffar traitors are denying that).

In Socialist Society, Land is transformed from Personal Ownership to Social Ownership through Cooperative and finally through Commune.

Production (factories and industries), distribution (Shops, wholesale and retail), transport and all are carried under state ownership from private ownership.

Man/woman works according to his/her ability and gets payment according to work.

In this economic system, the exploitation of man by man, that is, extraction of surplus value of workers and peasants by the owners is banned.

Workers-peasants, intellectuals and other employees get a part of the surplus value they produce by their labor, while rest is utilized by the state for their welfare as the resource of development of society.

The six mountains’ lackeys of East Bengal are saying of Socialism, but have kept private ownership in all level and even kept bureaucrat’s ownership and foreign capital’s ownership in state owned factories and industries.

Therefore, in terms of economy too, this government is not even National Democratic, let alone Socialist.

The Politics of National Democratic Revolution and Socialist Revolution

In course of National Democratic Revolution, proletariat must achieve the leadership of revolution, show the vacillation of the bourgeoisie and take the line of unity and struggle with them. They must maintain own independence and sovereignty, and in no way, they can be the tail of the bourgeoisie.

The meaning of becoming the tail of the bourgeoisie will be serving the interest of the bourgeoisie, doing harm to revolution and letting the bloodshed of proletariat and people go in vain.

Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists, by leaving own independent role, became the tail of the bourgeoisie.

The leadership of the Communist Party of Indonesia had accepted the leadership of the bourgeoisie and abandoned own independence and sovereignty. Their hundreds of thousands comrades lost their lives as a consequence of that.

Similarly by being the tail of the bourgeoisie, aren’t the Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionists making their own burial?

The proletariat must build Workers-Peasants Alliance, unify the petit bourgeoisie and take the line of unity and struggle with the bourgeoisie.

Therefore, they have to organize peasants in the villages, free the peasants by overthrowing their enemy the feudalists, and thus bring them under proletarian leadership.

In socialist society, the main problem is to resist restoration of political power by bourgeoisie.

Therefore, constantly class struggle has to be waged against the bourgeoisie and proletarian dictatorship has to be strengthened.

The Proletarian Cultural Revolution must be carried under the proletarian class dictatorship.

Socialism and Communism

The Mujib-ists and the Rob group are saying about Socialism and classless society etc. Classes and class struggle exist in a socialist society.

This is why Dictatorship of Proletariat is the state characteristics in socialist society.

This Dictatorship and State System will exist until the transition from Socialism to Communism.

It is possible to eliminate State after worldwide overthrow of capitalist society.

Therefore, only Communist Society is classless and free from exploitation.

The Mujib-ists are saying that East Bengal has already become classless at present because the Pak military fascists have made everyone proletariat.

If classless, then why there is Police, Military, Jail and State?

Those are to defend properties of riches and to defend foreign exploiters. It proves that classes exist in East Bengal.

In order to liquidate that class, Revolutionary Dictatorship of Proletariat is needed. By not saying that, the Rob group and Awami League is just deceiving people.

In order to reach classless society, National Democratic Revolution must have to be accomplished; Socialist Revolution must have to be carried through establishing the Dictatorship of Proletariat; only then classless society, that is, communism can be established.

The Victory of People is Inevitable

The reactionary socialists, by the phrase of Socialism, are making futile attempt to deceive people and exploit and plunder them forever.

But today or tomorrow, people will be able to understand their deception and treason and throw them to the dustbin of history.

The people of Indo-Pak never accepted the ruthless exploitation and plunder by the British colonial ruling regime, and have carried resistance against them.

At last, the British bandits were overthrown.

The people of East Bengal struggled against the political, economic, especially religious oppression of the reactionary section of the Hindu Zamindars (Big Feudal Land Lord –Translator) and Jotdars (Small Feudal Land Lords –Translator) depended on British colonial bandits. At last they were overthrown. People of East Bengal joined Pakistan in order to liberate themselves from that oppression.

But the non-Bengali ruling regime of Pakistan, other than letting people of East Bengal have free development in political, economic, cultural and other spheres, carried National Oppression and made East Bengal a Colony.

People of East Bengal fought against that.

Once Muslim League, the political party that carried independence for Pakistan and its leader Jinnah was at the peak of popularity. Gradually, they lost popularity.

In the Indo-Pak war of 1965, as people’s support was with Pakistan, India failed to capture East Bengal or Pakistan.

The same people of East Bengal, to achieve National Right, oppose Pakistan than supporting her. They fought a bloody Armed Struggle for National Liberation.

The arrogant saying of the Pak military fascists that ‘No force of earth can separate East Bengal’ proved lie.

East Bengal was separated.

People of East Bengal had put trust on the sweet words of the Awami fascists, lost their mind by the deception of the Indian expansionists and welcomed them as ally.

But the people of East Bengal have understood the treason of the Awami League fascists and the deception of the Indian Expansionists, and are struggling against them.

So, their elimination is inevitable.

In pre-revolutionary Soviet Union, there existed more than twelve parties who claimed as socialist. But people analyzed the words and activities of those socialists and considered whether or not they were able to lead people’s liberation struggle, and at last rejected them.

They determined Bolshevik party led by great leader Lenin as able to lead the liberation struggle and accepted its leadership.

Today, the people of East Bengal also are reviewing words and activities of the various forms of reactionary socialists and revisionists and verifying them whether or not they are able to give correct solution of the questions that arose in the course of liberation struggle.

Hence, today or tomorrow, they will reject the false and reactionary socialists and various forms of revisionists, and accept genuine socialists and revolutionaries.

People of East Bengal have understood the ‘B’ team character of the Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionist traitor clique, that is, their lackey character to Awami League fascists. Their doom is also fixed.

People have started to understand the position of Rob group; in the course of struggle, they will be able to understand their (Rob group) true lackey character to US as well as their similar character to Awami League. Their doom is also inevitable.

Also people have finished understanding the character of Kazi-Rono-Amol Sen, Deben-Bashar and Co…….. Their doom is also inevitable. Huq-Toha, Motin-Alauddin is making hundreds of efforts to pose them as revolutionary but their face is being unmasked in time and tide of the movement of society and their bankruptcy is being proven. Masses and their own cadres are leaving them. As last effort of posing themselves as revolutionary, through repeated split, they are attacking each other and each ones are making futile attempt to pose as pure revolutionary. Their doom is inevitable.

Therefore, people and people alone are the motive force of history. People are neither Buddha nor fool. Many times, they are much more intelligent than us. We are sometimes child and ridiculous compared to them.

At the present era, people want revolution, country wants independence and nation wants liberation.

Therefore, those who are deceiving people by thinking people as fool and themselves as much clever, and by mongering phrase and covering their face with revolutionary mask, are deceiving and betraying people, their fall will be much quicker than the past reactionaries.

But the reactionaries will not surrender willingly.  Make trouble, fail, make trouble again…fail again . . . till their doom—with this logic they will continue to make conspiracy, treason and trouble till their doom. It will cause set back and defeats in people’s liberation struggle. This is why the path of people’s liberation is zig zag and difficult.

“The socialist system will eventually replace the capitalist system; this is an objective law independent of man’s will. However much the reactionaries try to hold back the wheel of history, sooner or later revolution will take place and will inevitably triumph.”

The reactionary socialists, by mongering the phrase of Socialism can deceive some people for some days, but they will not be able to deceive all the people forever.

Chairman Mao said, “The next 50 to 100 years or so, beginning from now, will be a great era of radical change in the social system throughout the world, an earth-shaking era without equal in any previous historical period. Living in such an era, we must be prepared to engage in great struggles which will have many features different in form from those of the past.” [17]

He further added, “Revolution is the main tendency at present era.”[18]

The events of East Bengal and world prove the correctness of that great conclusion of Chairman Mao only.

The proletarian revolutionaries of East Bengal must fight against the variants of revisionists and reactionary socialists till the end, expose their faces and finally bury them.

We must guide people towards liberation, constantly carry revolution, accomplish National Democratic Revolution in East Bengal, initiate and guide Socialist Revolution and after finishing that we have to materialize communism.


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