Let’s face climate change ! – joint declaration of CPMLM and PBSP MUG

07 November, 2011

Today, the peoples of the world face an important challenge: climate change. Capitalist, colonial and semi-colonial developments have shaped the world, raising the productive forces, but also disturbing and destroying nature.

In a dialectical way, capitalism has brought the possibility for the world masses to live in a better world, but is also destroying the planet.

Marx and Engels were well aware of this process, and Engels stresses the importance of the contradiction between city and countryside. The city is born with the bourgeoisie and dies with the bourgeoisie. The people’s communes developed in China show the path.

The development in our respective countries shows it in a significant way.

The majority of the masses of Bangladesh face the arsenic contamination of drinking water; the cause of this is the non-scientific approach of the use of groundwater. Colonialism and semi-colonialism has pushed a process of blind development of exploitation, destroying the balance of nature as one of the price for it.

Diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis are illnesses that are in no way “natural”, but merely the consequences of the non-scientific development of the productive forces.

The colonial and semi-colonial development of Bangladesh has put the masses in the impossibility to face flood and cyclone and, driven the rivers to biological death through massive pollution, and deforested a country that was densely forested once upon a time, because of a production serving not the masses, but the imperialist companies and their bureaucratic lackeys.

Imperialist companies that are, for example, selling cheap clothes in France. France, as a capitalist country with a powerful bourgeois state, it doesn’t know Bangladesh’s reality. It lives in an imperialist bubble with a powerful social-democracy, Bangladesh seems far away.

But in fact the same problems can be seen, in a different way.

Paris is born as the city of the French bourgeoisie, and Baron Haussmann made the rebuilding of Paris at the end of the 19th century, giving it a common identity, full of bourgeois classicism and romanticism.

In this process, Paris has sucked the economical and cultural blood of all the country, and is still growing, pushing the poorest in suburbs without any economical and cultural rights, asphyxiating the cities in the next 300 kilometers, and being a model for all the others cities in the country, that follow the same course.

Everything is submitted in this process, France is transforming itself in one big city, with a Parisian center and some cities, and then a whole country of roads and half urbanized areas, with scattered factories.

Nature is considered as of no value, and the impossibility of expressing a human life brings then to despair, to fascism as a militant romanticism, an ideology pretending reshaping the body and mind.

If different, these kinds of problems are finally the same in Bangladesh and France, they are the results of capitalist, imperialist, colonial and semi-colonial developments.

The world masses want to live in a pacific, a progressive way, where they can improve culture and science, and they demand a world human civilization.

And they know that for this, they need the struggle, the people’s war against oppression and exploitation. The world masses won’t let the planet being totally shaped by capitalist exploitation and its pollution.

They want the beautiful mangrove forests of the Sundarbans to exist, they want to be able to see the stars in the sky in Paris, the “city of lights” that are artificial and serving only a bourgeois life, full of illusion and greed.

Let’s face climate change through the world revolution!

7 november 2011
Communist Party, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist (France)

Proletarian Party of East Bengal (PBSP) (Maoist Unity Group)/Bangladesh