CPMLM-BD Statement: Call On the occasion of the second anniversary of the establishment of Party and International Workers’ Solidarity Day: Sow New Seeds of Revolution! (1 May 2014)

CPMLM-BD Statement

1 May 2014

Call On the occasion of the second anniversary of the establishment of Party and International Workers’ Solidarity Day:

Sow New Seeds of Revolution!


Dear Comrades and friends!

The 1st of May is the International Workers’ Solidarity Day and our party’s second founding anniversary.

As everybody knows, May Day commemorates when in 1886, workers demanding an 8-hour working day, in the city of Chicago of USA, were shot dead by police. It was a momentous day in the history of the international labor movement.

At the moment the workers and toiling classes in Bangladesh are suffering in worsening conditions that are unspeakable. The sorrowful memory of the man-made Rana Plaza disaster and genocide trauma have not yet faded. Furthermore, the imperialists, government and NGOs have given several false promises to the workers. They are just joking with toiling men and women. On that situation our party declared a unique program. At that time, some people commented that was a “military statement.” These people follow the path of economism. That means limiting workers’ movements to some wage increasing only and not to lead the working class to the struggle of their fundamental interest – revolutionary movement of a communist type. The same economism expresses itself in the political field where the rich bourgeoisie and affluent feudal elites have encircled the common people in the name of so-called “democracy” with the voting system. Marx, Lenin, Mao and Comrade Siraj Sikdar struggled against such economistic reduction of the workers’ struggle their whole lives. They were the teachers of international working class. They taught Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Siraj Sikder’s Thought that emerged as a reality in our country, and we must abide by it. This means working towards revolution that will change things radically. The old society, which has stood on the exploitation of workers, peasants and toiling classes, must be overthrown and a new society of communist trend must be built.

Over the past few months or so, they were the grades bourgeoisie vote ‘national election’ – where participated the Awami League alone- and BNP-Jamaat participated upazila election due to greediness . Now around the disappearance – killing – kidnapping – perpetual figure extrajudicial executions to frighten ordinary people. Minimum wage of workers have dropped. The livelihood of farmers are in trouble. Disasters as a result of climate change and environmental destruction in the uttermost coldness of winter and summer warming has reached the uttermost. The government has increased the price of electricity. Load-shedding is intolerable. Closed sugar mills, farmers did not get payment. Indian expansionist colonial control has increased than ever before. Bangladesh is not getting the Teesta water. India is carrying border killings as usual. She has created fanatic Hinduism, also as a provocative result of increasing Bangladeshi Islamist activities. We’re hopeful that the development of people’s war in India will prevent it. Religion-ism is a poison, which had divided India. Of South Asia could still be free. Hinduism or Islamism, or on the basis of both religion-ism, for many centuries, Indian society and economy had been divided. Religion-ism is a type of fascism. The reactionary classes use backwardness, superstition and blindness to establish their rule and to keep people as medieval slaves. The religionists are showing the dream of after life heaven while they themselves lead a luxurious life by keeping their leg on the chest of the people.

The conflict has intensified among the international imperialists. Due to the Russian opposition in Syria, the U.S. and its European associates were unable to run aggression. In addition to Russia towards Europe, the growth of the boundary is approached. On the question of Ukraine against Russia, the U.S. and European threat dose not work.

Our party, CPMLM, is literally new, just two years since it was founded. Except ideological, we have no relation with any old trend. We’ll store it in the history of Bangladesh, which is something positive, some negative, which we’ll omit. They are the people who are joining with us in a new and fresh wave. They must study Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, and Siraj Sikder Thought. We have spread throughout the grades to be outdoors proletarian revolutionaries and even urge us to join the party. International proletariat is one. Proletariat of each country is contingent of that only. The bourgeoisie-exploiters and the proletariat are constantly at war everywhere from Bangladesh to America. Countries like ours are the center of gravity for proletarian revolution, because here’s where the most exploited people are. But the revolution will be everywhere. A few years ago, American and European centers of capital were blocked by a lot of the proletariat. One task of the proletariat of the imperialist countries is to support the revolution in countries like ours. But their main job is to make revolution in their own country. On the other side, revolution of countries like ours, a great support to the revolution of the proletariat will definitely sparks in imperialist countries. In order to advance the revolutionary process in our country, first we must establish party organization among people, as more and more areas across the country will be running a huge propaganda work, we must prepare ourselves for the struggle.

Communist Party Marxist – Leninist – Maoist Bangladesh