Siraj Sikder Works: Oppose the reactionary theory of the conspirators

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder


The Proletarian Party of East Bengal produced and published the original Bengali document in 1972

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published it online via on 20 March 2014. Party slightly edited the translation on 12 January 2017


The  reactionary  theories that are working as the basis of the anti-party, anti-people and counterrevolutionary activities of the Fazlu-Sultan clique are as follows:

‘Communists will have some personal interests’; ‘Can anyone deny sexual interest?’, ‘I am very much popular‘, ‘I am afraid to criticize face to face’ etc. Those are sheer bourgeoisie theory, what’s essence is personal interest.

We must carry struggle against those reactionary theories.

Communist ideology centers on the interest of the people. On the other side, ideology of all the exploiting classes centers on personal interest. Communists will not have any personal interest. They work completely for the emancipation of people and absolutely for people’s interest only. Only serving the people and people’s interest alone are the starting point of all of their activities.

We came from the petit bourgeoisie, feudalist and bourgeoisie society, and we are encircled by that. Naturally, we bring and constantly achieve various forms of personal interest.

Therefore, to be communist, we have to struggle against it, constantly wipe this out and judge our selves. Otherwise, various deviations will spoil us. Chairman Mao said, “Struggle individual interest, oppose revisionism.”

An ideal communist is such that there will be no personal interest. The minimum quality for communists is to subordinate individual interest under the interest of revolution, people and party.

To say that communists will have some individual interest is to maintain it, bring it up and not struggle against it.

What is the end of that? Its end is to struggle for party post, intrigue for being authority of party, make factional conspiracy, plan of secret killing; finally steal money-arms of party, and commit anti-party, anti-people and counterrevolutionary act.

The saying of having some individual interest is that hole, through which, all the personal interests of the Fazlu-Sultan clique have penetrated, individual interest got prominence, and they have been transformed into reactionaries.

So, If we do not struggle against all the individual interests in order to achieve the goal that communist will not have any personal interest, our end will also be like the Fazlu-Sultan clique.

The Fazlu-Sultan clique used to say: can sexuality be denied? It means that love with unchanged petit bourgeoisie girl can’t be given up because of sex. He has to marry her because of sex. That means, knowing that revolution, party and people will have to suffer, to marry unchanged intellectual girls only for sex and surrender to sex.

This is subordinating interest of revolution, people and party under sexual interest.

Fazlu, a few days  after joining the East Bengal Workers Movement, by being opportunist, appeared at examination so that he might marry after passing, wrote petit bourgeoisie style letter, engulfed himself in thinking of lover in jail; when getting out from jail, during extreme fascist torture by the Pak military fascists, gave prominence to the marriage; brought lover from personal interest, forgetting the responsibility of front, went home by violating security of own for the sake of security of lover, there he kept staying forgetting the responsibility of front for lover, lost money-arms; later when party gave him work, he showed ignorance to work by drowning himself in thinking about his lover; at last he want dismissal from that responsibility, had illusive imagination of lover; finally he took step to suicide in thinking about lover, got mental disorder and discontent to party by lover’s complain.

The Sultan clique, other than learning from his pre-party-joining lumpen life’s despotism regarding women, correcting it and being repentant for that, after he joined party, made occurrence regarding woman. Party, by investigating about him, cautioned him; but he, by not being repentant, repeated similar incident, conspired, lied and became opportunist.

Thus, the Fazlu-Sultan clique subordinated the interest of revolution and people under sexual interest.

What is the end of that?

Its end is the formation of the Fazlu-Sultan clique, making conspiracy, stealing party fund, and finally doing harm to party, revolution and people.

Philosophy is the summation and abstraction of natural and social science. Therefore, each and every struggle in social arena will inevitably reflect itself in philosophy. So, the struggle regarding the Fazlu-Sultan clique will be reflected in philosophy.

Marxists do not deny sex as it is material reality; that means matter exists itself.

But the difference of materialist and idealists is that materialists recognize matter, discover its law, transform it and bring it under us.

On the other side, the idealists deny that matter can be known fully and brought under our control. They say that matter will go according to the wish of nature.

If it is applied to sex, we find that idealists say that sex can’t be denied, while on the other side, the materialists say that sex can’t be denied but we can know its law and bring it under our control.

That means, matter exists itself and we can transform that into matter for ourselves.

Hence, sex can’t be denied, but we should know its law and bring it under the interest of revolution, people and party.

This is why the Fazlu-Sultan clique is idealist.

Fazlu used to say, ‘I am very much popular’.

The popularity of Fazlu has been achieved through the correct politics and working method of party, its application and comrade’s sacrifice.

That popularity has not been achieved because of his family and relatives or any other reason. His that saying goes against historic materialism.

 Activities corresponding to the trends of history will create ‘hero’.

That means, only people are the motive force of history. Those become popular who lead this people in changing history. At present the responsibility of carrying struggle of changing history of people of East Bengal falls on the Proletarian party. The Proletarian party, in its course of struggle will build up correct leader and leadership who will be popular. So, does popularity of any individual exist isolated from party and comrades? By being separated from that, will any individual’s effort bring any fruit?

Not at all. This is why Chairman Mao said, “Have confidence on party and people. Otherwise, you can’t do anything.”

Hence, there can be no popularity without party and people. So, the popularity Fazlu speaking about is the result of the struggle of the party, comrades and people.

He neither can have any popularity isolated from party, comrades and people nor can it be.

So, by boasting of the popularity Fazlu dared to form clique by being isolated from party and its correct principle and method, that popularity will be transformed into hatred of people, and those activities will be similar to that of dacoit, fraud and cheat. This is because outside the correct principle and method of party, except the works of patriots, all other activities will be dacoity, fraudulent and deceitful.

The Fazlu-Sultan clique used to say, ‘we are afraid of making criticism’. Its real meaning is that they used to fear to express their entire inner wish freely and sincerely because their inner erroneous thinking could be exposed and that would be criticized.

They further used to think that if their erroneous positions had been criticized, their standard would diminish and all would have wrong idea about them and they would not remain in higher post.

They wanted to keep holding of post. This is why they could not frankly and freely express their argument, not because they are afraid of making criticism.

The end of all of their erroneous theories is that they maintained all personal interests by saying that there will be some personal interest. By saying “can sex be denied?’, they sold the interest of party, revolution and people to sex; By saying ‘I am very much popular’, they presumed themselves smart, and lost confidence on people and party.

As they fear criticism, they became fraud, and made conspiracy and intrigue.

As consequence of all that, they formed clique, stole money, planned to secretly kill party comrades, subordinated the interest of revolution and people under various individual interests and transformed themselves into reactionary counterrevolutionaries