Siraj Sikder Works: Heroic people of East Bengal, our struggle has not yet finished. Carry on the great struggle to finish the unfinished national democratic revolution of East Bengal

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal produced and published the original Bengali document on March 1972. The party corrected and reprinted the document on May 1972. The party corrected and reprinted the document on March 1974

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via on 21 October 2013. The party edited the translation on 19 December 2016 with a few corrections



The People of East Bengal had struggled against the political, economic, cultural and religious oppression of the British colonial bandits, their dependent reactionary zamindars-jotdars [Zamindar is the big feudal landlord and the jotdar is the small feudal landlord – Translator], capitalists and intellectuals, and they joined Pakistan to get rid of the exploitation and oppression.

The Pakistani military fascists, other than letting national development of the people of East Bengal go on freely, made East Bengal a field of exploitation and plunder, and made her the colony.

For national liberation, the people of East Bengal carried great struggle against that colonial exploitation and plunder, and tens of thousands of people sacrificed their life in that struggle.

The proletarian class could not assume leadership in that great struggle of the people of East Bengal because of the betrayal of the East Bengal Liu Chao Chi-Khrushchev Huq-Toha, the Nambodripad-Jyoti Bose Deben-Bashar, Kazi-Rono and the Trotsky-Che Motin-Alauddin etc. various forms of revisionists. All those betrayed with the proletarian class and people of East Bengal.

As a result, Awami League the organization of the East Bengal bureaucratic bourgeoisie, feudalist and intellectuals took leadership of national struggle of East Bengal. They misguided that struggle. First they guided people towards the black path of parliamentary election. When that path proved bankrupt, they guided people towards the wrong path of non-cooperation. When the Pak military fascists jumped over people, that path also proved bankrupt. People waged armed rebellion. In some places, they led that sporadic rebellion, but that also failed. At last the Awami League fled to India keeping people in helpless condition.

In greed for power, Mir Jafar had brought British bandits and handed over Bengal-Bihar-Orissa to them. That history repeated in the changed situation of 1971. In greed for power, the representative of the reactionary bureaucratic bourgeoisie, intellectuals and feudalists of East Bengal the Awami League and the Moni Singh-Mozaffar traitor clique, being failed to liberate East Bengal by depending on their own strength, betrayed with the national interest of Seventy Five million people, sold East Bengal to the Indian expansionism by suppressing the dignity of Bengali nation under their feet, and invited them (Indian expansionists) to overthrow the Pak military fascists.

The Indian expansionists took that opportunity with the help and support of the Soviet social imperialism. In order to capture East Bengal, they formed Bangladesh puppet government and established it as their stooge, formed their lackey liberation force under the control of their army to use it as the food for their artillery, and sent them to East Bengal to carry sabotage activities. At last they attacked Pakistan, captured East Bengal by their armed aggressor force and established puppet government by the Awami League traitors.

Thus, East Bengal became a colony of India, and the East Bengal people got chained in the subservience of Indian expansionism. The bloodshed of tens of thousands of patriotic people of East Bengal went in vain.

The reactionary bureaucratic bourgeoisie, intellectuals and feudalists inside Awami League, its led liberation force and other organizations, the so-called communist named Moni Singh-Mozaffar revisionist bourgeoisie faction with its led organizations are protecting the interest of the six mountains the Soviet social imperialism, US-led imperialism, Indian bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism, East Bengal bureaucratic bourgeoisie and feudalism; and they are the lackeys of those six mountains. Bangladesh puppet government is protecting the interest of those six mountains. The Deben-Bashar Kazi-Rono Jyoti Bose-Nambudripad faction became the stooge of six mountains’ lackeys, and is serving the six mountains.


One aim of the Indian expansionists to establish colony in East Bengal is to establish control and carry loot in all sphere of East Bengal including jute, tea, leather, other raw materials, fish, meat, eggs, rice, vegetables and other food materials, market of Seventy Five million people, cheap labor power, trade and business, industries, gas, electricity, natural resources, education, culture, administrative system, defense; and lessen the economic and political crisis of India.

Another aim of the Indian expansionists to establish colony in East Bengal is to destroy the struggle of Indian workers and peasants, liberation struggle of Naga-Mizo, Kashmiris, and dominate in Indian Ocean and South Asia.

The Soviet social imperialists have supported Indian expansionism with view to strengthen their domination over India, take toll in looting East Bengal, dominate in Indian Ocean, contend with US imperialism in Asia and resist China and Communism.


The Indian expansionists have started ruthless exploitation and plunder. In order to strengthen that exploitation and plunder further, they have developed communication system in border area.

Everyday Fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, rice and other food materials of East Bengal are being transported to India through trucks, trains and ships. Indian citizens are coming from Kolkata to border towns of East Bengal for marketing. Thus, Indian expansionists are looting food materials of East Bengal.

The Indian expansionists, during the time of seizure of East Bengal, looted hundreds of mounds of jute, tea, leather and industrial raw materials. The Bangladesh puppet government withdrew the ban on India on buying raw materials especially jute. Consequently, Indian businessmen are getting opportunity to freely buy industrial raw materials of East Bengal, especially jute and export to foreign countries. Thus, Indian control and appropriation over raw materials of East Bengal, especially jute has been established, and the competition of East Bengal jute with India in international market ended. East Bengal people have been deprived from foreign currency worth tens of millions of Taka.

The Indian expansionists are smuggling lots of whole industries, machineries and parts of machineries of East Bengal to India. Also they are smuggling numerous vehicles, gold, and silver of East Bengal and foreign goods of East Bengal market. As a result, it is not being possible to start running many industries and factories in full of its production capacity.

They are taking electricity and gas of East Bengal to use in Indian industries.

The aim of all those is to destroy industries and factories of East Bengal, obstruct its development; ensure that the industries of East Bengal may not be able to compete with that of India.

Their, another aim is to make industries of East Bengal dependent on India. With that objective, they are trying to start running industries of border areas of East Bengal by making those dependent on Indian electricity, oil, raw materials etc.

Markets are filled up with the Indian commodities. Those commodities are low grade but high priced. People of East Bengal are being compelled to buy those. Thus, the Indian expansionists are taking over the market of Seventy Five million people of East Bengal, and exploiting tens of millions of Taka profit.

As a result of the big process of importing commodities from India, selling those in market, collecting goods from within East Bengal and exporting those to India, the whole business and trade of East Bengal became dependent on India and is going under Indian control.

The Indian expansionists took arms and other materials of surrendered Pak military fascists worth billions of Taka to India by depriving people of East Bengal from their just belonging arms and other materials.

Indian companies are getting the big reconstruction works of East Bengal depriving the institutions of East Bengal as a result.

Indian cinema, literature, art, textbook is capturing the markets of East Bengal, hence the institutions of East Bengal engaged in those spheres are falling in serious crisis.

They are trying to capture the market of East Bengal by the national capitulationist literature and culture of Rabindranath the representative of the reactionary intellectuals dependent on British colonialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism, and by the Indian expansionist reactionary culture and literature so that public opinion may be created in favor of their exploitation and plunder; and development of national democratic literature and culture may be hindered and they (exploiters) may get financial profit.

The Indian expansionists, by the puppet government of Bangladesh, has devaluated the currency, made currency of East Bengal dependent to that of India through free-running of Indian currency and are gaining big profit in that way.

Disguised as joint work partner, advisor, supervisor, aid-donor etc. they are controlling the government, semi-government and autonomous institutions of East Bengal by employing additional employees and unemployed youths there, and are transforming those as institutions under relevant Indian departments.

The Indian expansionists are sending Indian citizens, armed goons of youth Congress and spies to Bangladesh disguised as refugee. They, by infiltrating their agents inside Students League (The student wing of Awami League – Translator), liberation force, Mujiv force (A counterrevolutionary private armed force – Translator), East Bengal Regiment (The Bangladesh Army – Translator), Police and are controlling those via them.

Through their puppet government, they are cutting employment of patriotic employees in the excuse that they didn’t go to India. They are exhausting patriotic businessmen, industrialists, litterateur, artists and different professionals and depriving them from their opportunity of leading their life and livelihood. They are giving employment and other opportunities to those former lackeys of Pak military fascists who want to be lackey of India.

In the past, the Pak military fascists, through the reactionaries inside the Urdu speaking community (Ethnicities migrated from India – Translator), were deceiving the Urdu speaking people, motivated a section of them and carried suppression over Bengali people.

In the same way, the Indian expansionists too, by depending on the reactionary section and evil elements of Hindu zamindars-jotdars, capitalists and intellectuals, are deceiving the general Hindu people, destroying the unity of Hindu and Muslim people of East Bengal and hatching conspiracy to carry exploitation and plunder over one section of people by motivating another.

In some places of East Bengal, the Indian expansionist lackey reactionary section and bad elements of Hindu zamindars-jotedars, capitalists and intellectuals are showing dishonor to cultures and customs of the majority Muslim people, and forcefully capturing the properties that they had sold to them (Muslim people).

Thus, religious inequality, and in some places, conspiracy of religious oppression over Muslim people is going on in East Bengal.

The US imperialist-led imperialism and its lackey section inside the East Bengal Muslim reactionary zamindars-jotdars, capitalists and intellectuals (PDP, Jamat, Muslim League and a section of Awami League), by taking the opportunity of that religious oppression, are hatching conspiracy to make riot and sectarian clash against Hindu common patriotic people, and with the help of that, are conspiring to make East Bengal a colony of US. The demand for the so-called Muslim Bengal is manifestation of that conspiracy.


In the pre-1947 period, the revisionist communist party of India did not oppose the religious oppression which is a form of class oppression.

As a result, the Muslim people of East Bengal, because of the political, economic especially religious oppression by the British colonial bandits and their dependent Hindu reactionary zamindars-jotdars, capitalists and intellectuals, supported the Pakistan demand of the pro-imperialist Muslim feudalists, bourgeoisie and intellectuals, and joined Pakistan.

Consequently, the conspiracy of British bandits to divide Indo-Pak sub continent and carry exploitation and plunder through their supporters became successful.

At present too, if the people of East Bengal do not oppose the religious oppression by the Indian expansionists and their lackeys and the US-led imperialists’ conspiracy to make riot by taking that opportunity, then the possibility of riot and establishing of colony in East Bengal by the imperialists will strengthen.

Like in the past, at present too, various forms of revisionist traitors, by being silent on that question, are helping the sectarian and colonial conspiracy of the Indian expansionists and US-led imperialists.


The Indian expansionists are propagating that their aggressor troops returned back to India because their mission has been completed.

Their mission was to establish colony in East Bengal and make their stooge six mountains’ lackeys assume in power. As their lackey force the East Bengal Regiment (The Bangladesh Army – Translator), Raxi Bahini (A notorious genocidal counter-revolutionary paramilitary armed force specially created and trained to suppress the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists – Translator) and Police are enough strong to protect their interest, so it has been unnecessary to keep a huge number of Indian troops. They want to carry exploitation and plunder through suppressing Bengalis by Bengalis.

They want to keep military control over East Bengal by instructors, advisors, spies and lackeys. Moreover, in many statements, the Bangladesh puppet government mentioned the truth that the defense of East Bengal is dependent on India, i.e. under the control of India. They have sent many troops to suppress the revolutionary struggles of the people and the national minority masses of East Bengal; even they used the air force.

Thus, the Indian expansionists have established control, appropriation, exploitation and suppression in all spheres of East Bengal, made her their colony and backyard. The Bangladesh government is nothing but their puppet government. Through open and secret agreements, the six mountains’ lackeys provided the opportunity for them to carry exploitation, plunder, control and suppression, and they have sold East Bengal to India.

In the past, the Japanese fascists used the slogan of developing region including Asia as the weapon to establish colony. At present, by copying that, the Indian expansionists, are using the slogan of democracy, socialism and secularism as the weapon to establish their colony.

In looting this colony of Indian expansionists, the Soviet social imperialism and the US-led other imperialists are taking share. They are carrying their appropriation via giving debt, unequal trade agreement etc.

Thus, the national revolution of East Bengal, that is, the end of foreign exploitation and appropriation and the establishing of independent and sovereign East Bengal has remain unfinished.

The great task of completing democratic revolution through distribution of lands among the peasantry by overthrowing the feudal zamindars and jotdars remained unfinished too. By founding Panchayat [The village level administrative unit of the government – Translator] system in villages, the six mountains lackeys have established the rule of the reactionary rural feudal zamindar-jotdar-Mahajan [Mahajan is the feudal usurer – Translator], evil elements and tyrants. To guard them, they have formed village defense force and volunteer force named bandit gangs. Thus, the national democratic revolution of East Bengal remained unfinished.


Events of East Bengal prove that neither the bourgeoisie and intellectuals nor the feudalist class of East Bengal are able to accomplish the national democratic revolution of East Bengal. They betrayed with their own and national interest, sold the country and nation to foreign and compromised with the domestic feudalism.

That is why inevitably the great responsibility to finish the unfinished national democratic revolution of East Bengal falls on the proletarian class of East Bengal and its political party. Except a few Mir Jafar traitors, the workers, peasantry, students, intellectuals, businessmen, industrialists and servicemen of East Bengal, that is, the whole Bengali nation of East Bengal soon will carry massive struggle against colonial exploitation and plunder of Indian expansionists, social imperialist, imperialist and their lackeys. The great historic responsibility of the political party of the East Bengal proletariat is to lead that struggle, carry and accomplish that in a correct path.

As a result the of Indian expansionists’ occupation being established in East Bengal, the national contradiction of East Bengal people versus Pakistani military fascists has ended. At present, the following fundamental contradictions are responsible for the social development of East Bengal:

  1. The national contradiction of East Bengal people versus Indian expansionism.
  2. The national contradiction of East Bengal people versus Soviet social imperialism.
  3. The national contradiction of East Bengal people versus US imperialist-led imperialism.
  4. The contradiction of US-led imperialism and its lackeys versus Soviet social imperialism, Indian expansionism and their lackeys.
  5. The contradiction of East Bengal feudalism versus peasantry.
  6. The East Bengal bourgeoisie versus working class contradiction.

The Indian expansionists, by carrying aggressive war through their army, established their colony in East Bengal. This is why the national contradiction of East Bengal people versus Indian expansionism is principal among the above mentioned contradictions.

The way to resolve that contradiction is to smash and overthrow the Indian expansionism and its running dog the six mountains’ lackey national enemies and the puppet government of Bangladesh through carrying armed national revolution and liberate East Bengal from the colonial chain of the Indian expansionists.

Besides overthrowing Indian expansionism, another aim of this revolution will be to overthrow the Soviet social imperialism and US led imperialism from East Bengal and resolve East Bengal people’s national contradiction with them.

To smash and overthrow the pro-Indian expansionist, pro-social imperialist and pro-imperialist feudal zamindars-Jotdars as national enemy, freely distribute their lands and properties to the landless peasants, lessen feudal exploitation of the pro-national liberation feudalists and finally overthrow feudalism. In this way, step by step, to carry and accomplish democratic revolution.

In the course of this national democratic revolution, as national enemy, we have to overthrow the bureaucratic bourgeoisie and reactionary intellectuals dependent on Indian expansionism, Soviet social imperialism and imperialism.

In the course of this national democratic revolution, we have to defend the pro-revolution bourgeoisie, fix Eight Hour Working Day for the workers and provide them other facilities.

In course of the national democratic revolution, the patriotic Muslim, Hindu and people of other religions of East Bengal must solidify their unity. They must oppose the religious oppression by the Indian expansionism and their lackey the reactionary zamindars-jotdars-capitalists, intellectuals and evil elements over Muslim people; and oppose the conspiracy to use Hindu people in expansionist interest. At the same time, they must oppose the sectarian conspiracy against the patriotic Hindu people by the US-led imperialism and their Muslim lackey zamindars-jotdars, capitalists, intellectuals (PDP, Jamat, Muslim League and a section of Awami League) and evil elements through taking the opportunity of religious oppression; and oppose the conspiracy of US-led imperialists to establish colony in East Bengal. They must end all types of religious oppression and defend religious freedom, right, equality and harmony.

The fundamental guiding force of this unfinished national democratic revolution of East Bengal is the workers-peasants-petit bourgeoisie class. Proletariat is the leader of this revolution.

It is possible to carry and accomplish the national democratic revolution of East Bengal by carrying national liberation war through applying the strategy and tactics of the protracted ruthless people’s war. We have to initiate this national liberation war through guerrilla war, form guerrilla groups comprising workers-peasants revolutionaries from zero, annihilate six mountains’ lackey national enemies by whatever we have domestically around, arm ourselves by the arms of the enemies, spread guerrilla war countrywide throughout the East Bengal, raise national liberation war to higher level in the course of guerrilla war, establish bases in rural areas, forge regular force, local guerrillas, village self defense force and finally seize cities via carrying higher level of mobile wars, big encirclements and positional wars and liberate the whole East Bengal.

The proletariat, on the basis of workers-peasants alliance, will try to unify national bourgeoisie, other patriotic individuals, communities and groups, religious, lingual and ethnic minority people, and form national liberation front. At the same time they must oppose and criticize the mentality and activities of compromise, vacillation, and treachery of the bourgeoisie, feudalist and intellectuals.

By carrying that revolution, we have to liberate the whole East Bengal and establish the republic of independent, democratic, peaceful, non-aligned and progressive East Bengal. The state system of that republic will be proletarian-led workers-peasants alliance-based joint democratic dictatorship state system of all the patriotic classes.

In the course of carrying this revolution, in liberated areas, we have to establish the government of independent, democratic, peaceful, non-aligned, progressive republic of East Bengal.

By carrying and accomplishing the national democratic revolution of East Bengal, we must resolve the problem of relation with Pakistan (The state relation of East Bengal with Pakistan, returning back the Bengalis from Pakistan, putting in trial and giving punishment to the Pakistani regime and military and civil personnel who committed crime of genocide and fascist devastation in East Bengal, with interest returning back the capital and valuable possessions that was transferred from East Bengal to Pakistan in the last 24 years, returning back the historic materials that was transferred from East Bengal, problems of paying back foreign debt, taking appropriate compensation for their-carried ruthless devastation, killing, rape and misappropriation in East Bengal etc. problems) in justified way in accordance with people’s aspiration.

In this way, by carrying and accomplishing national democratic revolution, we have to initiate and carry socialist revolution to resolve the contradiction of working class versus bourgeoisie.


In order to carry the people’s liberation struggle of East Bengal on correct path, we need a correct political party of the proletariat. With that objective, in 1968, the preparatory organization the East Bengal Workers Movement was established by taking Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought as the guiding theoretical basis.

From the beginning of its formation, the East Bengal Workers Movement carried armed struggle against the colonial exploitation and plunder of the Pak military fascists. The cadres and guerrillas of the East Bengal Workers Movement threw bomb on the Pakistan Council, US Information Center and BNR and for the first time initiated guerrilla war of national liberation in Fatikchari in Chittagong through national enemy annihilation.

During and post 25 March period, even at the face of severe fascist repression of the Pak military fascists, the cadres of East Bengal Workers Movement, by not fleeing to India but relying on the people’s strength, guided the people to the liberation war against the Pak military fascists on towards the correct path. The guerrillas of the East Bengal Workers Movement carried guerrilla war through capturing arms from the national enemies and the Pak military fascists. Soon more than eight guerrilla fronts, liberated zones and regular forces developed in the districts of Barisal, Faridpur, Patuakhali, Dhaka, Pabna, Tangail etc. and the guerrilla war spread like prairie fire.

Thus the East Bengal Workers Movement, by carrying armed national liberation war on correct path on the basis of self-reliance, founded the example of the correct path before the whole Bengali nation.

On 3 June 1971, in the midst of the roaring artillery fire of the Pak military fascists, the political party of the proletariat of East Bengal the “Proletarian Party of East Bengal” was borne to guide the people of East Bengal towards the correct path.

The six mountains’ lackeys marked the Proletarian Party of East Bengal as the only obstacle in establishing and continuously carrying exploitation and plunder by the six mountains in East Bengal. They attacked us, ruthlessly murdered our many guerrillas, cadres, sympathizers and masses via trapping in fake discussion, made their hand black with our blood, and occupied our liberated zones. Thus, temporarily they blocked the liberation struggle we were carrying on correct path.

After the counterrevolutionary seizure of power of East Bengal, they have strengthened their repression and plunder. They are carrying loot, murder, decoity, abduction, rape, forcible fund collection, setting ablaze here and there like the Pak military fascists. They have also made ‘mass killing ground’ like the Pak military fascists. They are suppressing and controlling the employees of government and non-government institutions. In this way, they have made this country a lawless region.

Like Hitlar’s Jews massacre, regardless of criminal or innocent, they are mass murdering Urdu speaking people, killing child, youth, elderly, and women.

As a consequence of exploitation and appropriation of their and their master the Indian expansionists, daily good’s price of East Bengal became maximum, hundreds of thousands of people became unemployed and people are in starving or half-starving condition.

Innumerable events prove that the democracy the six mountains’ lackeys want is the fascist dictatorship of the six mountains, the socialism they want is the exploitation and plunder by the six mountains, the secularism they want is the religious oppression over Muslim people and suppression over the Muslim religion that they find an obstacle in keeping the Indian colony in East Bengal, the nationalism they say is national capitulation, subservience and cleansing of the national minorities and Urdu speaking ethnicity.

Mujiv-ism is national capitulation and fascism.

Serious anger and hatred have been created among the people of East Bengal. People are realizing that there are no difference between the Pak military fascists and the six mountains’ lackeys. People have been fallen in tiger’s mouth from snake’s mouth.

People’s consciousness of East Bengal has reached much higher stage in the last nine month’s revolutionary storm. They achieved developed political standard, and are not afraid of death. They have started struggle against the six mountains’ lackeys and their masters.

The workers of East Bengal have started general strike, procession and gherao (encirclement) struggle.

The small servicemen, businessmen, students, and intellectuals have started struggle too.

The peasants have started struggle against the six mountains’ lackey jotdars-zamindars and evil elements.

Thus, the six mountains’ lackeys are being isolated from the people, their veil is being exposed and people are realizing their hoax and Mir Jafari (Mir Jafar is the historic traitor in Bengal who handed over Bengal to the British Bandits, so, in Bengali Mir Jafari means betray – Translator).

Serious mass struggle has started to overthrow the six mountains’ lackeys, Indian expansionism, social imperialism and imperialism.

Biting each other among the six mountains’ lackey has become acute. Even armed clash, killing and abduction are going on among themselves.

To avoid crisis, they are begging here and there for foreign aid.

But nothing can save them from fall. People will finally bury them with their masters like what they (people) did to the Pak military fascists.

By taking the opportunity of the unpopularity of the Awami League fascists and the popularity of socialism, the Rob group (now National Socialist Party), once who formulated Mujiv-ism, by saying of establishing of socialism through so-called class struggle and social revolution, are hatching conspiracy to seize power of East Bengal to establish colony of US-led imperialists. Like the Awami League fascists, their fall is also inevitable.


The Awami League fascists and their lackeys, besides strengthening suppression on people, also are strengthening participation in “Naxal” suppression campaign of the Indian expansionism, social imperialism and imperialism, resisting China and communism and reactionary activities of intervening in neighboring countries’ internal affair.

Therefore, the proletarian revolutionaries of East Bengal will have to carry activities secretly. By keeping party identity secret, they must use the opportunity of open work to help the armed struggle.

The East Bengal revolutionaries must establish and consolidate fraternal co-operation with the Indian proletarian revolutionaries, unite with the great struggle led by the Indian proletarian revolutionaries, Naga, Mizo and Kashmiri national liberation struggle and overthrow the center of reaction of South Asia the Indian expansionism with hand in hand.

By keeping in memory the comrades, who were martyred by the Awami League fascists: flesh and blood of the people and the greatest son of East Bengal comrade Chunnu who till his last breadth chanted: Long live Independent Bengal! long live the Proletarian Party of East Bengal, Long live comrade Siraj Sikder, Comrade Hiru, Nazrul, Anis, Shashanka, Zillu, Taher, Polas, Syde, Rais and others; guerrilla Mannan, Mojid and others; comrades who were killed by the Pak military fascists: comrade Pintu and others; killed in accident comrade Shahin and others; disappeared comrades and guerrillas and tens of thousands of people who were martyred in liberation struggle of East Bengal, let us March forward, develop political party of the proletariat of East Bengal the Proletarian Party of East Bengal, by following the path of the formation of regular force led by the proletariat in Payarabagan on 30 June 1971 for the first time in the history East Bengal, let us build armed patriotic force as the main form of organization under party, build national liberation front of East Bengal by unifying all the patriotic people on the basis of workers-peasants alliance, let us continue to carry the national liberation guerrilla war through the annihilation of six mountains’ lackey national enemies, take blood in retaliation to the blood of the martyr comrades, guerrillas and friends, and persist in armed struggle. Through that, let us build party, armed patriotic force and national liberation front, build independent, democratic, peaceful, non-aligned, progressive republic of East Bengal through the barrel of the gun, and finish the unfinished national democratic revolution of East Bengal.

  • Down with Huq-Toha the Liu Chao Chi-Kruschev of East Bengal, Deben-Basar kaji-Rono-Amol Sen the Jyoti Bose-Nambudripad of East Bengal and Motin-Alauddin the East Bengal Trotsky-Che traitor clique!

  • Long live the Proletarian Party of East Bengal!

  • Long live Comrade Siraj Sikder!

  • Finish the unfinished national democratic revolution of East Bengal!

  • Long Live the National Liberation Front of East Bengal!

  • Long Live the Armed Patriotic Force of East Bengal!

  • Establish independent, democratic, peaceful, non-aligned, progressive republic of East Bengal! ■