CPMLM-BD Document: Rokeya’s dream versus Shofi’s Islamism

CPMLM-BD Document

Rokeya’s dream versus Shofi’s Islamism

Pioneer of women awakening in 19th century, Begum Rokeya dreamed of emancipation of Bengali Muslim women from male chauvinist oppression. She fought against Islamist restriction over women. But today, in 21st century, Bengali Muslim women is 250px-Roquia_Sakhawat_Hussainconfronted with an Islamist who preached that women have to confine themselves in houses, should not study more than elementary school, have to give birth to male children by serving man ,working in Garment factories means adultery, if an old man doesn’t get aroused by seeing a woman, he is not a man, woman are like tamarind etc.

Different sections of men and women, middle class and even the bourgeoisie have been angered with the statement of Shofi. To many it seemed vulgar. Government and non government those who, yesterday took electoral blessing from him by touching his feet, brought him to Dhaka city and gave helicopter for his movement, are also annoyed.

But is that really a mad talk?

Isn’t it the real face of politically and socially imposed Islamism which even ashamed the evil gentry rich.

So who taught it? Who brought it? Who brought it up?

Who made religious education compulsory? Who kept Madrasha (Islamist school) education  system running? Who is letting big capital like Islami bank to run? Who made Shofi  chairman of Kowmi Madrasha Board?

Where from Shofi got that teaching?

The main points of Shofi’s statement are:

Women are material goods and sex slave to men. They are machine of child reproduction.

This is the main point of the Islamism that ruling classes have been imposing on people since ages. This is an idea of ruling classes. They want a justification to maintain their unjust rule and exploitation. So, they show it as “God’s order”.

People’s logic is just opposite. They want liberation from all forms of exploitation  and oppression. They are really against that type of Islamism!

20 July 2013

Communist party Marxist Leninist Maoist Bangladesh