CPMLM-BD Document: The Class Nature of the Recent Sex Terror (14 June 2015)

14 June 2015

The Recent Sex Terror

The student League’s sex terror on the women who came to celebrate

Celebration of the Bengali New Year 1422

Celebration of the Bengali New Year 1422

New Year has created discontent among the middle class. Though Student League behavior is not nothing new, it has frustrated many such intellectuals who live on the blessing of Awami League. Similar incidents happened in many universities. Then when Police terror came up on the protest of various groups on those incidents have further disappointed the well to do section of the middle class.

Class nature of that sex terror

These sex oppressors are bureaucratic bourgeoisie. This bourgeoisie thinks women as consumption goods. They think women as commodity and try to transform them into commodity. On the other side, the feudal oppression considers women as male’s slave and consumption goods. They want to confine women as house slave. So, they want to impose restriction over women. These two types of oppression exist over women in Bangladesh.

The middle class Bengali culture and the disappointment

Most of the people of the workers, peasants and middle classes observe Bengali culture. This is good of course. It is quite natural that every nation will carry its own culture. But many of the middle class people believe on reactionary bourgeoisie trend and want blessing from that. But when they are betrayed, raped, molested and discriminated, they get mentally frustrated. But they cannot discover its class nature. They understand the feudal oppression, which is a little bit clearly noted by them, but the bourgeoisie reactionary oppression structure does not get clear to them. They only look at the surface, not in its deep. Why? Because some of them get some opportunities, some are greedy by seeing it, while some are deprived of that, yet that dream has not totally finished from the latter’ s mind. The huge major parts of that class are seeing their dreams breaking apart more and more day after day, the dream that is nothing but to sustain hardly. The workers and peasants’ dream is also to sustain hardly. But there is another dream, which is of not mere sustaining, rather such a life where man can live an ideal human life. But it needs a life and death struggle to materialize that dream.

Imperialism-Expansionism is another source of oppression on women

The imperialism and expansionism has confined Bangladesh in semi colonial submission. They are supreme powerful for carrying oppression over women. They carry aggression of male chauvinist porn culture, sex trade-business and smuggling of women.

Imperialism-Expansionism cannot be women’s ally

Taslima Nasrin is the best example of the trend of middle class that have their trust on capitalism one way or another but get frustrated by seeing its repressive nature. She had to leave the country when struggling against feudalist religion-ism.

Why can’t the middle class protestors live in the country? This is a fundamental question.

The middle class people cannot engage in physical labor, cannot stay in slum or poor peasants house. They don’t think that necessary too. We say these types of things because we are communist. But we do not impose such difficult condition over middle classes, yet, for making revolution, they have to go through radical change and transformation. In order to grasp proper science, one has to remain closely mixed with people’s life. The middle class people, if they get a little opportunity, they leave the leadership of the movement or take refuge in foreign.

The Imperialism or Expansionism give them refuge from religion-ist outlook or to instigate one religion against another and raise an excuse of aggression.

This is why the women question cannot successfully advance under middle class leadership, cannot reach in its deep or be a mass movement.

When the question of women progress gets connected with the total revolutionary transformation of society, only then it can attain success. Imagine such a communist society, where there is no sign of exploitation, women are no more sex slave, nor are they any child producing machine.

Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh