CPMLM-BD Document: The dastardly serial blogger killing by the religion-ist barbarian murderers. Atheism versus religion-ism

29 May 2015


The same scenario

The same barbarianism

The same scenario, the same barbarianism is being observed in Bangladesh, though it is in initial stage. You can see the religion-ist neo fascist barbarian feature in Bangladesh too. It is the same feudal society. Moreover, a bureaucratic bourgeoisie is ruling here. The barbarianism is similar to that what was seen in 71, yet it is in new form and new cover.

As the development of bureaucratic capital gave birth to atheist

Atheist Blogger Rajiv Haider

Atheist Blogger Rajiv Haider

bloggers, so the same bureaucratic capitalism is strengthening feudalism on the other hand.

The religionists are killing atheist bloggers by hitting on their brain because they think the scientific minded brain is their enemy. It shows only the level of their barbarianism. The beasts murdered Rajib

Atheist Blogger Avijit Roy

Atheist Blogger Avijit Roy

Haider, Avijit Roy, Washiqur Rahman Babu and Ananta Bijoy Das successively.

The above mentioned bloggers were murdered because of their atheist views. The responsibility of killing has been taken by some Islamist religionist factions like Ansarullah Bangla Team and Al Qaida Indian Subcontinent. Apart from that, the above mentioned religionists’ involvement to those acts became

Atheist Blogger Washiqur Rahman Babu

Atheist Blogger Washiqur Rahman Babu

evident when some Sexual minorities who are known as Hijra, captured some of the attackers on Babu.

The negligence by the Bangladesh government and the in-activeness of the Police Force compelled many to think that the government is involved with those incidences one way or another. A police patrol was stationed very near when the killers attacked upon Avijit Roy.

According to Islamist Religion-ism, only God can create anything. No human has any right to work for art and culture or science or any

Atheist Blogger Ananta Bijoy Das

Atheist Blogger Ananta Bijoy Das

creative work. So, despite atheists are the targets for the time being, the real target is art, culture and science itself.

On that question, the Bangladesh government spokesperson Joy clarified that they are not by the side of Atheists. It endangered those intellectuals who live with the blessing of Awami government.

Most of the slain bloggers were discontented with the government. Only a book of Avijit Roy contained some anti-communist sentences, which mark the writer’s bourgeoisie trend. The rest of the bloggers seem to be progressive.

Origin of neo atheist bloggers and

Origin of neo religionists in Bangladesh

The bureaucratic capitalism that borne out of the semi feudal semi colonial society of Bangladesh is on the one hand to give rise of capitalism under imperialist and expansionist domination, while on the other hand, it is to further strengthen feudalism newly. Their recent development of capitalism is producing – besides modern working class – middle class enlightened youth, who, in turn, are being familiar with science and knowledge via internet. They are the bloggers. They are different than the half educated clerical sect of the previous epoch. On the other side, the strengthening of neo feudalism is producing neo religion-ists, who are neither clerk nor half educated but are fascist who are developed than old religion-ists.

Who provides support to the religion-ists?

It is the reactionary state and social system that provides support to the religion-ists.

The forces like Taliban, Al Qaida and IS emerged by the joint conspiracy of US imperialism and domestic reactionaries. In Bangladesh, religion is observed by the state. The domination of religion has been ensured in social life. Thus, religion-ist demons are being built.

Who can provide support to the Atheists?

The atheists are of two types: one, who believes in capitalist trend of the prevailing society, while the other is a progressive trend who are opposed to the prevailing society, so, they believe in socialism and communism. Vast majority of the atheists belong to the later trend.

Those who had their trust on bureaucratic capitalism, they were betrayed. Why? Because the science they believe in is opposed by the bureaucratic capitalism because it (science) serves only the social progress.

All those atheist bloggers have to understand this further comprehensively. If they do not understand revolutionary transformation of the society, so, they will not understand proper science too, nor will they understand what a dangerous class struggle exists in society. If they serve the interest of the masses of people, they will of course be on the side of them.

For own security, always remain prepared with whatever domestically you find around.

Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh