Siraj Sikder Works: Urgent Call of Siraj Sikder, National Liberation Front of East Bengal, Proletarian Party of East Bengal, And Armed Patriotic Froce of East Bengal To the oppressed people of East Bengal [December 1974]

Siraj Sikder Works

Urgent Call of Siraj Sikder,

National Liberation Front of East Bengal,

Proletarian Party of East Bengal,


Armed Patriotic Froce of East Bengal

To the oppressed people of East Bengal

[December 1974]

[Circulated as a pamphlet calling countrywide Hartal (Shut Down) in 15 and 16 December 1974]


The Bengali nation and People of East Bengal are on the verge of collapse!

Overthrow the Awami traitors and their masters to save the Famine affected people!

Provide food, clothes, medical treatment, jobs and houses!

Establish peace, independence and democracy!

As a result of ruthless exploitation and plunder by the Awami traitors and their master the Indian Expansionism, gravest crisis unprecedented in the history arose in East Bengal.

Famine started in whole country. Hungry naked human being is gathered in cities countryside streets and terminal. Their crying for a handful of rice, bread has made the weather of East Bengal heavier. Hundreds of sons and daughters of Bengal are every day are dying without food. Tens of thousands of people are waiting for death. Lack of food and nutrition, tens of thousands of children are being blind and crippled. The whole nation’ health is breaking down of and their work ability is being destroyed.

The existence of Bengali nation and people is on the verge of collapse.

On the other side, the Awami traitors have piled up riches all on a sudden via black marketing, looting, mojutdari (Reserving food and daily goods to make super profit—sarbaharapath) and License Permit. These ruthless the traitors still are smuggling food to India and everyday by black marketing, mojutdari, smuggling are making price hike of food and other daily goods. Thus, they are piling up black money and riches.

They do not have a single bit love for the nation and people; nor do they have any single bit patriotism.

These traitors promised to give rice in twenty Taka per mound and wheat in ten taka per mound. And today rice is sold in more than three hundred taka and wheat in more than two hundred Taka.

The Awami traitors are accusing flood, international price hike and attack of Yahia for the crisis. Flood and international price hike happened before also. Moreover, despite having Pakistan’s exploitation and plunder, this situation never happened.

The ruthless exploitation and plunder by the Awami traitors and their master Indian Expansionism are responsible for that.

This gravest crisis of the country has stirred up the heart of every people of East Bengal and created gravest hatred and anger against the Awami traitors and their masters.

This heavy ruthless exploitation, plunder and repression by the Indian Expansionism and its lackey Awami traitors mounted on people of Bangladesh since the black day of 16 December. That day, the India expansionist force occupied East Bengal including Dhaka with the help of Awami Mir Jafars [Mir Jafar was an infamous traitor who betrayed with nation in 1757 to make the defeat of Bengal-Bihar-Odhisa to British colonial force—Sarbaharapath]

Since that day, Indian Expansionist’s colony has been established in Bengal.

The people of East Bengal will not stand for ever the ruthless exploitation, plunder and repression by the Awami traitors and their master Indian Expansionism.

Already, student-intellectuals, doctors, journalists, litterateur, service holders, army, workers-peasants, that is, all the sections of people of East Bengal have burst out in agitation. Spontaneously, they are having procession, and in some places, they are looting foods and annihilating Awami traitors.

The heroic people of East Bengal overthrew Nurul Amin government of East Bengal through Language Movement of 1952.

They overthrew Ayub Khan via great mass insurrection in 1969.

They overthrew Yahia military fascists via the great mass insurrection of March 1971 and armed rebellion.

The fierce mass discontent of the famine stricken discriminated and suppressed people of East Bengal must explode and overthrow and bury the Awami traitors and their masters.

We are calling to the workers-peasants-students-teachers-intellectuals, employees of government and private institutions, Army, BDR, Police, different patriotic political parties, groups, individuals and all the people of East Bengal—


Come forward by following the past glorious struggling heritage and save Bengali nation and people of East Bengal. Build committee for struggle openly or secretly in your own areas and accomplish the following task:

– Unite all the patriotic people under the committee

– Stop the smuggling of all the goods including food items to India. Seize smuggling goods and distribute those among people

– Seize all the daily goods including foods of Mojutdars (Who reserves foods and daily goods to make multiple profit—Sarbaharapath), black marketers and profit suckers and freely distribute those to people; and punish those.

– Seize government storage and foods to distribute freely to hungry people

– Collect subscription and help from solvent people and freely distribute them to people

– Confiscate properties of tyrant Awami traitors, embezzlers and distribute those freely among people; punish the most hated ones

– Strengthen hungry procession, protest meeting, gherao (Encirclement), Dharmaghat (General Strike), Hartal (Shut Down), insurrection and armed struggle

– Take the responsibility of governing the related institutions and units

Observe Hartal on 15 and 16 December in protest of seizure of East Bengal including Dhaka in 16 December 1971 and establishing colony by the Indian Expansionism


– Shut down office, courts, educational institutions, factories, vehicles, Hat-Bazar etc for half day

– Overthrow the Awami traitors and its masters via meeting, procession, Hartal, gherao, rebellion, insurrection in combination with armed struggle and establish a national democratic government by taking workers-peasants and patriots of East Bengal

Implement following tasks via establishing National Democratic Government:

1. Overthrow the Awami traitors, nationalize their black money and properties, and terminate their political right. Give capital punishment to the most hated murderers among them.

Free all the patriotic prisoners confined by the Awami traitors. Give them chance to serve the country.

Suppress the black marketing, mojutdari, usury, smugglers and profit suckers with iron hand. Confiscate their properties and give capital punishment to the serious criminals.

Seal border and suppress the smuggling to India with iron hand. Terminate all open or secret anti national agreement signed with Indian Expansionism. Terminate different joint committees.

Terminate all the unequal anti national interest agreement signed with Soviet-US. Bring back all the territories given to India including Berubari; strictly maintain regional integrity and sovereignty.

2. Provide freedom of speech, voting, gathering, political work, meeting & Procession, press and publication.

Hold election of National Council on the basis of general voting right. That national council will produce constitution.

Government will responsible to that National Council.

3. Take all possible steps to resist famine and death out of hunger.

4. Carry land reform, distribute ceiling above land freely to the peasants and freely distribute lands of the national traitors to peasants.

Solve flood and drought problem by mobilizing huge masses.

Force Indian Expansionism to solve Farrakka problem according to international law.

Provide tilling of each and every inches of fallen land; stop wasting of food materials, mojutdari and smuggling.

Modernize agricultural system.

Thus, solve food problem.

5. Ban activities of the Awami traitors and lackeys in industries and strictly stop that.

– Assure proper governance of industries and factories of East Bengal by combined governance of workers, technologists and administrators. Stop wasting, stealing of possessions of industries, smuggling and negligence in work.

Make huge industrialization.

Protect and help cottage industries, manufactures and small industries.

Protect patriotic industrialists.

Thus, be self-reliant in terms of daily goods. Gradually decrease price.

6. Nationalize import-export trade, make proper governance of that. Emphasize on domestic need in import-export. Start proper system in import-export and marketing. Suppress smuggling of foreign currency, smugglers, black marketers and corruptionists with iron hand.

7. Nationalize black money and properties; end foreign exploitation and plunder; end all social corruption including theft, smuggling, mahajani-mojutdari, make huge increase of production and modernize agriculture and industries, make proper marketing of commodities, end employment, accumulate huge natural resources, use domestic goods. Strictly diminish foreign import, enhance foreign export, rapidly diminish inflation vial all those. Decease price of goods and increase purchasing capacity of people.

8. In order to defend motherland, reorganize various armed force as genuine server of people. Ban Awami Volunteer Force, Raxi (An infamous counterrevolutionary genocidal paramilitary force created by the then Awmi regime to confront Maoist People’s War—Sarbaharapath), other private open or secret force and anti-people forces. Stop decoity and other repression by the Awami traitors’ armed gangs.

Provide capital punishment to the most hated among those forces.

The army will be connected with agriculture, industry, government-private institutions and take part in production.

They will strongly defend regional integrity, national sovereignty, keep border sealed and suppress anti state elements.

In order to politically educate army, establish political department and terminate anti-democratic rules and regulations. The army will take part in political activities.

9. Terminate leadership of Awami traitors in education and culture. Ban expansionist, social imperialist culture and anti-national and pornographic culture.

Develop national democratic culture and education method, science and technology and people’s health.

10. Preserve just right of workers-laborers and civil employees and fulfill their demands.

11. Establish equal right to men and women and protect mothers and children.

12. Provide system of showing respect to the memory of those who have been martyred by Awami traitors, take responsibility of their families, and provide treatment to the injured and rehabilitate physical disables.

13. Provide social security; provide relief to those who suffered in national liberation war.

14. Give opportunity of serving the country to the honest and patriotic employees related to the administration of Awami traitors and behave well to the prisoners of war.

15. Protect the right and interest of the Bengalis living in foreign.

16. Preserve just right and interest of foreign citizens living in Bangladesh.

17. Provide autonomy to the national minorities of East Bengal inside the state boundary of East Bengal; provide their rapid development and stop atrocities by the Bengali exploiters.

Assure religious freedom.

Protect the interest of religious and lingual minorities.

Give serious punishment to those who make religious, lingual or national split and oppression.

18. Follow foreign policy of peace and non-alignment. Support the liberation struggle of oppressed countries and nations including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Palestine.

Today Bengali nation and people’s existence is on the verge of collapse. So, it is the duty of all the patriotic people to save Bengali nation and people.

Let us, overthrow the Awami traitors and their masters, bring independence, democracy and peace, end hunger, provide jobs, houses, education, medical treatment and security and save the people of East Bengal.

We are calling upon all the patriotic opposition political parties, groups, sections and individuals regardless of groupings and views who are working openly or secretly—

Unite with us in this gravest crisis situation of the people of East Bengal, take part in saving the people of East Bengal by overthrowing the Awami traitors and their masters!

Overthrow the Awami traitors and their masters

Overthrow Bangladesh puppet government. Establish National Democratic Government.

Provide food, clothes, treatment, education, jobs, housing; establish peace, independence and democracy

The existence of Bengali nation and people is on the verge of collapse. Save them

Build struggle committee, resist famine, and overthrow the Awami traitors

Bring back Berubari and force India to solve Farkka problem

Overthrow mojutdari, black marketers, mahajan (usurer), profit suckers, License permit holders and black money owner Awami miscreants

Observe Half Day Hartal on the black days of 15 and 16 December!

Shut down office-courts, industries-factories, educational institutions, vehicles, Hat-Bazar two days for Half Days!

Long Live the National Liberation Front of East Bengal

Long Live the Proletarian Party of East Bengal

Long Live the Armed Patriotic Force of East Bengal

Long Live Siraj Sikder