Siraj Sikder Works: Big Theoretical Defeat of the Huq-Toha, Motin-Alauddin etc (September 1974)

Siraj Sikder Works

Big Theoretical Defeat of the Huq-Toha, Motin-Alauddin etc

(September 1974)

[Published in Sphulinga Issu no 1]


Huq-Toha, Motin-Alauddin etc all mentioned “A Semi Colony cannot have colony; only Imperialists can carry colonial exploitation”.

It was their most important theoretical line. Their political, military and organizational line developed on that theory only. It worked as their theoretical basis.

Kaji, Amzad, Bari, Ayub Reza and remnants of Fazlu clique have used that theory of Huq-Toha Co. against us as assault weapon.

They opposed “East Bengal Workers Movement” and the Proletarian party of East Bengal by that theory and still they doing the same.

The East Bengal Workers Movement and the Proletarian Party mentioned that apart from Imperialists, a Semi-Colonial country may establish colony and carry colonial exploitation.

Huge theoretical debate went on in communist movement of East Bengal centering on that question.

According to Huq-Toha &Co. our correct theory “Semi Colony may have colony too and carry colonial exploitation” makes imperialism secondary. So, they used to say us imperialism’s lackey.

From the theory “Semi Colony cannot have colony”, the Huq-Toha and Company deny colonial exploitation over East Bengal carried by the Pak military fascists.

At present too, because of that theory, they are denying the colonial exploitation over East Bengal carried by Indian Expansionism.

Mr. Huq mentions East Bengal as colony of Soviet while India is taking care of that. Mr. Toha says East Bengal as protectorate state of India and neo colony of Soviet. Motin and Co. says “Semi Colonial Semi Feudal East Bengal”.

Thus, by being guided by the theory “A Semi Colony cannot have a colony”, they are making mistakes in determining principal contradiction and principal enemy, are being isolated from people, guiding cadres to wrong path and disappointing cadres by adopting absurdity.

Recently Chinese People’s Daily circulated a statement (Radio piking broadcasted in 3/7/74) where it says Sikkim as India’s colony and India is carrying colonial exploitation in Sikkim and like the Nineteenth Century British, India is carrying colonial expansionist activities.

The analyst says it colony what Huq Toha said protectorate state.

India is a Semi colonial Semi Feudal country.

We see from the above statement that despite being a semi colonial country, India is able to establish colony and carry colonial exploitation.

The above broadcasting proved the theory of Huq-Toha “Semi Colony cannot have colony” severely wrong; on the contrary it proved the correctness of our theory.

It is the big defeat of the Huq-Toha-Motin and Co. and ours is a big victory.

It proved the theoretical basis of Huq-Toha and Co. wrong on which they were standing upon while on the other hand it proved the correctness of our theory.

We hope, the sincere revolutionaries among the Huq-Toha-Motin-Alauddin etc groups will realize the outcome of the theoretical debate and unite with the organization which is guided by correct theoretical line.

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The Chinese People’s Daily has published a statement by exposing Expansionist activities of India in Sikkim.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

[Translated into English from Bangla presented by Comrade Siraj Sikder—Sarbaharapath]

Recently in Sikkim, strong demand for full national independence has been raised. This demand is not acceptable to India at all. Indian government now is trying to deprive the king of Sikkim from total power to meet its aim of keeping strict control of India over Sikkim and include her in Indian map. Once more the ugly expansionist face of Indian government has been exposed through the behavior. Of course, it resulted making an irresistible fortress of resistance among the people of Sikkim.

General election held in Sikkim in April this year. As it was held under the guidance of Indian government, the pro Indians of Sikkim succeeded in achieving majority in parliament. On 30 June, Indian government presented a draft constitution via that parliament. According to that constitution, the king will remain as puppet chief of the state. The king of Sikkim favors independence and own sovereignty. But the Indian government, in the name of reform, wants to make Sikkim a lackey state. In article of Indian government made constitution, it is clearly mentioned that so called chief administrator elected by India will have all power. Openly it is mentioned in draft constitution that Sikkim government can take part in work of political institution of India and the development plan of Sikkim will be under the work of planning commission of India. In reality it means to capture the independence and sovereign right and make Sikkim an Indian colony.

King of Sikkim is trying to resist that open intervention, shameless control and strong pressure by India. He emphasized on opposing Indian annexation of Sikkim and keeping separate existence and political status. After having a meeting with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, he expressed via his assistant that he will not surrender to the Indian pressure. His just attitude gained huge support from the people of Sikkim.

All the justice seeking countries and people of the world are raged by such naked expansionist activities of India against Sikkim.

Country wants independence, nation wants liberation, people want revolution and that is the irresistible current of present world. Many colonial, protectorate and dependent countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania included in Third World have declared independence by being freed from the chain of Imperialism and Colonialism.

But it is only India who even after achieving independence, by following the Nineteenth Century colonialist line of Britain, annexed Sikkim as a state under her and is carrying colonial rule over her. By deploying Army in Sikkim, the Indian government took all the internal affairs of Sikkim including foreign affair, politics and economy under her control. Moreover, she, by toppling the king of Sikkim from power, is making evil effort to totally enslave her. By shamelessly trampling the sovereignty of Sikkim, the Indian government is carrying total colonialist expansion. Their that evil act does not match present world current.

Engels said, “There are no such men in the world who had not got punishment by suppressing a nation.”

History proved and will prove that the line of oppressing a nation only give rise to resistance struggle among the nation. It is the Indian expansionism who has to suffer the bad outcome of such criminal activities they carried against Sikkim’s people.