Siraj Sikder Works: Importance of Investigation (September 1974)

Siraj Sikder Works

Importance of Investigation

(September 1974)

[Published in the 1st Issue of Sphulinga (Spark)]


The importance and significance of investigation has been properly mentioned in the Communique of the 12th Plenum of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal.

Investigation is indispensable for sustaining and developing organization.

Despite correctness of political, organizational and military line, setbacks occurred in several places due to lack of investigation, and organization suffered losses.The incidence of Savar and Motlob is proof of that.

Philosophical significance of Investigation

We are Marxist. Our philosophy is dialectical materialism.

The meaning of being dialectical materialist is that our conscience will be reflection of object in brain. We have to transform matter by that conscience.

To make conscience-idea conform to the matter, we need to properly reflect matter in brain, and the only way of that is investigation. Only via investigation, that is, contact with matter, we can know the external feature, internal law of matter and its relation to other objects.

Therefore, in order to be materialist, we have to always keep in mind the dictum of Chairman Mao that “Without investigation, there is no right to speak.”

The Petit Bourgeoisie are against investigation

The petit bourgeoisie are connected to petit production. This is why their outlook is narrow. So, they become one-sided, superficial and subjectivist (one-sidedness and superficiality is subjectivism). Philosophically, it is idealism. The subjectivists do not reflect matter totally in brain but add imagination (conscience) with that and speak baseless.

Toha-Motin, without making any investigation, spread nonsense rumor against us and adopted subjectivism.

Huq-Toha-Motin, by not reflecting the concreted condition of East Bengal, has produced political and military line subjectively.

This is why, they committed mistake in each of their steps and they suffered setbacks.

In our organization, in action, many cadres are directed by subjectivism, one-sidedness and superficiality. So, they commit mistakes.

The necessity of investigation in organizational, military, ideological and political field

Enemy is always trying to smash us. Along with the increase of our strength, their evil effort will be strengthened and they will be die-hard.

Enemy will infiltrate its agents inside us. Revisionists, opportunists, bad elements, lumpens will try to infiltrate inside us.

With their presence, it will not be possible to sustain organization, fight with enemies, organization will suffer setback, party will have irreparable losses. If party leadership goes in their hands, party and revolution will be dismantled.

This is why investigation is very much important for sustaining and developing organization.

Investigation is primarily important to determine target in military field, recruiting guerrillas, keeping arms and shelter and finding out weak spots of enemy etc.

For the improvement and verification of cadres, their ideological situation needs to be investigated.

Investigation is also needed to carry organizational work, develop cadres, solving problems, resisting split-ism and faction, resisting deterioration of relation among cadres and also for security.

Investigation is essential for evaluating domestic and international situation and determining contradictions and also for determining our political line.

Collecting and verifying cadre history

After political line is decided, cadres are decisive.

It is essential to collect and verify cadre history to find out good, advance, faithful and promising cadres and to resist infiltration of enemy agents, evil and lumpens in organization.

When cadre histories are not properly collected and verified, evil elements infiltrate in party. Hence, the works of Savar and Motlob suffered.

In Munshiganj, some of the infiltrators were found out and given punishment. So, organization sustained in Munshiganj.

It will be…wrong to depend on the self-provided cadre history by the cadres.

We have to collect cadre histories of cadres, shelters and guerrillas and should verify those by carrying investigation to his/her affiliated sympathizers and people of those places where he/she spent most of his/her life.

Otherwise, our life will be lost in the hands of the enemy agents, evils and lumpens; arms will go to bad elements’ hand and our organization will be lost.

The incidence of Savar and Motlob is proof of that.

Every new contact and shelter should be verified and formally included in unit.

It should be strictly abide by when giving or getting contact from outside.

This system must be strictly activated for guerrillas, arms, movement and shelter.

Although it will make the collection of cadre, guerrilla, shelter slower but our security will be strengthened and the enemy will not be able to do any harm to us.

It is because till now, all of our losses came from internal evil elements.

The history of various organizations of the world proves that.

Laziness is the enemy of investigation

Chairman Mao said, “Laziness will lead us to sink in idealism and metaphysics.”

It needs hard effort to investigate and know the real situation because the enemy will make hundreds of effort to deceive us.

So, we must reject laziness. We must investigate about each cadre, contact and shelter; resist the infiltration of enemies and keep continue sustaining and constantly developing organization.

Regularly, we must investigate and verify works of cadres. Through that, we shall be able to find out advance cadres.

At the present scarcity of cadres, we have to forge cadres in this method and alleviate shortage of cadres through improvement.

At present, in order t achieve targets of military development, we have to carry proper investigation to the target, guerrilla and shelter and meet the target of collecting arms and forging regular guerrillas.