Sira Sikder Works: Some very important points regarding firearms (February 1974)

Sira Sikder Works

Some very important points regarding firearms

(February 1974)


Recently a good comrade accidentally lost his life due to incautiousness regarding firearms.

This is why it has become essential to make rules regarding arms.

These are as follows:

1)      Do not target any firearms to any comrade/guerrilla/people; do not pull trigger

2)      Keep caution when handing over arms, so that its barrel is not towards any comrade/guerrilla/people

3)      Do not keep ammunition in chamber except the battle time.

4)      After battle, blank the chamber

5)      Keep safety case down except battle time

6)      When doing bayonet practice or such time when to do combat drill, check your chamber whether it is blank or not; pull out magazine

7)      Keep such materials in safe distance/place, which can make explosion

8)      Do not exploit even a single bullet unnecessarily

9)      Keep your arms clean regularly

10)  Save arms even by sacrifice of life

Commander shall properly check whether or not guerrillas are abiding by those rules.

Each and every guerrilla and commander shall master those points of the circular.

Supreme Commanders

Armed Patriotic Force of East Bengal