Siraj Sikder Works: How to Talk to Petit Bourgeoisie and Bourgeoisie

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The original Bengali is a document of Ninth Plenum of the 1st Central Committee of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal produced and published by the party in June 1973

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via on 2 November 2014. Party slightly edited the translation on 20 April 2017


How to do a work

▬ Determine what are the works to do for that. Fix order of the works according to importance

▬ Find out the obstacles in thinking in doing that work and give ideological teaching to clear that

For example, before a military work, guerrilla/in-charge may be caught by fear and thinking may emerge like dependence of help from outside, inexperience and lack of various things

Provide ideological teaching to clear those. Those are emerged from individual interest, one-sidedness etc

▬ Take class on investigation, one-sidedness in plan, subjectivism and superficiality

This ideological work must be given prominence because it is idea that controls work.

▬ Give prominence to ideological work and then accomplish secondary works one after another

How to talk to petit bourgeoisie, bourgeoisie and others

○ Properly know manifestations of petit bourgeoisie and bourgeoisie characters; know their forms of struggle properly; and seriously keep caution so that those may not hinder the course of discussion

○ Master method of dialectical discussion

○ Be good hearer first, start with his/her points of interest and then proceed. Do not start with difference

○ Find out the points of agreements, mention and appreciate that and express agreement with that. Utilize those

 ○ Appreciate their good aspects

○ Put importance upon them and show eagerness and sincerity to them

○ Find out points of disagreements

○ Clear the dissents that arose due to style of expression. If you do not have correct knowledge on any subject, do not express opinion about that

○ Slowly clear basic dissents one after another in long days’ course. Do not debate/quarrel on those

○ Make them agree to at least keep contact

Extra points on discussion

1) Be flexible in discussion

2) Should have good knowledge on party line

3) Should have knowledge on various subjects besides Marxism

4) Should know how to carry diplomatic discussion

5) Master improvement of voice

6) Be able to speak in English

7) Be smart in outer appearance and behavior and keep good health

8) Have polite and sweat behavior and know courtesy

9) Know well about the positions and works of those to whom you are talking

10) Never express personal view other than that of party and do not do bossing

11) Fix points and order of discussion beforehand for a consolidated discussion

How to talk in a democratic way

1) Do not talk in the middle of another’s talking, but only after he/she finishes

2) If you have any question, take note of that and ask one after another after the first person finishes

3) If you do not understand anything, write it down and mention after he/she finishes

4) If you think that he/she missed points, after he/she finishes, politely mention that it is better to mention that or please say something about that

5) Keep in mind that you do not express egotism

6) Attentively hear all the speeches of all

7) If someone says something, do not say on his/her face that it is incorrect. Make him/her understand that slowly, so that he/she becomes convinced about his/her mistake, but does not mind

8) Do not debate with unclear knowledge but ask question to know clearly or ask to know where we can get references to know about it □