Siraj Sikder Works: Our some questions to the Huq-Amzad and Toha and Co. on whether East Bengal is a Colony of Soviet or that of both India and Soviet or that of India

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal produced and published the original Bengal document in January 1973. Party re-published the document in October 1973 including an addition

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via on 13 September 2014. Party slightly edited the translation on 10 February 2017


1) The Huq group and Amzad group say that East Bengal is a Soviet colony while India is taking care of that. Everyone knows that Moni Singh-Salam communist party, Mozaffar NAP etc. are the Pro-Moscows i.e. the most obedient lackeys of Moscow. The East Bengal puppet government has not been formed by them but by Awami League. The Awami League was the lackey of US imperialism in the very recent past. At present too, a section of Awami League is sub-serving the US. In a Soviet colony, the government is not formed by its obedient lackey the pro-Moscows but formed by the Awami League. How can it be possible?

2) Some may say that Awami League is popular, so government is formed by them. If so, then, why has a single Pro-Moscow minister not been taken? In this context, it is to mention that the Pro-Moscows are always demanding their representation in ministry.

Presently, the Awami League government totally lost its popularity. In this situation, why Soviet Union do not eliminate Awami League and make the pro-Moscows assume power (what they do now and then in their East European colonies)?

3) Recently, the Pro-Moscows have not signed the Awami League made constitution, are demanding dismissal of Awami League government and are carrying anti-Awami League propaganda. The Awami League is also beating them.

Do not those events prove that Soviet Union by its lackey the Pro-Moscows is trying to seize power or hold share of power of East Bengal? If East Bengal was a Soviet colony, the puppet government would have changed by the signal of the Soviet, and the Pro-Moscow co. and the Awami Legaue would not have to bite each other for power (In the US colony of Vietnam, the puppet government used to be changed just by the signal of US).

4) Some may say that the Awami League has formed government by accepting the Soviet colonial exploitation. So, what is the necessity of changing that? If Awami League has accepted the Soviet colonial exploitation, so, why hasn’t the Soviet Union included their obedient dependent lackey the Pro-Moscows in the puppet government, or why they haven’t made a Soviet lackey party comprised of Awami League and Pro-Moscows and formed a puppet government by them?

At present, in order to suppress people’s liberation struggle, a so-called ‘People’s Solidarity Committee’ has been formed led by Awami League including the Pro-Moscows.

As the Razakar and Al Badars collaborated with Pak military bandits in the past [Razakar, Al Badar and Al Shams etc. were anti Bengali national liberation the pro Pak militia forces comprised of Islamists who committed genocide over the people of Bangladesh – Translator], so do now the Pro-Moscows in collaboration with Awami League. These so-called committees and state power of Bangladesh is in the hands of Awami League. The Pro-Moscows did not get share of that. They are just being used as puppet of Awami League.

5) If East Bengal is a Soviet colony while India is taking care of that, so, India is governed by the Soviet. Doesn’t it mean that India became a Soviet colony and the Indian government is a Soviet puppet government? But in reality, India is semi-colonial country. If India was a Soviet colony, the Pro-Moscows would form government in India or would have share in government.

6) Mr. Toha says that East Bengal is a colony of Indo-Soviet. How can a country be colony of two countries at the same time?

It can only happen if two separate regions of a country are occupied by two separate colonial forces. The foreign exploiters can grab share (even they may not have to occupy that region) from plunder in a region occupied by a colonial force. For example, in the US colony of Vietnam, the Japanese imperialists had been grabbing share of plunder. This is why East Bengal cannot be colony of two forces at the same time. East Bengal is colony of one force while the other is grabbing share from that’s plundering.

7) If East Bengal is a colony of both Indo-Soviet, then, Bangladesh puppet government should have to be responsible to both. How can a government be responsible to two colonial forces at a time?

8) (They say – Translator) East Bengal is a colony of both India and Soviet. India is a semi-colonial semi-feudal country. East Bengal is a colony of that semi-colonial semi-feudal country. So, Mr. Toha’s very position proves that a semi-colonial semi-feudal country may have a colony. Thus, Mr. Toha himself has refuted his past position “A semi-feudal semi-colonial country cannot have colony”.

9) If Bangladesh is a colony of both India and Soviet, then, India and Soviet is countries of equal status. So, India is also a social imperialist country. But in reality, India is a semi-colonial semi-feudal country. To treat it as in the same level of social imperialism is a serious error.

10) Dialectical materialism teaches us that two different contradictions cannot be principal at a time. One will be principal while the other secondary. So, India and Soviet both cannot be principal contradiction, principal enemy or East Bengal cannot be a colony of both.

Of course there will be one principal contradiction, one principal enemy and East Bengal will be colony of one country. Therefore, it is an anti-Marxist position that “East Bengal is colony of both Indo-Soviet, both Indo-Soviet are principal contradiction versus East Bengal people and both are main enemies of East Bengal people”.

11) From the above analysis, we see that this is an erroneous view to say that East Bengal is a Soviet colony, and also it is erroneous view to say that East Bengal is a colony of both India and Soviet.

Actually, East Bengal is a colony of India where Soviet Union and US led imperialism are grabbing share of plunder.


Recently Toha and Co. by changing their position (“East Bengal is colony of Indo-Soviet”), are saying that “East Bengal is a new colony of Soviet and tributary state of India.

On neo colonialism and its work-method, Le Duan said while summing up experiences of long days’ Vietnamese People’s anti US imperialist struggle, “The characteristics of neo colonialism is that imperialists do not directly run administration in neo colony, but run government through domestic elements. Those domestic elements protect the interest of feudalism and comprador bourgeois and disguise as national democratic.”

(Le Duan – The Vietnamese Revolution; Fundamental Problems and Essential tasks, page-24)

The above mentioned Vietnamese experience prove that, if East Bengal is said neo colony of Soviet Union, it will mean that East Bengal is such a colony of Soviet Social Imperialism which they are controlling through their lackey the Awami puppet government (They are not doing by their own).

The actual condition of East Bengal proves that neither East Bengal is a neo colony of Soviet nor the Bangladesh government is a Soviet controlled puppet. Sikkim and Bhutan are tributary states of India. The recent events of Sikkim prove that the tributary state doesn’t have sovereignty. Sikkim is under Indian control.

The governments of the above mentioned states are Indian controlled puppet government. The tributary states want liberation from that control and want to establish themselves as independent and sovereign state.

Here we see, if East Bengal is said a tributary state of India, it will mean that Bangladesh is an Indian controlled state while her government is Indian controlled puppet. From the above analysis, we see, if East Bengal is said neo colony of Soviet and tributary state of India, it will mean, East Bengal is controlled by both Soviet and India at the same time and Bangladesh government is puppet government controlled by Soviet and India at the same time. Naturally, the question arises that how can a country be colonial-like-controlled by two countries and her government puppet of the two countries at a time?

As neo colony of Soviet, the principal contradiction and principal struggle is against Soviet, while as tributary state of India, principal contradiction and struggle is against India.

From that we see, according to the position of Mr. Toha, there are two contradictions and two enemies are principal at a time.

That position of Mr. Toha does not correspond to Marxist dialectical materialism and theories regarding state, and erroneous. East Bengal cannot be neo colony of Soviet and tributary state of India at the same time.

In fact, East Bengal is an Indian colony where exploitation of Soviet Social Imperialism and US led Imperialism exists.

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