Siraj Sikder Works: Editorial of Lal Jhanda/3

Siraj Sikder

Siraj Sikder

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal produced and published the original Bengali document as the editorial of Lal Jhanda no 3 the theoretical organ of party in July 1972

The Communist Party Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Bangladesh translated the document in English and published online via on 14 August 2014. Party slightly edited the translation on 29 January 2017



The anti-clique struggle and rectification movement is spreading and deepening in the whole party wide every day in the Proletarian Party of East Bengal.

The Proletarian Party of East Bengal has achieved great victory in ideological, political and organizational field in anti-clique struggle.

The ideological basis of clique is being exposed in Lal Jhanda and other documents and the anti-clique ideological struggle is strengthening. Politically the clique-makers have openly been the agent of Bangladesh puppet government and that of the domestic and international enemies. The Proletarian Party of East Bengal had foretold before about their-that end.

Organizationally cliques have been expelled. Investigation is going on their associates inside and outside party.

Judging the level of crime, the heroic guerrillas of our party have physically wiped out the traitor Fazlu with one of his associates.

These are great victories in struggle against the enemies. For the first time in the history of East Bengal, the Proletarian Party of East Bengal has created such a shaking and significant event. This is good news for revolutionaries, while it is a serious bad news for various forms of revisionists and enemies of home and abroad.

As agent of the fascist Bangladesh government, the cliques are making counterrevolutionary conspiracy to help arresting and killing comrades. It is their last fight on death bed.

That is why the whole party must continue work with vigilance and further widen the anti-clique struggle.

We must expose those careerists, greedy for leadership and post and name and fame, chancer in the adversity created by clique, who despite being ideologically same, did not join clique because they did not get leadership; we must carry criticism and struggle against them and transform them.

We have to relate anti-clique struggle to rectification movement. We have to take clique as the negative example in rectification movement.

In the course of anti-clique struggle and rectification movement, ideological struggle is the main aspect. This ideological struggle is the main task in the whole organization.

The victory of party, its sustaining, other works, armed struggle, new cadre recruitment and success in organizational consolidation depend on the success of anti-clique struggle and rectification movement and especially on the success of ideological struggle.

The meaning of not being successful in that struggle is transformation of party into an opportunist party, a party of clique, of conspirators, and of unchanged petit bourgeoisie, of the greedy for leadership and post, that is, transformation of party into agent of domestic and international enemies.

That is why the anti-clique struggle and the rectification movement is the central task of organization. On the other side, other works also should be continued while accomplishing that central task. Especially the target of initiating the whole East Bengal wide armed struggle should be fulfilled.

We have to share the anti-clique struggle and rectification movement with new cadres, sympathizers, supporters and if possible with people so that they may take part in that, and the erroneous ideas, working methods and faces of cliques may be exposed to them, they may merge in the opportunity, adversity and struggle of party and master the advance thought and working methods and get more inspiration in revolutionary work.

Marxists do not intrigue. Therefore, there is no reason to hide our struggle from people. Rather, making people informed will prove our sincerity and people will have more confidence on us. So, we have to inform people about the anti-clique struggle and rectification movement through poster, wall writing, leaflet and other secret methods.

The aim of organizational consolidation in course of the anti-clique struggle and rectification movement is to make cadre history, eliminate stale and take fresh, give membership post, applicant membership post and hold congress in lower levels under the Central Committee.

The anti-clique struggle and rectification movement has initiated a new chapter in the revolutionary history of East Bengal, and made more revolutionary inspiration by raising ideological level of the comrades of the Proletarian Party of East Bengal.

Various forms of revolutionary organizations never had taken such revolutionary steps. This is the difference between a revolutionary and a non-revolutionary party.

The anti-clique struggle and rectification movement is struggle between truth and lie of inside and outside party, between right and wrong, between Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought and revisionism and non-proletarian ideology, and intense class struggle of proletariat against non-proletariat.

Through this struggle, party has to achieve victory, truth has to achieve victory and the proletarian revolutionaries have to achieve victory.

Without this type of hard and complex struggle’s tortuous path, there is no easy path for victory. No great things in the world had ever achieved victory without hard struggle.

Therefore, the whole party must strengthen its unity under Comrde Siraj Sikder-led Central Committee the only center of proletariat; persist in struggle like the old foolish man, being fearless in sacrifice and crossing all the bends and obstacles, must achieve victory in anti-clique struggle and rectification movement; protect the interest of party, revolution and people through scarifying own life, finally bury the cliques and correct wrong ideas and working methods.